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Review: More Than Patient (A Loving Nip #4) by Charlie Richards

more than patient

Title ~ More than Patient (A Loving Nip #4)

Author ~ Charlie Richards

Publisher ~ Extasy Books

Published ~ 22nd June 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Garner Vorzman suspects that his beloved—the other half of his soul—is none other than Brock Sanchez. While everyone considers the human an all-around good guy, he is also a womanizing playboy. Having spent almost one hundred years in the military, Garner draws on his knowledge of strategy. He uses the levity of the coven Christmas party to his advantage and seduces Brock. Unfortunately, the human runs from their connection. Hoping if he leaves Brock alone he will come to crave what they’d shared, Garner waits for months. He runs out of time when drinking blood from other donors becomes nearly impossible. Angry at the human’s apparent obstinateness, Garner tracks Brock down and issues an ultimatum. Give them one dalliance every other week so Garner can draw the blood he needs, or their one night stand will no longer remain a secret. If Brock agrees, can Garner turn the strong-arm tactic into something that will win the man’s affection?


Liza’s Review

Brock wants Garner, but he doesn't want him. Does that make sense? Probably not, but then it didn't make any sense to Brock either. He wasn't attracted to men - well, he might have been 'on occasion, [but] he'd never acted on it - or even told his friends - and he didn't plan to start.'

In Brock's head - there's not a lot of point going there because who knows what is in the man's head. But clearly he has enjoyed a night with Garner - four times in one night lol. But Garner wasn't a woman. He was a vampire, which wasn't a problem. But being a male was. Brock was worried about what his friends would think, which was a bit silly really - many of his friends were gay.

Another problem was that Brock's mom had been making less than subtle hints about wives and grandchildren. While Brock might give 'an internal shudder at the very idea of changing poopy diapers,' - that image made me laugh - it was yet another reason to forget a vampire who had more than likely forgotten about him.

Of course, Garner hadn't forgotten about Brock or there would be no story. Brock is Garner's beloved and to say that Brock's stubbornness and misguided beliefs were causing Garner some problems was an understatement - Being a vampire Garner didn't want to feed off of anyone else.

I really wasn't keen on Brock - I mean his best friends were gay and happy about it. Sure he might have got a bit of grief about not sharing his thoughts sooner, but it wouldn't have been a big deal. But then I can't fault a man for having a duty to his mother. But poor Garner - I really felt sorry for him.

It was really good to catch up with some of the men from previous books - Tyson, Kai, Korbin and Nathan - and their mates. You don't have to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this one, but I liked the added depth of knowing the back story of Brock's friends. The only thing I didn't like was that I never got to find out more about the demon. Not that it is going to be any hardship reading the next book. I adore Ms. Richards and have read all of her work. This had all of the same elements I come to expect - hot men, passion, a spot of angst to make things a bit interesting, and I adored Meredith, she is a real keeper.

Favorite Line: You can't make me do something I already want to do...


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