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Release Day Review : Don't Stake My Life on It (The Vamp For Me book 2) by Bailey Bradford

dont stake my life

Title ~ Don't Stake My Life on It (The Vamp For Me, book 2)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 25th August 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Book two in The Vamp for Me series

Stakes, kilts and holy water—Andrew Meyer is in for the time of his life!

Radney’s tired of being the coven oddball. He had his reasons for being the way he was, and he let those reasons rule his life for centuries. Another mistake—almost harming a human he’d been sent to keep an eye on—has sent Radney on a mission of self-improvement. He’s going to conquer his issues and be the best damned vamp ever!


Andrew Meyers has the term paper from hell to write. It needs to be original and intriguing. What could be more so than people with a vampire fetish?

But when that fetish turns out to be one he has, for a very sexy, kilt-wearing, neurotic vampire, the tables are turned. Andrew isn’t prepared to find out that vampires are real, but he learns it anyway. With help from his twin brother, Erin, he just might be able to find a happy ending—or an ecstatic beginning—for him and his hot as hell red-headed vamp. If he’s careful, and patient, he might even find the vamp for him.


Liza’s Review

We met Radney the vampire in the first book in this series. For those of you who don't remember, Radney was the one sent to talk to Augustine (a human) about vampires. Unfortunately Radney was really hungry and thought Augustine would prove to be a tasty snack. Now he is suffering the consequences for his actions. Unfortunately it seems every time he makes an effort to be nice, or even normal, he seems to stuff it up.

Then Radney realized he hadn't been very nice at all. In fact, he'd been a dick to someone who'd helped him out, again.

Poor Radney, he has more than a few issues as you will learn in the book. Andrew doesn't believe in vampires, but he's found a vampire dating site and thinks writing a paper about people who have a vampire fetish would make a good topic for a school paper. His twin, Erin, isn’t so sure, but does think that Andrew needs to get out more.

"Maybe you'll get lucky and find someone to fuck in the name of research."

Andrew makes a bet with Erin, well actually Erin double dares him and so it's probably for that reason that Andrew is more open to meeting Radney, than he might usually be. I really love this series, if for nothing else but the author makes me laugh. When Andrew meets Radney for the first time, it was hilarious...

He was really going for some kind of dorkiness record, and all because there was the sexiest man in existence outside, wearing a kilt.

Yep, I could see that making me weak at the knees too. But Andrew makes it clear that anything he does with Radney is one night stand material, which actually works for the vampire, because Andrew was just meant to be part of his Great Plan to prove he was okay to Claude, the head of his coven. (The capital letters are important, by the way as you will find out).

There is so much in this book - hunters, mind wipes, and Radney’s fear of biting humans because of the life he led when he was first turned. Erin is amazing as a secondary character and if you have read book one you meet up with Paolo and Chelsea, as well as Augustine and Tony again. But this can be read as a standalone, if you prefer.

Personally I preferred this book to the first one. It was funnier, had a really great story and the connection between Radney and Andrew including mind, body and soul. A great read and I am looking forward to the next one in the series.


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