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Release Day Review: Unconventional in San Diego (Anthology)


Title ~ Unconventional in San Diego

Authors ~ Carol Lynne, Amber Kell, T.A. Chase, Jambrea Jo Jones and Devon Rhodes

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 11th August 2015

Genre ~ Anthology, M/M, M/M/M Paranormal Romance



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‘Fate’s Bridge’ by Carol Lynne

Is it possible for a soul to be reborn inside another?

‘Coming in Third’ by Amber Kell

Love sometimes comes in threes.

‘The Unicorn Said Yes’ by T.A. Chase

When an innocent human virgin meets the king of the unicorn herd, it’s not just legends that come true.

‘Blood on the Moon’ by Jambrea Jo Jones

Be careful what you wish for, especially when you’re a witch.

‘A Sliver of Sunset’ by Devon Rhodes

From one-night stand to nurse and patient—is it crazy to expect more?

Liza’s Review

I love a good anthology and when I saw so many of my favorite authors to be had for one purchase price, I grabbed this. The stories all feature a club, called Unconventional and the men who seem to meet up there - a vast array of different paranormals. This is a great way of finding new authors - there were some stories I liked better than others as shown by the star ratings below, but have a read for yourself and find your personal favorite.

Fates Bridge, by Carol Lynne - 4 Stars

Roman didn't want to be at Unconventional. As an old and rich vampire, he didn't need the hassle. But his brother Alexi had told him that his lover Julian, who he had lost over 160 years before was apparently walking around, reincarnated, he had to make the visit. Unfortunately, the first meeting did not go well, and Bodi/Julian didn't take kindly to vampires. Also, after Bodi suffered an accident, it wasn't Roman who turned Bodi into a vampire, but Alexi and the bond between Bodi and Alexi was strong and sexual.

This is a strange take on a vampire tale, with actually four men in it, rather than the three mentioned - after all Julian was a human in his own right before his death. (Note: no incest - Alexi and Roman are known as brothers because they share the same sire).

Coming in Third by Amber Kell - 5 Stars

Niall was on the run from his mother and his uncle's nefarious plans for him. He had no life, was beaten regularly, and his mother was planning to force him to marry. But when he got the chance to slip away for just one night he takes full advantage of it. He isn't looking for just one man to sate his desire, he is looking for two. He finds Luka and Jovan and so, in theory his night should be set. And it was.

But rotten mothers are not going to give up easily. I loved the idea in this story - two shifters who had been waiting so many years for their third. Niall and his magic just being used as a pawn in royal politics. Totally gorgeous story.

The Unicorn Said Yes by T.A. Chase - 4 Stars

Ivan is a Unicorn shifter, and not known for having a good nose. But when he smells an intriguing scent at Unconventional, he has to follow it. It leads him to Carney, a sweet virgin who had been sent out by his family to celebrate his birthday on his own.

I did love that Ivan was such a gentleman and so careful with Carney. Although I adore the whole mate and claim business with wolf shifters, this was a gentle change. It wasn't technically a mating, but it was still sweet.

Unfortunately Carney's family don't act with the same consideration and care - after all Ivan is the stuff of legends. But Carney's innocence shines through. Thank goodness for Jordan.

Blood on the Moon by Jambrea Jo Jones - 3.5 stars

Montague is a bored and powerful witch. He thought his life would improve when he came into his powers at puberty, but his coven was full of old women and his job had long lost its excitement. He had precious little else in his life. As he leaves Unconventional one night he notices the moon has red across it, a blood moon and he knows nothing good can ever come of that.

Kishar was the one having a bad night. He'd ended up in a ditch beside his motorcycle with a sore head and feeling really cold. He wondered if he was being chased, but couldn't think why. The fact that he is an incubus is a side issue. An incubus who needs to feed by having sex.

Family again - always causing trouble and this time it was Kishar's. But Montague didn't have his powers for nothing, and all is right in the end. I would have liked to see more of a connection between the two men beyond sex, but maybe that is in a later story.

A Sliver of Sunset by Devon Rhodes - 4 Stars

Angelo is sick and on inhibitors to stop his shifting. He has advanced leukemia, but what upsets him is that while he is taking his inhibitors, he is not allowed to go swimming - difficult when you are an ocean shifter. The readers met Angelo in Niall's story above. Unfortunately with the inhibitors he is on, he can't even see Unconventional, which is only open to paranormals. Turns out humans can see it too, and no one actually knows what was happening to Angelo.

Dominic sees Angelo standing where the club is meant to be, looking lost, and takes a chance. The two men go to bed together, and of course, when Dominic wakes up, Angelo is gone. Was it Fate having a laugh when Dominic turns out to be Angelo's nurse? Another cute story and one I would have loved to see as a full book.


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  1. I have loved the three previous books by these authors. Can not wait to read the latest in the series.