Monday, September 28, 2015

Release Day Review: The Kachina Job by A.J. Marcus

KachinaJob[The]LGTitle ~ The Kachina Job

Author ~ A.J. Marcus

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Published ~ 28th September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





The lion, the jaguar, and the owl against the werewolf. Who will prevail?
Phillip Twohands is a thief and a weremountain lion. When he takes a job stealing an ugly kachina, he never realizes it will change his life forever. Daniel Hernandez is a werejaguar who is hired to steal the same kachina by the same werewolf who hired Phillip. When their paths cross, it becomes clear the tension between them is not all about rivalry.
The local sheriff, Shannon O’Flaherty, catches them in the act and has no choice but to take the two into his personal custody, which quickly ends up with the three of them in bed together.
When they learn the kachina has an ancient wolf spirit trapped inside, they rally to prevent it from transferring its power to the werewolf who hired them, but it will take all the strength in their new bond to succeed.

Liza’s Review

So you have a mountain lion, a jaguar and an owl, and they all walk into a just kidding, but this story contains not one, not two, but three were-creatures and a particularly ugly kachina.

Phillip (mountain lion) has been hired by Francis Mendoza to steal the kachina. Things go wrong, and in his attempt to escape he meets up with Danial (Jaguar) who was trying to steal the same item - sent by the same man. Shannon has the misfortune to be the lawman sent to answer the alarms the two men tripped off. He's an owl shifter and a licensed enforcer.

Mendoza is a real problem - a werewolf with a huge pack and the desire for more territory. Dead wolves start turning up in Shannon's territory and they're Mendoza's men. In the meantime Mendoza has the kachina and basically the whole situation is a mess.

There was something very realistic about this book, not often seen in shifter stories. The way the three men interact with each other is positively human. Daniel and Shannon have a connection and the Daniel and Phillip have a connection (read that as sex) and then all three of them have a connection. But beyond the physical, there was very little else between them. And yet there was. Confused? Well that was how I felt for a good part of the book.

Outside of the "romance" there was a lot going on and I have to confess the story line really appealed to me. There was magic, spirits, baja. This author's take on the paranormal world was unique and refreshing. Wilson fascinated me and the ending had a surprising twist that I honestly didn't see coming. I had actually thought for most of the book that Phillip seemed rather childish.

Readers who love a story with their romances will love this book for the story, but maybe not the romance as such. There is an HEA but for me just telling me the animal spirits connected wasn't enough - I needed to see it and I felt that side of things didn't quite come through. But the plot was absolutely amazing and thoroughly engrossing.

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