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Review : The Bohemians by Sean Michael

the bohemians

Title ~ The Bohemians

Author ~ Sean Michael

Published ~ Torquere Press

Published ~ 2nd June 2015



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Topaz is a free-spirit, loving easily, though searching for his true soul-mate. As soon as he meets Quincy, he realizes this is the man who has been calling for him in his dreams and he offers his whole self, body, heart, mind and soul, without thought.
Quincy gives away his heart too easily, and has been hurt in love more than once. Still, that doesn’t stop him from falling head over heels for Topaz when he first meets the man.
It seems like a match made in heaven, but Topaz lives with two men who are his best friends, and also his lovers. Will Quincy ever be able to understand that Topaz has more than enough love in his heart for his best friends and his soul-mate, or will Topaz’s bohemian ways be too much for Quincy to understand?

Liza’s Review

I guessed this book would be different from the moment I saw the cover. But as Sean Michael is an auto-buy for me, I didn't even read the blurb, just dived into the story. By page eight I was laughing...

And what's your sign?

Yes, clich├ęd and doesn't Quincy know it. And he promised himself he wouldn't flirt anymore, but then Topaz turned up in the flower shop and started weaving his own brand of magic. Topaz, who is so unlike anyone Quincy has met before, and so not his type - how could he be with a purple tunic, multi-colored pants and wild hair tied up in places with bits of string? The imagery in my head was delightful.

Topaz cohabitates with Stephen (AKA Daisy) and Ku (also known as Leo) but he longs for a love of his own. He thinks that love should be Quincy, but Quincy has had a lot of problems with men in the past and isn't sure he has a heart left to give. So when he finds out...yep, not telling you that bit, but my heart felt for Quincy. Not that he felt that positive about things anyway.

Topaz was going to be hard to lose. And if he kept dwelling on the inevitable ending, he wasn't going to enjoy the ride.

This book is unlike anything I have ever read by Sean Michael before. It's whimsical, and...bohemian. Think flowers, soft scents, healthy foods and loving someone instantly. The little details the author puts in the book, the scents and colors and things like that makes it appear as if the author is the one weaving the spell on the reader - and it's effective. I wasn't sure I was entirely comfortable with the relationship between the four men, but when I got over my initial reservations, much like Quince had to, I could see the situation for what it was. The only thing I found difficult was the constant use of so many different names, which made it a little confusing sometimes, especially when Quince got in on the act. This is a sweet story, hot as only Sean Michaels can write, and yes, I did have a smile on my face when I had finished.

Favorite Quote: [Topaz] Sometimes the happiness is so big, it's got to go somewhere.


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