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Review : Rock Rod Studio Presents: Opening Alex by Emory Vargas

opening alex

Title ~ Rock Rod Studios presents: Opening Alex

Published ~ 5th August 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Erotic Romance, M/M



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Rock Rod Studios is back with another explicit story of sexual discovery. And butts. And also shopping for things that go in butts and being really embarrassed about it.
After performing in a gay for pay porn video, college student Alex is decidedly gay to stay. Now that he knows exactly what he wants and where he wants it, it's a whole new world. Except for the part where he has no idea what he's doing or who to do it with.
When Alex asks his new friend Peter to watch some of his hardcore fetish porn, Peter says yes. With one condition...
As Alex's crush on Peter intensifies, he's called back for another round at Rock Rod Studios. This time, the studio wants to capture his first time bottoming on camera. Can he handle another round with veteran performer Andre?
When Peter asks to stick around and watch the scene unfold, Alex is more than okay with it. But the last thing he expects is how Peter reacts to watching.

Macky’s Review

Part two of not so straight anymore Alex's journey into the world of gay porn and things are definitely hotting up both on set and off!

Another bite-size read, this tasty little number really surprised me! I said in my review of Alex Undone that I was looking forward to things moving forward between Peter and Alex, and things getting a bit more smutty, and I've got to say I wasn't disappointed one bit.

After Alex's first scene with Andre: Rock Rod resident hot, seXXXy porn star and his subsequent sexual encounter with Peter, the cute admin assistant who caught his eye; our budding porn star is definitely discoverng his true sexual preferences now.

He's had a taste, he licks …oops..likes it a lot and now he wants more. So the first thing he does as this instalment opens, is turn up on Peters doorstep again with hopes they can further 'explore' the feelings he's having for the tattooed, pierced hottie he's crushing other words he's feeling horny again, when he suggests they watch the fetish porn videos that Peter starred in...Well, you don't need to put two and two together to imagine what happens next between these two naughty boys!

Then he gets a call from the studios for another on set session, but this time he's going all the way as they want him to bottom for Andre which means if he's up for the ultimate act, Alex is finally going to get his gay cherry completely popped! Agree to this and there's no going what's a randy, gay curious, boy to do? Does he stay a butt virgin or does he go through with it?

Hahahaha...does a bear do what he does in the woods???

What follows as Alex prepares himself both mentally and physically for the momentous event is both funny (the scene in a pharmacy when he's buying an enema had me snorting out loud!) and-- when the scene actually happens—OMG...HOT,HOT,HOT! It turns out  Alex is a natural in the sack and Peter gets to watch! *fans self*

I enjoyed the first book but I've got to say this one really tickled my fancy. The relationship that's forming between Alex and Peter is far more developed in this; their connection and chemistry stronger and a touch more emotional by the time part two finishes. And the scenes at the studio with Andre are definitely a big plus if you lurves your sex a bit on the smutty sexploits side. And as I said, this is also very funny at times because of Alex's slightly self deprecating internal musings and actions which suits my sense of humour a lot.

But there's a lot more to this than it just being another PWP tantalising quickie. Underlying the butt-tastic 'filth' and fun side of these steamy morsels there's actually some really clever, sassy, smart writing from Emory Vargas and the more I read from her, the more I like her style.

Before you pick this up you must read Alex Undone first, as it's the explanatory episode that introduces you to the originally straight Alex, the sexual epiphany that wakes his bi-curiosity, the first slightly wobbly, but eager baby steps he takes into the world of porn, and the gay sex he indulges in outside of it, and the small but really likable cast of supporting characters who help him explore his new found appreciation of life in the 'gay lane'. You'll get a much better appreciation of what follows in this and if you enjoy it as much as I have, then you'll be looking forward to more from Rock Rod Studios.

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