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Review: Evan’s Epiphany (Highgate Shifters Book 4) by Sydney Presley

Evans Epiphany

Title ~ Evan’s Epiphany (Highgate Shifters Book 4)

Author ~ Sydney Presley

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 1st September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Book four in the Highgate Shifters series

Finding out who you really are is one hell of an epiphany.

Evan is trying to come to terms with who and what he is. After arriving at Highgate, primed to kill, Evan is left pondering many questions. He has no idea where he came from—or whether he’s a wolf or lion. All he knows is he has animal inside him and the urge to shift. Unfortunately, shifting hasn’t been an option. He just can’t manage to do it.

Until he meets Christian—a man Evan is drawn to but doesn’t understand why. Christian is his mate, and has been for a long time. Ever since Evan went missing, Christian has been searching for him, and once he’s found him, he isn’t prepared to walk away, even after learning what Evan has been doing while they’ve been apart.

With Christian’s arrival comes Evan’s epiphany—his realization that his animal will no longer be caged inside him and that he is loved beyond measure. He shifts and finds out which beast he really is. Along with new emotions and some of his memory coming back, Evan also has something else to deal with. Someone who he’d thought of as a friend, isn’t a friend at all. This person is a threat to the Highgate pack, Dillon in particular, and Evan will do anything to stop his mentor being put at risk…


Liza’s Review

Evan didn't know who he was - he didn't even know if his name was really Evan. He just knew that the world he used to think he knew had been turned upside down and was now filled with people who could shift. He did know that he'd done some horrible things - against nice people who had been trying to help him ever since - Dillon and Sergeant - and these two men struggled to get Evan to understand that his mind had been taken over at the time, and that it wasn't his fault. What he did know was that he had an animal inside of him, but he had no way of knowing whether he was a lion or a wolf - it wasn't as though he could shift.

The author does a great job of explaining Evan's inner turmoil so that when Christian finally sees him, after months of searching for him, it's no surprise to us, the readers, that Evan doesn't recognize his mate. Christian is one of life's good guys. He had kept looking for Evan even when he couldn't sense him in his mind anymore. Christian had the advantage of being able to see into Evan's mind, so he knew what had happened to his mate, but that didn't make it any easier to deal with when they do meet up. For Evan their relationship is new and yet Christian has the advantage of the memories of the life they had shared together.

Unfortunately it can't be all plain sailing. Evan does get his memories back, but Valerie is a loose cannon and things get quite murky there for a while. There's the threat on Dillon to contend with and how does a wolf pack come to terms with living with two lions?

This is a relatively light story, very little angst and the author handled the reuniting of two mates beautifully. The mind thing made the whole situation easier for everyone to deal with. As you will note this is part of a series and while you might get a bit more out of the story if you have read the others, it can be read as a standalone. The story of Dillon and Sergeant though is definitely worth going back for though.

Favorite Line: Here was his chance to recall things, to remember Christian's touch - and if he didn't remember, he would learn it all over again.


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