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Review: Forget Him Not (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline 3) by Jae T. Jaggart

forget him not

Title ~ Forget Him Not (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline 3)

Author ~ Jae T. Jaggart

Published ~ 12th August 2015

Genre ~ Erotic Paranormal M/M Romance



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Ex-assassin Easton Caird has made some major sacrifices in the name of love. The wild sexual chemistry and tender moments with his lover, lycan king Grisha Vasiliev, make it worth it. Not that reclaiming his pack from his gangster father hasn't cost Grisha almost everything himself.
They've both always lived on a razor's edge. But Easton's never had so much to lose before, or more dangerous enemies.
The Hellfire Vampires are his lycan king's fiercest allies. Then again, the Hellfire may decide they want Easton dead. Gold, also known as vampire blood, is the hottest, near-mythic drug going, and it's being drained from kidnapped vamps. Easton may just be implicated in those kidnappings.
Under siege himself, his lover will fight to protect him, for with a soul traded and his powers gone, Easton has few weapons of his own but for his wits.
His wits, and a very, very rare gift that he must no longer deny.
Grisha will kill to defend him. But will Grisha need to be defended against Easton?
* Forget Him Not is the third Hellfire Vampires book, and is best read after His Sweet Prince (the second).
Both books can be read separately from His, the first Hellfire Vampires story.


Liza’s Review

Easton traded his soul for the life of his mate - Grisha and in the process lost his powers of witchcraft. Now, a human, albeit one without a soul, he has been told he is to play an important part of some bigger picture, but in a group of paranormals he has to wonder what that part would be.

"...pieces on a chessboard..."

Grisha, Roark, his mate Nix and Roark's bodyguard Zherdev are all reunited in this book, all trying to work out what evil wanted from them now. One of the first clues is when Easton is cursed by his brother, Daniel, and realizes he is becoming a liability to the rest of the group who are all on the side of good.

This is not a standalone, you need to read the other two books in this series to appreciate the nuances in the story line. This book takes the story further. Vampire blood is known as Gold - it has intense magical properties that can heal if taken internally by any species it would seem. It is worth a lot of money on the black market and if humans found out about it, it would destroy the balance between humans and the paranormals. Daniel, on the other hand, while using Gold as a tease for the others, has only one thing he desperately wants to secure. The one gift Easton has, that he wasn't born with. For the others to win there needs to be an alliance between the vampires and the lycans - and with Daniel's tricks, that alliance is precarious at best.

This is not a romance in any way shape or form - sure this story has sex in it, quite a bit, and it is good to see the strength of the bonds between Grisha and Easton and then Roark and Nix. But the author has always had a strong storyline through the first two of these books, and in this third one, that focus is far more on the storyline than any mushy moments. Although there is no cliffhanger as such, the bad guys are taken care of, the epilogue suggests that the next book will be much the same - a fight to find and dispose of those that use Gold as a weapon.

So if you are the type of reader that loves a busy storyline, without the romance, then this will be perfect for you. Personally I would have liked to see the author advance her story ideas with another romance - poor Zherdev is still single and never seems to sleep - the poor man could use a distraction every now and then. But this book is action packed, has twists galore and in the end good overturns evil. Well written.

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