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Wednesday 12th August ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world. New Releases, Sales & Freebies.

Wednesday 12th August

We all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at Sinfully will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News which has caught our eye in the M/M world… and on Friday we will bring you up to date on the weeks New Releases with our regular weekly, Weekend New Releases and Giveaway post. You can also check out our Facebook page which we update daily.

Keep up to date with our pick of what’s HOT and if you missed any New Releases, Sales & Freebies you can have a recap –> HERE

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Wednesday 12th August


Micah’s Refuge (Pack Mates Book 2) by Lynn Tyler

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Faced with the choice of hunting down and killing his human lover or being banished from his werewolf pack, Micah is forced to leave everything and everyone he loves. He finds a new pack in Northern Ontario that is willing to give him refuge. Determined to start over, Micah hopes to find a mate and settle down.
Forensic chemist, Shea, rarely gets any downtime, and that’s fine with him. As much as he loves his pack, he’s a bit of a loner and has no wish for a mate. After all, his slight anti-social tendencies, added to the fear of having anyone count on him, do not make him mate material. But when a new wolf joins the pack, Shea experiences emotions he’s never dealt with before, turning his whole tidy world upside down.
Being well aware Shea isn’t looking for a mate, Micah doesn’t know if he should pursue the genius or look for a mate elsewhere. But when tragedy strikes and passion ignites, can Shea just let Micah walk away?
This book has previously been published with Liquid Silver Books.


Evan’s Alpha by D.J. Heart

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This is the sequel to the Omega Series.
Having decided to make omega rights activism his new career, Chad jumps in head first... though not everyone appreciates his efforts.
“Who is your alpha?” Peter asks, walking closer. Chad takes an involuntary step back, Peter’s word infused with the full authority of his dominance. It feels like he can’t breathe.
“You are,” Chad says, forcing the words out. Peter grins, proud and possessive.
“And are you going to be good for your alpha?”
Peter grabs Chad’s chin, tilting his head up, squeezing Chad’s cheeks as they stand chest to chest. Chad tries to nod, too overcome to speak, but Peter’s hold on his chin prevents it.
“Yes, alpha,” he says, the words coming out like a moan.
“Good boy.”
Chad closes his eyes, surrendering to Peter’s control. It feels amazing, like he can finally let go and relax. Peter will catch him no matter how hard he falls...


Duck by Kim Dare

Amazon –>


2nd Edition

Raised among humans, Ori Jones only discovered he was an avian shifter six months ago. Unable to complete a full shift until he reaches his avian maturity, he still can’t be sure of his exact species.
But with species comes rank, and rank is everything to the avians. When a partial shift allows the elders to announce that they believe Ori to be a rather ugly little duckling, he drops straight to the bottom rung of their hierarchy.
Life isn’t easy for Ori until he comes to the attention of a high ranking hawk shifter. Then the only question is, is Ori really a duck—and what will his new master think when the truth eventually comes out?


Andrews Promise (Heroes Book 2) by Nic Starr

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Heroes: Book Two
Young mechanic Andrew Campbell’s life couldn’t be better. He is about to restore a Ford Mustang with his dad before heading off on the ultimate cross-country road trip with his best friend, Tanner McKenzie.
But tragedy strikes, and Andrew’s life is shattered. Worried his family will be torn apart if he doesn’t step in, Andrew makes a tough choice between following his heart and doing what he needs to do to protect his little brother.
When Andrew pushes Tanner away, Tanner heads off on the planned trip alone. Once Tanner leaves town, his life takes a different path, and it’s ten years before he returns. Now a firefighter, he’s never forgotten his first love, and no one has ever taken Andrew’s place in his heart. He’s determined to see if Andrew feels the same way. He just hopes Andrew’s excited to see him, hopes that he’s available—and finally out—after all this time.
They might not have been ready to deal with emerging feelings years ago, but now might be the time for their second chance at love.


White Lies by Jack Byrne

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Brent Winton is doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons. Since the death of their parents years ago, Brent is helping his younger brother Zach through law school in sunny Queensland, Australia. The boys share a cheap flat, and Brent works two jobs to support them, but Zach thinks the second job is merely bar tending. In reality Brent has turned to gay prostitution to ensure that Zach has all the best textbooks and the up-to-date laptop he needs so he can focus on his studies. When hot Russian refugee Dimitri moves in next door, Brent finds him mesmerizing, but fears that if he gets involved, Dimitri will expose Brent’s white lies. But Dimitri has a dark secret of his own, and the question becomes how either of them can learn to trust the other without blowing their cover.


