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Review: Heart (Spotless, book 4) by Bailey Bradford

heart spotless

Title ~ Heart (Spotless book 4)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 15th September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Rolly has waited ten years to claim his mate. Now the wait is over, and he’s coming home.

Rolly has waited patiently for his mate. When he first met Erdwin, the boy was still a child. Rolly felt nothing but compassion for him back then, but Erdwin came of age five years ago, and Rolly’s stayed out of his life in order to give Erdwin time to experience life.

Erdwin never fit right in his skin. He didn’t like what he saw in the mirror. It didn’t match how he felt inside. As a shifter, he was stuck with the body he had. Surgery wasn’t an option for him. But Erdwin found a way to accept himself—by embracing the part of herself that felt like her true nature. She struggled with it, but with her family’s support, she became Edie, the young lady she was meant to be. She stopped worrying about her parts, and concentrated on her heart.

When Rolly, a powerful shaman, moves back home to the pack, Edie is transfixed. He makes her nervous—and arouses her. But what would a man like him think of a woman liker her?

Edie’s about to find out, and she will have to be stronger than ever to help fight off a threat to her pack, to her mate, and to her family.


Liza’s Review

Edie is stuck - originally named Erdwin, if she could, Edie would go through the surgery necessary to transform her male body, into the female she identifies with. Unfortunately, being a shifter, that option isn't open to her so she made a decision to stop worrying about her parts, and concentrate on her heart - who she truly is inside. She identifies as a woman, and spends her time dressed and acting like one. For a long time Edie feared the rest of the pack knowing about her. Her family were supportive and loving, but Edie still feared others maybe turning against her. So for the most part she stays hidden from everyone except her family.

Sully and Bobby were just amazing - I remember them from an earlier book and it was so great to see they are still so in love, and working hard to make Edie's pack a good one for all concerned - even Edie. I remember Rolly too and it was amazing to see this story picked up and answered a couple of questions I remembered from the past books. Rolly is a powerful Shaman and has known Erdwin was his mate, from when the boy was still a child. But he doesn't know about Edie. When he does find out, he has enough power and compassion to be totally enthralled - it's all about the heart.

There are problems in the pack - big problems coming in from outside sources, and they force Rolly in particular to face fears he didn't even know he had. I can't explain much more without giving away the storyline, but Rolly's and Edie's mating is important not only for the pack, but for themselves as well. There's a hint of demon possession, a clan trying to break the pack apart, and missing teenagers. Sometimes it can be a little hard to work out who is who, especially as Solomon has so many children. Although this book can be standalone, it might be easier for you to understand all of the characters if you have read the other stories first.

This wasn't my favorite book of the series. I loved the introduction of a transgender character, especially with the shifter twist. There were a couple of times, with what Edie and Rolly were doing that the wording came across as a little weird, but only because...yes, you will have to read that for yourself to work out what I mean. But like all of Bailey Bradford's books, this one had everything - hot sex, a warm love story, action sequences and it was lovely to catch up with characters I remember from other books - Cliff and Remus in particular. Now I have this strong urge to go back and read Sully and Bobby's story again, and I probably will.

Favorite Line: There'd been a reason the bananas had always disappeared so fast from the kitchen.

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