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Review: Emerald Eyes (Bloodrose Book 2) by Julia Talbot


Title ~ Emerald Eyes (Bloodrose Book 2)

Author ~ Julia Talbot

Publisher ~ Torquere Press 

Published ~ 22nd Sepember 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





When Jonny, the owner of club Bloodrose finds out his shifter mate Luc has a twin brother, he decides Yves needs protection from the bad guys who have tried to kill Luc. He sends Reuben, a werewolf security agent, to keep Yves safe from the killers. And from Yves himself.
Reuben has never met someone as determined to find trouble as Yves. The guy has this obsession with a set of emeralds, a dead younger brother, and some kind of demon ritual. All of this should make panther shifter Yves a bad bet as a mate, but that doesn't keep Reuben from falling hard. Can he and team Bloodrose keep everyone alive long enough to convince Yves they're made for each other?
Author note: While the story can stand alone, this book is best when read as a sequel to Belling the Cat.

Liza’s Review

This is the first of the Bloodrose books that I have read although from the introductory chapter I would imagine it is one of a series and that perhaps I should know Jonny and Luc - a vampire and a blind cat shifter. I didn't but that doesn't really matter because this story is about Luc's twin brother, Yves. Yves is addicted to gems, cats eyes and is doing what he can to try and get his brother back - their third brother, Girard, who was killed during the war. Luc and Jonny send Reuben, a wolf shifter, to go and keep an eye on Yves - apparently there had been an attack on Luc that was meant for his twin.

The interactions between Yves and Reuben had me laughing a lot of the time, especially when they were in their animal forms. But Yves can't allow himself to play very often - he has been working for a long time to bring Girard back and he isn't going to let a puppy get in the way of his goal, no matter how cute the puppy. Unfortunately the missing piece that Yves is looking for is the same man who has goes around blowing up first Luc, then Yves, Mic Silvia. That was...problematic.

I wonder if I should have read any previous books (no, I haven't checked to see if there are any). There was a scene about midway through the book that totally threw me - firstly it didn't involve Yves and Reuben at all, and secondly, I couldn't see how it pushed the storyline. I kept reading, hoping I would see a point to it, but I didn't. That was a shame - hot scene, but totally unnecessary to the story.

A search on Amazon tells me that there are other books in this series, and you may want to read them to get more out of this story. Because to me, that was my only complaint with this book - it lacked enough detail to read as a standalone. The plot was fascinating, but I did feel that I was only reading part of the story. That said, the dialogue and the way Yves and Reuben were together was priceless - pure Julia Talbot. I might have felt a bit confused by this book, but it was still a fun read.

Cute Line: Cats were so much better at quiet. Mice scrabbled.


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