The Holeshot by Lynn Michaels

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In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. If Supercross racer Davey McAllister knows anything, it's how to take the holeshot. When the hot rising start mechanic, Tyler Whitmore, shows up in his bed, Davey does just that. But, dating a competitor's mechanic threatens to blow his ride if anyone finds out. With the fear of losing his sponsors, he has to keep his love life completely under cover, but Davey is in deep and wants to tell the world how much he loves Tyler.
Tyler Whitmore wants to be out of the closet, but dating the competition is a death sentence for his career. Overprotective of Davey's reputation and his own dreams, Tyler refuses to commit to his lover and is afraid of falling hard. Will they ever be able to find their way through the Premiere racing league pitfalls and acknowledge their love?
An m/m romance with tons of hot sex - 18+ please.


Spell Cast (Spell bound Series Book 1) by Eric Thornton

Amazon –>


Drake is a witch that faces the war in front of them.
Joel is a dragon/light bringer destined to protect those around him.
Can they learn to protect each other? Or will the war cause problems?



Unlocking the past by Lei Carol

Amazon –>


In one day Justin Reynold’s life changed in ways he never imagined. With nowhere else to turn Justin packs up to move to his mom’s old house, finding it exactly the way she left it the day she died eighteen years earlier. When the nightmares start, Justin decides it’s time to figure out just what had happened all those years ago. With the help of Mitchell Adams, a private detective, Justin finally begins to piece together the mystery surrounding his past.
Will they be able to unlock the mystery of his past or will a killer get away with murder? What will happen when another twist is thrown not only into the mystery but also their budding romance? Will they be able take the ultimate step and forge a new relationship, with three beating hearts rather than two while trying to keep their untamed emotions in check? Or will the turmoil prove to be too much to handle?
Only time will tell as they work towards unlocking the past, once and for all.

New Release only #99c/#99p


Chasing after Chandler by C.E Kilgore

Amazon –>

Length:  40 pages


Meteorology professor Ethan ‘Rain Talker’ Carter has more important things to do than chase after that crazy na hullo photographer again, even if Chandler seems hell bent on ending up inside the dang tornado they’re chasing. Chandler is seeking the perfect shot, and he’s got is eye set on more than the angry looking storm breaking over the Oklahoma horizon.
About the series:
Heartland Briefs is a collection of satisfying one-shot male-male romance stories taking place in America’s new heartland – from Texas to Kentucky, Oklahoma to Montana, and all the rolling hills, farm fields and big cities in between. Each story is full of romance, great characters, a touch of heat and two boys falling in love


Contracted (Nachz Serial Part 1) by Killian Gallant

Amazon –>

Length: 72 pages


Levi studies medicine at a training hospital in Atlanta. He has a fling with a surgical intern in a supply closet. Soon after, he finds himself in the middle of the woods turning into something completely new. He tracks down the intern in hopes of finding out about his new abilities. Devon, his ex helps him along the way rekindling some forgotten romance. Meanwhile, a serial killer is murdering young men in and around the hospital. Levi and Devon team up with the intern to stop the slayings resulting in a tumultuous conclusion.

Limited Time Only #99c/#99p


Hell on Wheels by Z.A. Maxfield

Amazon –>

Length: 291 pages


Nash is the reliable one in the Holly family, the guy everyone counts on to keep things going. His genius twin brother is off at university, so Nash runs the family’s auto repair business and cares for his partially-paralyzed little sister while his crackpot father invents. His life seems mapped out for the foreseeable future, however much that might chafe.
So when Wolf’s Landing actor Spencer Kepler-Constantine lands in his life, Nash is ready for a diversion. Spencer is in the middle of a very painful, very public divorce and isn’t ready for a relationship—not that Nash wants one. But they both need a friend, especially one with benefits.
As they grow closer, Nash starts to see his family in a whole new light. Do they really need him so badly? Or does he simply need to be needed? Then Spencer’s ex reappears with a grand romantic gesture, and Nash has to figure out what he wants—and how to get it—before Spencer’s gone for good.
Bluewater Bay stories can be read in any order—jump in wherever you'd like!


Prince of Tricks (Demons of Elysium) by Jane Kindred

Amazon –>

Length: 283 pages


When desire rises, angels will fall. One, by one, by one…

Demons of Elysium, Book 1

Over the past century, Belphagor has made a name for himself in Heaven’s Demon
District as a cardsharp, thief, and charming rogue.

Though the airspirit is content with his own company, he enjoys applying the sweet sting
of discipline to a willing backside. Angel, demon, even the occasional human. He’s not
particular. Until a hotheaded young firespirit steals his purse—and his heart. Now he’s
not sure who owns whom.

A former rent boy and cutpurse from the streets of Raqia, Vasily has never felt safer than
in the arms—and at the feet—of the Prince of Tricks. He’s just not sure if Belphagor
returns those feelings. There’s only one way to find out, but using a handsome, angelic
duke to stir Belphagor’s jealousy backfires on them both.

