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Featured Guest Authors: K.A. Merikan on Guns N’ Boys



A Word from K.A. Merikan

Domenico and Seth are coming back, but this time they will not be alone. In the previous book, they met the female assassin, Dana, and despite the less-than-pleasant circumstances, she ended up proving her worth to them. Now it's the three of them stuck in a small house, and unresolved sexual tension between the guys is running rampant. Add a teenage runaway, and things become even more complicated.

When we first wrote Guns n’ Boys in Polish, Mark had been a character from another book, whom we wanted to give an alternative storyline, but he organically became a catalyst for the development of Domenico and Seth’s relationship, much more than just a secondary character added for fun. By the time we replotted book three for the current English-language release, Mark’s presence became a fundamental element of the story.

Inevitably, we ran into difficult decisions. Having read M/M for years now, we know that readers sometimes look unfavorably at newly introduced characters within a series focused on one couple. The most common complaint is that the new character takes away screen time from the MCs the series followers already love. Knowing that, we needed to find balance between including Mark in the plot without him being overwhelming. What made it even more tricky was that, after careful deliberation, we decided we need to make him a POV character. Without it, Swamp Blood would lose a lot of the human drama element that we were aiming for.

What we did was to make sure that Mark’s storyline ties very closely into the romantic relationship of the main couple. Without giving too much away, I can say they are in a bit of a rough spot when the book starts. The torture Dom and Seth endured at the end of book two had taken its toll, and as much as those two love one another, going back to normal is extremely difficult. The presence of the scrawny drifter breaks the status quo and fosters the relationship they already have into something deeper. Oddly enough, Mark is also a character that in many ways is parallel to Domenico, and so he also serves as a vehicle for Dom’s self-discovery.

I believe that a variety of changing side characters around the MCs not only makes the series feel more-lifelike, but also stimulates the relationship without creating unrealistic conflict. And answering some questions we already got via email, no, Mark is not going to be in any way romantically or erotically involved with Domenico and Seth ;) He is much more interesting in his current role, but what exactly is that role? You will have to find out for yourself.

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Guns n’ Boys: Swamp Blood (Guns n’ Boys #3) K.A. Merikan


Publisher ~ Acerbi & Villani ltd

Published ~ 5th September

Genre ~ M/M Dark, twisted erotic romance / crime thriller

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--- Faking their own death was the easy part. ---

After months of recovering from his injuries, Seth struggles with who he has become. Afloat in a reality he never planned, he tries to find the lost pieces of himself again. Find the purpose, motivation, and strength to get back into shape. He is sick and tired of being a burden for Domenico, who seems to have it all together. When Domenico’s jealousy pushes them into the spotlight of a biker gang with connections to their former mafia family, Seth decides to step up, and make his own decisions, no matter what risks they might entail.

Domenico Acerbi can’t trust anyone. Nightmares of Seth’s torture are still haunting his dreams, and if he and Seth are to leave the country quietly and disappear off the mafia’s radar, he needs to stay in charge and keep everyone under control. What he doesn’t need is Seth giving him attitude, keeping secrets, and distancing himself for no reason. And as if Domenico didn’t have enough on his plate already, Seth forces him to help some hooker. Being stuck in the swamp with a kid hunted by a bunch of bikers is not Domenico’s idea of laying low.


Themes: mafia, homophobia, assassin, organized crime, outlaw bikers, human trafficking, runaway, trust issues

Genre: Dark, twisted erotic romance / crime thriller

Erotic content: Explicit gay sex

Length: ~117,000 words

WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.

‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.

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Meet K.A. Merikan

K.A. Merikan is a joint project of Kat and Agnes Merikan, who jokingly claim to share one mind. They finish each other's sentences and simultaneously come up with the same ideas. Kat and Agnes enjoy writing various kinds of stories, from light-hearted romance to thrillers. They love creating characters that are not easy to classify as good or evil, and firmly believe that even some villains deserve their happy endings. It is easiest to find them in galleries, restaurants and historical sites, always with a computer or notebook, because for Kat and Agnes, every day is a writing day. Future plans include lots of travel, and a villa on the coast of Italy or a flat in Paris where they could retire after yet another crazy venture, only to write more hot homoerotic stories.

As K.A. Merikan, Kat and Agnes have published a number of books, which cross genres while always staying homoerotic.

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  1. I love this series! I will be starting Swamp Blood as soon as I finish Sloe Ride. :) Can't wait to see what kind of trouble the guys are going to get into next. :)

  2. I don't mind new characters added, especially if they are written in depth and with expectations that we may read a continuation of their own plot/story. Alexa Land, Ava March and others introduce new characters and you know right away that you want to read the next installment of the series.

    Pppssst, could you mention to Aleksndr Voinov that Franco's story from his Dark Soul series would be nice to read, heck if he could add more on Stefano and Silvio's new life as well, I would buy another installment.

    I ended up hooked on your Sex Mayhem series and enjoyed the tiny glimpses that you gave us of Seth and Dom and the introduction of Frederico's exboytoy Luca.

    After reading book two of Guns n Boys I was thrilled that you gave us readers a heads up that there would be another book. This week I was practically living on your Amazon page waiting to preorder Swamp Blood. I'm sure it will be the same way when book six of Sex and Mayhem is published.

  3. Dommie, Ha ha, we're seeing Aleks next week, so I'll tell him :D
    "This week I was practically living on your Amazon page waiting to preorder Swamp Blood. " < AWWW!! <3
    There are still many books to come in the GNB series before it's done, and we're halfway through writing One Step Too Close, so late October, it should be coming out :)