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Review : One Bit At A Time by Sydney Presley

one bit at a time

Title ~ One Bit At A Time

Author ~ Sydney Presley

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 18th August 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal MM Romance, Trans


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Being thought of as a freak wasn’t something Raven cherished.

Raven has been brought up as a shifter in the city, along with his siblings, hiding what he is from humans. His father became abusive as soon as Raven’s mother died, and after a traumatic childhood, plus being caught wearing his sister’s clothes, Raven knows it’s time to run away.

He takes off in search of a wolf haven, knowing they’ll take him in but worrying over how his siblings will fare now he’s not there. He meets Boss, the owner of the compound, and realizes that not everyone shuns a cross-dresser. What follows is a new journey of discovery—not only can Raven wear what he wants, but he can be exactly who he is, too.

The problem is, his past won’t let him go, and someone is on a mission to drag Raven back home to his father. And that someone doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer…

Liza’s Review

Raven is a wolf shifter who likes wearing women's clothes. That was enough to tease my taste buds from the outset. I don't see a problem with cross-dressing, but unfortunately Raven's father did. Which is why the story opens with Raven running as fast as he can on his little paws, trying to get to a wolf compound, where he has been told, he will be safe.

Weird how from the outside families seem normal, but behind closed doors they were far from it.

As the author runs us through Raven's thought processes, as the poor guy is running on sore paws, you get to see the horror that is his father. God, what a mean man. There's no other words for it. "Shift the gay away," I mean, is the guy mental? But as the reader is taken through Raven's journey, we also get to see why he has to make the run, and why he doesn't shift to heal his battered paws.

When he meets Boss, Raven is so up in the air. He feels drawn to the man, but knows it is probably only because the man is kind to him. Boss runs a compound for shifters who need somewhere to go, somewhere to hide. Their opening conversation made me smile. It's almost as though the guy is too good to be true.

"I mean, look at you. All beautiful in that dress. How can it be wrong when you clearly feel so comfortable in it?"

Of course, the two men are mates, meant to be together, but it wasn't lust on Raven's part - Boss gave him a center, he was a rock that Raven could hold onto. This is a sweet book, no sex, no mating or claiming scenes. All we have is Raven's POV, which is a shame, because I would have loved to know more about how Boss felt when he saw Raven for the first time.

I don't know if this book is part of a series, or if we will see more of Boss and Raven in other books. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the end of it, all I was left with was the feeling of wanting more. I wanted to know more about Boss, why he did what he did, why he set up the compound, how he felt about Raven. Then there was Raven's family, Glenn and the others. How did they get away and what will happen to the father?

There were only a few casual mentions of other people in the compound, yet we never saw any of them, never got to experience the acceptance that Raven was craving. There was just so much more this story could be and unfortunately it left me feeling very dissatisfied. The tiny glimpses I got of Raven's and Boss' personality had me wanting to see their relationship develop, I wanted to know more about the compound. The story is sweet and well written, but it's incomplete and that was a real shame.

Favorite Line: Not pathetic, the truth. If that's what you're feeling, it's the truth.

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