When the duke frames Vasily for an attempted assassination as part of a revolutionary
conspiracy, Belphagor will do whatever it takes to clear his boy’s name and expose the
real traitor. Because for the first time in his life, the Prince of Tricks has something to



His Sweet Prince by Jae T Jaggart

Amazon –>

Length: 194 pages


Shifters and witches don't mix. Especially when one is an assassin, and the other a lycan prince he has been sent to slaughter. No matter how combustible their sexual chemistry.
Easton Caird is many things. To his Agency, he is codenamed Scarlet. Scarlet for blood spilled, Scarlet for the rentboy he impersonates. Damaged, dangerous, he trusts no one.
And when he reads his would-be mark, Grisha Vasiliev, a lycan prince who has turned his back on the shifter pack and crime empire headed by his ruthless father, he realizes that the intel he was given on the commanding male was comprised. Vasiliev is no Russian mobster, trading in drugs, guns, and human misery. But Vasiliev's father, a lycan king is.
The two of them will be thrown together and with death so close, the raw lust between them cannot be denied. With so much blood spilled the consequences of success or failure will be devastating.
Will Easton ultimately make the greatest sacrifice, the most eternal trade of all in order to gain a love, secure a bond he has never had before? Grisha may just be worth it.
The fully standalone second novel in the Hellfire Vampires Bloodline series. Approx 57,000 words.
* The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline #3 will be continuing the Hellfire story...


Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City 1) by Tricia Owens


Length: 242 pages


2nd Edition.
The Special Forces team JC2 was created by the police to combat violence and drug crimes in Juxtapose City. Lieutenant Black, an intense young man with a mysterious past and a hatred of the street drug Bliss, is the leader of the police team which frequently targets psypaths, those with psychic powers. When the empath Calyx Starr is pulled from the streets and forced onto his team as part of the police captain’s secret agenda, Black must deal not only with Starr’s relentless seductions but also a dangerous telepath with a deadly grudge who has targeted the empath and JC2.
Calyx Starr isn't used to being denied. Born on the streets and forced into a life of prostitution to fuel his Bliss habit, Calyx is street-wise and tough, and thinks he can use Black for his own secret plans. However the more Calyx learns about Black and his team, the more the empath begins to think Black may be more than a challenge...he may be the only man Calyx can trust with his life and his heart.


Smart Boy (Smart Boy Series #1) by Misha Horne & AJ Sisko

Amazon –>

Length: 40 pages


Even smart boys need to learn...
Damon Price is obnoxious, aggressive, and flat out gorgeous. There's nothing Josh wants more than a first time with someone dark and dangerous like him. But Damon doesn't know he exists.
That changes when Josh makes him look stupid in front of their college English class. Suddenly, Damon knows exactly who he is-- the smartest boy in school who needs to be taught some tough lessons. And inexperienced Josh is extremely eager to learn.
Part 1 of 3
This first installment of the Smart Boy series includes explicit M/M sexual situations, showering, spanking, bondage, humiliation, and unauthorized use of bunk beds and tube socks.


Subject 19 by Todd Young


Length: 383 pages


Joel is young and lonely and a little oversexed. When a thief leaves him naked at the beach, he turns to Sean, a striking, dark-haired stranger for help.
Sean offers Joel a towel, and once they get talking, he tells him all about the Umberto Institute, a medical facility where they’re testing a new aphrodisiac. Sean is signed up for a three week, live-in trial.
A new aphrodisiac? It’s not something Joel really needs. But when Sean tells him they’re paying $4,500, he starts to think.
$4,500 and three weeks with Sean? That’s not an offer he can refuse. But once Joel is in the institute, will he ever get out?

Love is an Open Road


These stories are written as a part of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's"Love is an Open Road" event. Group members are asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that speak to them and write a story.

This is a fabulous event that gives M/M readers a chance to catch up with some of their favourite authors, experience new authors, and also gives those readers that have yet to dip their toes into the genre a chance to find out why so many of us are huge fans of Gay Romance… all for free! AMAZING! …And we are immensely grateful for the time given by these authors to contribute to this event that brings us all so much joy.

This event runs between June and September so there will be a huge selection of books to choose from. Updated with the new additions on our Monday and Wednesday posts.

For the full listing click here –> M/M Romance Group ~ Don’t Read in the Closet

Recent additions

August 6th, 2015
Still Waters by Alex Gabriel
Unexpected Homecoming by A.J. Henderson
Without a View by Penny Brandon

August 7th, 2015
More Than French Kissing by Cass Winters
Prophecy by Pelaam
Sweet, Echoing Howl by NK Layne

August 8th, 2015
Deep Magic by Gillian St. Kevern

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