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Blog Tour: Inner Sanctum by Maggie Kavanagh with Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway


Please join us in welcoming the very lovely Maggie Kavanagh to Sinfully. We are thrilled she had the time to pop in on the blog tour for her new release Inner Sanctum, book two in her Stonebridge Mysteries series… And don’t miss the fabulous excerpt and giveaway, as Maggie is also gifting an eBook from the series to one very lucky commenter… good luck!


A Word from Maggie Kavanagh

First, I’d like to thank Monique and Sinfully for hosting me today on the last day of the blog tour for Inner Sanctum. It’s been a great couple of weeks! For those who are unfamiliar with my books, Inner Sanctum is the sequel to Double Indemnity and the second book in the Stonebridge Mysteries series. This series is a true series in that it follows the main characters, Sam and Nathan, as their relationship develops, and each book deals with a new mystery to solve.

One of my favorite things about writing mysteries is the way it challenges my brain. I get so immersed in the world and in the puzzle of fitting everything together, and once in a while an ah-ha moment occurs—those are also the times I scare my cat the most. Usually, as I write the first draft I follow a general outline, but sometimes things change drastically during the process. For example, halfway through completing this novel, I decided on a different ending entirely from what I’d first plotted. One of my favorite parts of writing, though, is going back through the text again and dropping hints here and there for readers to pick up on. It’s always fun to get readers’ perspectives later on to see if people were able to solve the case before the characters.

Speaking of characters, my favorite mysteries feature an amateur sleuth rather than a professional detective a la Sherlock Holmes. When plotting these novels, I knew I wanted Sam to be an average guy who gets drawn into circumstances beyond his control and then has to find a way to navigate this new territory. Helping him find his footing is Nathan, who is in fact a professional, but who doesn’t always agree on Sam’s strategies—or lack thereof. Sam is impulsive, smart, and self-destructive, but that’s why he has Nathan, to balance him out.

Blind Spot, the final chapter in Nathan and Sam’s story, will be out sometime this winter. I’ll keep people posted, but right now it’s looking like a Jan/Feb release date. Thank you again for stopping by today and checking out my books. One commenter will win their choice of Double Indemnity or Inner Sanctum.


Inner Sanctum

Maggie Kavanagh


Series: The Stonebridge Mysteries #2

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 

Published: 14th September 2015

Pages: 204

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Six months into a relationship, things have heated up between political blogger Sam Flynn and FBI special agent Nathan Walker. Though Sam is happy with Nathan and proud of his own sobriety, he’s anxious about what their future holds. Things are also heating up in Stonebridge, Connecticut, as a series of deadly fires puts the community on edge and eventually threatens Sam's comatose brother. As Halloween approaches, fears rise that the arsonist will strike again.

When Sam encounters the main suspect, seventeen-year-old orphan Damon Blake, Sam’s not sure what to do. He knows obstruction might land him in jail, but he finds himself increasingly skeptical of Damon’s guilt. He takes matters into his own hands and investigates, but doing so means keeping Damon’s whereabouts a secret from Nathan and the police. Meanwhile, Nathan wonders what Sam is hiding and grapples with insecurities of his own. Sam wants to confide in Nathan, and Nathan wants to trust Sam, but they discover negotiating new love can be as dangerous as solving crime.

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Book #1: Double Indemnity



Exclusive Excerpt from Inner Sanctum


“Aren’t you going to be late?” Nathan asked. He strode into the living room and buttoned his crisp white shirt. Sam glanced at the time. Shit. He snapped his laptop shut.

He’d been doing some research for his latest piece and wound up looking at some kinky porn sites instead. His hard-on was probably pretty obvious. Nathan paused and arched an eyebrow.

“Working hard or hardly working?”

“Ha ha. Very punny. You’re right, though. I have to get going or I’m gonna be late for my interview.”

“Are you sure you need to go? I can call in sick.” Nathan’s eyes glinted provocatively as Sam stood and adjusted himself.

Whenever Nathan’s voice took on that deep, sexy edge, Sam found it nearly impossible to resist. He hesitated and then blew out a breath. “I can’t.”

“Won’t you at least tell me what you were looking at?”

“Maybe later.” He slipped his computer into his bag. It wasn’t time to get into the conversation he wanted to have with Nathan. Though round two was incredibly tempting, he’d told Shelby Newton, the YMCA volunteer-program coordinator, he’d be there by 9:00 a.m. He wasn’t running away—not at all. He evaded Nathan’s gaze and slung his bag over his shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight for dinner?”

Nathan snagged him by the back of his jeans, and Sam’s erection pulsed with excitement as he found himself manhandled back into Nathan’s arms. His dick wasn’t interested in keeping appointments.

“Are you sure everything is okay?” Nathan asked.

Sam plastered an innocent expression on his face. “Yeah. I’m sure. But I should probably wipe my browser history before I open my laptop at the Y.” He thought of one particular video he’d found—one guy gagged and tied up on the bed, unable to move as his lover edged him almost to orgasm and then backed off again—and again and again—using all sorts of toys, playing with his ass until his lover gave him permission to come, and he exploded, whimpering thank you thank you in a muffled voice. Fuck. Sam had to get it together, or he would never leave.

“All right. Clearly you’re not ready to talk about it. You’re driving me crazy, though. Just so you know.” He palmed Sam’s hard cock through his jeans. Sam groaned, and his body started to melt. He supposed being a little late wouldn’t hurt.


Meet Maggie Kavanagh

author icon MKMaggie Kavanagh writes gay romances that explore flawed, human characters finding love. She went to graduate school for English literature and reads and writes voraciously, whenever she can get a moment alone. You can find her in the wee morning hours typing away with coffee at hand and cat in lap, happily embodying the romance writer cliché.

While she focuses mainly on contemporary romance, don’t be surprised if a historical or supernatural tale slips into the mix, as she’s always eager to discover different genres. More fiction is forthcoming soon, so stay tuned!

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