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Review: Waiting for the Right Boy by Emory Vargas

Waiting forthe right boy

Title ~ Waiting for the Right Boy

Author ~ Emory Vargas

Published ~ 28th April 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary MM Erotica



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When 19-year-old Holden breaks down on the drive home from his old high school, his best friend's dad comes to the rescue. The only problem? Holden's wearing makeup and a crop top and a skirt from the powder puff alumni game.
Or maybe that's not a problem at all.
Content note: This story contains explicit sex, barebacking, and daddy kink.

Macky’s Review

Oh My! What a naughty little offering that was… I loved it, but as a founder member of the Sinfully smutmonsters club that’s no surprise at all !!! Hahaha…  

Don’t expect much of a story, because this is all about the smutty goodness, but it’s also really well written; which takes it a head and shoulders above the usual PWP style erotica out there. So be prepared to be thoroughly entertained and titillated by this cracking little nugget of naughtiness and Holden and his best friend’s dad, Dane’s, sizzlingly steamy sex-a-thon! Did I say OH MY?!?

The blurb says it all, so if it calls to you just sit back and enjoy seventeen or so pages of red hawt kink, knee trembling dirty talk and pervtastic usage of pink lace panties.

It’s short, it’s fun and it’s (pink) panty melting hot!

Horny college boy Holden made me laugh and mature ‘Mr Hottie’ Dane made me sweat (cold fan alert!)…in fact the whole thing just left me grinning like the smutster I am! 

Not much else I can add really so I’ll leave you with a bit of Holden wisdom…

“ something about the texture of the lace dialed up the sensation of being touched up to eleven. And then he didn’t care what he looked like in panties. All he knew was that his body felt good in panties, therefore panties were awesome and everything should always be lace.”

LOL…WORD Holden!

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Connect with the Author

Emory Vargas loves knitting scarves and writing about tentative first time sexual encounters and amorous cephalopods, though not always at the same time.


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