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Pre-Release Review: Melting Point (Hot in Chicago #1.5) Kate Meader


Title ~ Melting Point (Hot in Chicago #1.5)

Can be read as a standalone

Author ~ Kate Meader

Publisher ~ Pocket Star

Published ~ 31st August 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Things are heating up at Engine Co. 6 in this original e-novella from Kate Meader’s sizzling Hot in Chicago series! Superhot playboy firefighter Gage Simpson has one particular man on his mind: Brady Smith, a recalcitrant, moody chef who makes Gage melt from the inside out. Features a sexy sneak preview of Playing with Fire!
Firefighter Gage Simpson has it all: the job of his dreams, the family of his heart, and no shortage of hot guys lining up to share his bed. “Fun and easy” is his motto—and it’s kept him sunny through a painful upbringing and steered him away from trouble. But when trouble comes knocking in the form of a sexy, scarred, tattooed chef with a harrowing past and zero communication skills, Gage can’t help but be drawn to the flame.
Brady Smith isn’t fun. And easy isn’t in his vocabulary. When cocky Gage swaggers into his restaurant kitchen, the former Marine-turned-five-star-chef is blindsided by the firefighter’s beauty. Then confused that this golden guy with the sparkling blue eyes and the body of a god might be interested in him. As desire flares and temperatures rise, Gage and Brady will have to figure out if the heat between them is just a temporary flash—or the beginning of something real.

Lisa’s Review


Melting Point by Kate Meader is the first novella in her Hot in Chicago series (#1.5). This also marks my first venture into the sexy romance written by this author. I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this novella. Quite often, when authors attempt a MM novella in a series that starts out with a MF book, the execution of the same falls short. Either the reader is not provided with enough back story and you feel like you have to read the other books in the series or the novella simply comes off as a MM filler in the series that the author wanted to attempt. This was certainly not the same here. What Ms. Meader has penned is a fun, scorching hot and endearing story about two very different men who can’t seem to stay away from one another. And, yes, you can read this as a stand-alone. Although, I did enjoy this one so much that I will be reading the first book in this series.

“…his rules:

No kissing Brady (except Brady’s lips could go where they pleased).

No touching Brady (but Brady could stroke his hands all over Gage’s body).

Most important, no asking Brady about his time in the Marines.”

“He’d made it clear. They were a nonentity.”

Twenty-four year old Gage Simpson is a gorgeous playboy firefighter who is a part of the Dempsey firefighters, a family of foster siblings who are committed to their job and their family. Gage may have had a rough upbringing, but that all changed when the Dempsey family took him in. His life now consists of a loving family, a job he loves and believes in and copious amounts of men who are willing to participate in no-strings-attached-sex with him. Gage meets Brady Smith, a thirty-five year old former Marine and now chef and owner of a successful restaurant, and knows immediately that he needs to pursue this broody man who has piqued his curiosity and lust.

“I do believe your flirting with me, Chef.”….

“Don’t know how to flirt, Golden.”

Brady is an emotionally detached man who is still dealing with PTSD and the aftermath of his service as a Marine. With a heavily scarred body and lacking communication skills, he is unsure of how to deal with this beautiful golden lothario who is in hot pursuit. Brady does what he does best, he keeps Gage at a distance despite his insane attraction to the man. He just can’t understand what someone like Gage, who seems to have it all, would want with someone as standoffish as him. However, there is only so much will power that Brady can muster up. As he and Gage embark down the hot and dirty road of attraction, lust and emotion, will the hot and blazing fire burning between them burn bright or will it consume them both? Will Brady be able to let Gage get close enough that a future and a happy forever is even plausible between the pair?

I absolutely adored this book. Watching two powerful alpha-males open up and become utterly vulnerable with one another was beyond beautiful. The volatility of their attraction was explosive as Brady deals with his insecurities and inner turmoil regarding all that he is experiencing with Gage. I loved watching their feelings grow for one another. I loved watching all the complex layers that made up Brady slowly being peeled away, not only leaving him exposed and vulnerable but also allowing him to give someone his scarred and fragile heart.

“Gage was already a work of art, and there was no improving perfection.”

“I screw guys who get me hot and push my buttons, and you, Brady Smith, push all my buttons. The only good deed I’ll be doing tonight is for the angels.”

“The angels?”

“Haven’t you heard? Every time I make you come, an angel gets his wings.”

I loved Gage. Goodness! Here you have this perfect male specimen who becomes entranced with a man who keeps pushing him away or lets him in so long as Gage follows his rules. Gage had the tendency to look at the world and, regardless of what he has endured or what he continues he deal with, he chooses to be this nonchalant and happy-go-lucky guy. It took a considerable amount of trust on his part to allow Brady to see the real him.

The sex in this book was hot, raw, sweaty and erotically passionate. When Gage and Brady finally give in to the escalating tension between them… HOT DAMN! Pair these two together you most definitely get fire-inducing sex that would leave anyone with a pulse panting. Trust me. The dirty perv in me loved every minute of it. Lol!

All in all, this author has delivered a great novella that has me intrigued with how the remainder of this series will shape up. Melting Point turned out to be a very enjoyable read. I am certainly looking forward to more by this author.

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Meet Kate Meader

TT7hIsLY_thumb[1]Originally from Ireland, Kate cut her romance reader teeth on Maeve Binchy and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Mills & Boon thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron or a fire hose, and she’s there. Now based in Chicago, she writes sexy contemporary romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines who can match their men quip for quip.


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