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Featured Guest Author: Lane Hayes Chats About Crazy Characters In Romance With Excerpt & Giveaway

Better then safe

A much loved author at Sinfully, it’s always a pleasure to welcome the lovely Lane Hayes to the blog. Better Than Safe turned out to be a five star winner, all because of a certain  enigmatic character, Seth, who captured the heart of his more ‘normal’ love interest Paul and our Macky, who wouldn’t mind her life being turned upside down by a bit of Seth-like flakiness! Lol.

Join Lane as she chats about the definition of crazy in a romantic character and make sure you read the fabulous excerpt…plus we have a fantastic $20 Gift Card giveaway from Ms Hayes  too, so don’t miss your chance to win by entering our Rafflecopter below.


A Word From Lane

Crazy people are interesting. Of course, everyone’s definition of the crazy varies. The dictionary defines it as mental derangement or an adjective used to indicate an extreme. But really… crazy a state of being that depending on your personal nature, makes you a little uncomfortable. Barring true mental illness, the people we generally call “crazy” are “outside of the box” thinkers and oddballs. People who embrace fashion that isn’t and never was (or will be) popular. People who don’t think about how others view them when they act or react to caustic situations. They beat to their own drum. Happily. I can’t help admiring that kind of crazy. It’s manic, but it can be fun.

I think it’s true that all of us are a little crazy to some degree. We all come with baggage of varying size. Some of us have more impressive baggage than others… like a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk next to the average Samsonite bag. The romantic in me insists it’s a matter of finding the right kind of crazy to complement your own. Depending on who you talk to, I’m a little nuts. But nowhere near as nutty as my husband. He’s quick witted and silly one minute then intensely serious the next. His interests are all over the map. He loves Shakespeare, politics and foreign films, but he also has a soft spot for any and all things slapstick and ridiculous. I too love Shakespeare and the occasional foreign flick but I’m more likely to roll my eyes at the humor he finds so funny he’s reduced to tears. The things is… I get him. And what I don’t understand, I admire.

In Better Than Safe, Paul knows he knows he should stay away from crazy artistic types like Seth for the sake of his own sanity. He’s been there, done that and is desperate not to repeat past mistakes. But there’s something about the model slash sometime guitarist and aspiring painter that Paul finds compelling. Seth is wise beyond his years one moment then reckless and difficult to communicate with the next. Sure, he’s beautiful, but crazy things usually possess an inherent beauty Paul knows from experience is dangerous to his mental well-being. And he isn’t certain he’s ready to take a risk.

Seth is wild and carefree, but he’s also grounded by fear. Paul likens him to a beautiful bird with a broken wing who is able to fly but isn’t always sure of his strength. As tempting as it might be to call Seth’s occasional fragility and flakiness a matter of immaturity, Paul recognizes that nothing about this amazing creature is quite so simple. He’s a quandary. A risk. But maybe that risk is better than being safe.

Better Than Safe is book #4 in the Better Than Stories series. If you’ve read the others, you’ll get a chance to get reacquainted with the DC boys. If not, don’t worry! Each book in the series can be read as a standalone.

Thank you so much for having me at Sinfully Addicted today! Happy Reading!

Lane Hayes xo


Better Than Safe
Lane Heyes

better than safe

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 25th September 2015

Genre ~ Contempoary M/M Romance




A Better Than Story
Paul Fallon is a fashion advertising guru. He’s a genius at dealing with difficult editors, art directors, and designers alike. He thrives on the chaotic atmosphere and constant challenges. But in his personal life, he’s hoping for peace and stability. Settling down with a nice doctor or lawyer sounds perfect. Anyone but an artist. He’s been there, done that, and he doesn’t want to relive the heartache.
Seth Landau is a model, occasional guitarist, and aspiring painter. He’s quirky, flighty, and wise beyond his years. Life has taught him some tough lessons, then given him opportunities he never dreamed of. He’s learned to appreciate the fragility of life and to express it in his work. Seth’s flare for the absurd combined with a supple mind and a beautiful body are too alluring for Paul to ignore. Against his best intentions, Paul is drawn to the younger man whose particular brand of crazy challenges Paul to accept that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes taking a chance is better than being safe.

