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Featured Guest Author: Indra Vaughn Chats about her latest release Fragmented with Excerpt & Giveaway

Indra Vaughn

It’s so lovely to have Indra Vaughn with us today, she’s popped in to chat about her latest release, the second book in the Shadow Mountain Series… Fragmented. We hope you’ll join us in giving her a very warm Sinfully welcome.


A Word from Indra Vaughn

I like all kinds of stories. I like stories with happy endings and I like stories with sad ones. I like stories where the characters start young and they have no clue what they’re doing and as their life evolves everything falls apart before it comes together. Then there’s the end and I like to imagine that they will be happy forever and ever without any wrenches thrown in the wheels. (Unless there is a sequel. Bring on the wrenches then! But you know what I mean.)

Life isn’t like that though is it? I remember having all these plans when I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed twenty-year-old. (That’s not an idiom. My hair was enormously bushy back then. Think Hermoine and you’ll have a pretty good idea.) I didn't have my life planned out from beginning to end, but I was ready to Do Things. And I have. I’ve done lots of exciting things and I’ve been to a lot of interesting places, but I hadn’t expected to hit my thirties and see everything be turned upside down.

Because of some things going on in my personal life, I’ll have to start over, and that’s okay. It’s frightening and exhilarating and I try to live my life without looking back and having regrets. If this didnt happen, I wouldnt have had these and these experiences. Good ones and bad ones. I’ll be sad for a while. I’ll try not to be too angry, because I think that’s a wasted emotion, even if it can be useful for a little while. Like a support bridge to get over the really murky, churn-y waters. But in the end, everything will be better than okay. I believe it, because I can make it happen.

And it’s a little bit like that for Hart in Fragmented. At the end of Fated, the first book in the Shadow Mountain series, we saw him stand in a ray of hope, and in the second book it continues until it all falls apart. He can’t regret it though, because he’d miss out on so many memories if he hadn’t tried. It’s just…starting over is hard. It’s always hard no matter how old you are. But I don’t think it gets any easier the older you get.


Fragmented (Shadow Mountain #2) by Indra Vaughn


Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Published ~ 17th June 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance

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The capture of the Tattoo Murderer has demanded a heavy price. Doctor Tobias Darwin is dead, Lieutenant Hart is back in Riverside licking his substantial wounds, and he needs to gather his courage and tell Isaac he made a mistake. Isaac will forgive him—he knows that—but he can't promise Isaac an easy life. Being a cop comes with its own risks, after all.

When they finally reach the same wavelength, their idyllic reprieve is cut tragically short. Hart doesn't know yet that Isaac is terminally ill, that he will take off to find the Phoenix to heal him as a last resort. This time, it will be Hart who pays the price.

In the meantime, a new killer roams the streets of Riverside. He kidnaps, tortures, and kills gay men in horrific ways, and he has the newly healed Isaac in his sights. Hart’s time is running out on every level.

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Book #1: Fated





Without the pristine layer of snow on its roof, the Mountain would’ve disappeared entirely in the dreary gray of the morning. Deer tracks broke the white cover across Hart’s yard, leading to and away from the bare tree where he kept the bird feeders. Even the small stream was completely covered, indistinguishable from the rest of the snowed-under world.

“Your house is lovely,” Freddie said, and Hart looked up at her with a small smile.


“Still smells a bit like paint in the guest bedroom, but I won’t complain since that bed is the best.”

The smile slipped from his face. He’d left the guest bedroom for last. “All the renovations are done now,” Hart said, taking a small sip from his scotch.

“Isn’t it a bit early for that?” Freddie asked mildly. She came to stand beside him and put an arm around his shoulder. Hart hugged his knees under his blanket and leaned his head against her hip.

“It’s Sunday. No one needs to know.”

Freddie hummed at him and they stared at the Mountain. “I like this,” she said after a while, taking in the sunroom. “It’s very peaceful.”

“It can be, yes.”

Sighing, Freddie let go of him and sat down beside him. He handed over a little of the blanket and she pulled it over her knees. She was still wearing her fleece pajamas, and Hart grinned. He liked soft Freddie; she didn’t appear very often.

“Is it easier? Now that he’s gone, I mean.”

“Yes,” Hart said. “And no.” He glanced at her but she just watched him. “I know I made the right choice. In not trying to be friends again, I mean. It was the responsible thing to do, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be with him.” It felt like going cold turkey off the best and most addictive drug. He took a drink and sighed. “He’s alive, he’s finishing his degree, and I’m sure he’s happy. That’s all that matters. It’s a bit pathetic to be torturing myself like this at my age.”

“It’s not pathetic,” Freddie said, and she quickly rubbed her eyes on the blanket.

“I’m okay, Freddie,” he said, patting her knee. “I’m okay.”


Meet Indra Vaughn

In 2008 Indra Vaughn packed up everything but the kitchen sink... no, that’s a lie. She left everything behind apart from her books and moved from Belgium to Michigan.

She now lives in the suburbs of Detroit with her dog who thinks he's a toddler. Indra’s professional background is in Nursing and Chinese Medicine, but she prefers to spend time making up stories about mysterious men and their unrequited love.





Indra is gifting one lucky reader an e-copy of Fragmented. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.

Good Luck!

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  1. Great post, Indra. I agree sometimes a crisis brings about many good things. It forces you to leave your comfort zone, face challenges and new experiences.
    The book sounds really good. thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree. It's the conflict in our lives that shapes us!

  2. Loved the excerpt. A scary sounding book. I would not be able to read this one it night. I do know that the things that are the hardest (I hope) to face make you stronger. It did in my life. I so want this book I have to put it on my MUST READ LIST.

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you read it. It has some scary bits yes, but some fun and romantic bits too ;-)
      And I agree, it's these situations that make us stronger and that are often necessary to make life better.

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  12. Even though I'm still young, some days I feel really old. I completely understand how much starting over can hurt. A lot of tears go into it, and it's hard to watch old dreams die. But still, I don't think I would've given up what I've done.

  13. Thanks for a beautifully written post.