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Review: Unwrapping the Alpha's Mate (Kontra's Menagerie #15) by Charlie Richards

91Twd TK8iL._SL1500_Title ~ Unwrapping the Alpha's Mate (Kontra's Menagerie #15)

Author ~ Charlie Richards

Publisher ~ Extasy Books 

Published ~ 15th December 2013

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





Richard Ponders joins the Tamang wolf pack when his younger brother, Crain, mates with one of its members. When the pack gathers to celebrate passing the alpha mantle from father to son, naming Abbott Tamang as alpha, Richard discovers his mate is part of the Tamang pack, too…and it’s the new alpha. Sensing unrest in the pack, Richard decides allowing the pack to settle is the safest thing for everyone. Unfortunately, the choice is taken from him when Crain asks him to come over and discuss more changes in pack dynamics, bringing him face to face with Abbott. Now, not only will Richard be fighting for a position in his new pack, he needs to fight for the trust of a man he’s been hiding from for weeks. Can he and Abbott come to terms? Or will the unrest in their pack tear them apart?

Liza’s Review

Abbott has just been made Alpha of the Tamang wolf pack, after his father decides to retire and go traveling with Kontra's pack. He knows there is problems in the pack, and it is going to take some strength to get it sorted, but his father believed him ready and he had to trust in that.

Unknowing in the wings, he has someone keeping a watchful eye on him. Richard joined the pack when his brother mated Abbott's brother and quickly realized the new Alpha was his mate. But he didn't want to do anything about it, until he could be sure that the unrest that was swirling around the pack could be sorted. But of course, the two men meet and Richard's deceit is revealed.

Richard wants a position in the pack, something more than Alpha Mate. His wolf is a strong animal that doesn't take orders from those weaker than him. So Abbott has to hold off claiming him, or even going near him until after the challenge for pack positions.

Like most of Ms. Richard's stories this one was light, easy to read and had an underlying story thread. Delorian was a right tool, and a real problem to Richard and Abbott - he wanted to be Alpha. Nedrik I felt sorry for - it can't be easy being a low wolf in the pack and Logan - I do hope he gets a story soon.

Apart from the dissent in the pack, which is all Delorian's doing, there is no angst between Richard and Abbott - well, apart from one little scene. Wolf shifters are so possessive and can get fired up about the silliest of things. That's what makes Ms. Richards' books so much fun. They are a light read, they have a good little storyline, and they are definitely easy to digest.

Favorite Line: Show you emotion in action.

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