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Excerpt From Better Than Safe

My stomach growled. I was dead tired, hungry, and more than a little confused. Seth turned the corner before my brain could catalogue any further complaints. I studied his casual attire as he came closer. Worn black jeans, a white T-shirt with paint stains, and an unbuttoned black and blue striped cardigan. He looked more like a wacky artist than a sophisticated couture model, I mused. His sharp features were undeniably attractive but it seemed as though he’d chosen the basic clothing to downplay his beauty. Or maybe he’d just painted and couldn’t be bothered. There was something ridiculously appealing to me about our very opposite looks. Corporate formal versus art student chic. I glanced down at the sushi and willed my dick to behave.

“There you are. What kind of pasta do you want? I don’t have time to make it myself, but don’t worry, I’m buying pre-packaged but fresh. Your choices are spaghetti, tagliatelle, or pappardelle.”

I looked at the three choices he held up and pointed to the one in the middle. The tagliatelle.

“Really? I was thinking basic spaghetti but—”

“Then why did you ask?”

“I want your opinion. If you want the tagliatelle, we’ll get that one. Done.”

“Good. Let’s go. Do you have wine?”

“Yes. Hmm. I don’t know about the tag—”

“Seth. Get the spaghetti. I’m not bothered.”

“What do you mean by not bothered?”

“I mean….” I took a step forward so we stood toe to toe, Italian loafer to dirty white trainer and gave him a pointed glare. “I don’t give a shit. Pasta is pasta. It doesn’t matter to me what shape it comes in. At all.”

“You’re hungry, huh?”

“What tipped you off?”

“Sarcastic and cranky. Let’s go. You need food.” He turned away, carrying his basket of goods toward the front registers.

“What about wine?” I called after him.

He stopped in the middle of the aisle and curled his finger, motioning me to come to him with a devilish grin on his handsome face. I complied. We were alone for the moment, surrounded on either side of the cramped space by white bread and a variety of colorful cereals chock-full of preservatives and food dyes. I eyed him warily, wondering why he was stalling.

“I told you I have wine. Good wine too.”

“Marvelous. Let’s go.”

“But… there’s a catch.”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course there is. What is it? You need to swing by the dry cleaners first or—”

“Kiss me.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Why is it so crazy?” he asked innocently.

“Here are a couple reasons. One, we’re in the middle of a market in a family oriented part of town and two, we’re barely friends. Not lovers. Friends don’t kiss.”

He grinned. “Sure they do. What they probably don’t do is say something like, ‘you look so fucking hot in that suit, I wish I could take it off you right here next to the Cheerios and Wheat Chex,’ so I won’t go there, but I still think it’s okay to kiss.”

I stared at him with my mouth wide open, unable to find my voice. When he chuckled in amusement at my expense, I acted with uncharacteristic impulse and reached out to cup his neck and draw him close to me. He gasped in surprise at the quick movement. I smiled as our noses brushed, perversely pleased by his shock, and suddenly glad to be the one pushing him one step further. I licked his bottom lip before fusing my mouth over his in a swift but passionate kiss. I backed up with a grin and sauntered away, taking care he didn’t see me adjust my trousers as I moved with purpose to the front registers.

I set my bag of tomatoes on the conveyer belt and stepped aside when Seth joined me a moment later.

“You play dirty,” he muttered as he set the contents in his basket with mine.

“You asked for it.”

“Maybe I did. Beware. I can play dirty too.”

I bit my cheek hard and turned toward the rack of magazines nearby, hoping to diffuse the sexual tension racing through my body. Stress, exhaustion, and hunger were suddenly non-issues. All I wanted now was sex. The one thing I couldn’t have with this man. Not without risking more than I was willing.


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