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Cheeky Hipsters & Jocks (BFP: The Secrets Collection) by Posy Roberts : Release Day Review, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway


Sinfully is thrilled to welcome Posy Roberts to the blog today with her naughty but very nice little short about sexy secrets, that will have all you ‘Mantie’ fans out there…Lol, love that word!…drooling! I know I was, but I also got a wee bit jealous of Jack’s extensive undie drawer! LOL.

Learn a little about how this fun collection got started, and enter The Secrets Collection Rafflecopter for your chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!  

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A word from Posy

The love of reading smutty stories brought us together.

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I have a group of author friends who write great stories. We’ve been sharing our work with each other for years, and we make a lot of reading recommendations too. We hang out in what we’ve affectionately dubbed The Blanket Fort, our cozy spot on the Internet where we socialize across numerous time zones and continents.

We met through an online writing community and eventually worked our way to becoming published authors. Over the years, we’ve helped each other out with beta reads, proofing, editing, and getting over some of those humps authors deal with, like writer’s block, finding mojo to write when it’s elusive, or trying to figure out how to work new technology. I feel very lucky to have met these women.

After several of us had long-haul projects that felt like they were sucking the life out of us one edit at a time, we talked about the old days when we used to write a story, put it out there, and just have fun with it. We missed that easy feel. Since becoming published, being an author is no longer only about writing stories, no matter how much we’d like it to be. There’s a lot of work put forth to sell our books too, and that can be exhausting.

While discussing the easy-feel days, it was said in passing that we should put together a collection of short stories, something light and breezy and sexy. Intense plot development was not the point of these. We wanted these to stories to be palate cleansers between our larger projects, stress relievers with decadent sexy scenes that make you sigh contentedly when you close the book.

It was just an idea at first, but with Jay Northcote’s spectacular organizational skills, it became a project. After hammering out the details, mostly that these would be short stories connected by a theme, we agreed to write our first stories about secrets.

And BFP: The Secrets Collection was born.

On this project, we’ve collaborated with each other for everything from beta reads, covers, and even promotion, sharing whatever knowledge or talents we possess. T.M. Franklin created our beautiful covers, which have generated a lot of buzz with Jay’s release last week.

I’m brand new to self-publishing, but since I’m releasing my first self-published novel later this month, I was beyond grateful for this opportunity to learn the ropes from friends who have already been through this. We all get to see what Kindle Unlimited is about as well. The generosity of everyone in the Blanket Fort has been mind blowing.

Not everyone in our group is publishing with this collection, even though they’ve helped in one way or another. Some have new stories keeping them far too busy. Others are swamped with real life. Right now there are four of us writing about secrets. Jay Northcote got us jumpstarted with Top Me Maybe? And I’m up next with Cheeky Hipsters & Jocks. Annabelle Jacobs is getting playful with Toy With Me, and wrapping the secrets up is Teegan Loy with Vampire Wishes. Each story is being released on a Friday, just in time for some weekend fun.

When we were discussing what our publishing company should be named, Blanket Fort Press seemed natural. We hope to write more light-hearted sexy short stories for you in the coming year. It was fantastic fun. I hope BFP: The Secrets Collection is enjoyed by all.

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cheeky hipsters

Publisher ~ Blanket Fort Press

Published ~ 12th June 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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Jack has a secret hidden in his pants. Eli thinks he knows what it is.
Jack Cox has a secret he’s kept hidden for years until a fellow hockey player discovers a scrap of silk and lace hiding in his pocket. Elijah Mitten notices how anxious Jack is as the hot-pink fabric makes its way around the locker room, and when Jack throws it in the trash like it means nothing, Elijah guesses what’s beneath his stoic fa├žade and possibly his pants.
When Elijah shows up on Jack’s doorstep looking for answers, Jack won’t admit anything. But when Elijah takes matters into his own hands, Jack has to make a decision: share his secret and risk losing hockey or keep it hidden forever.

Macky’s Review would seem I have a bit of a fetish! I love the idea of men in women's undies...or should I say I love ...MANTIES!!! Lol...

So…Jack, has a secret drawer full of lacy bum covering loveliness, that he keeps locked away; hoping  no one will ever discover his secret, naughty knicker drawer and start rifling through it. It’s a hidden passion he's had since he was fifteen and no one knows that he wears them daily under his formal suits or casual sweats, except his sister who, over the years, has helped him choose what to wear, where to buy and how to care for, the sexy scraps he loves to feel against his skin. Bless's just something that makes him feel good...and why not I say!

Jack is also a great hockey player and secretly lusts after Elijah, his team’s captain, a school principle who captains their amateur team in the summer months but who, as far as Jack is concerned, is sadly straight. Until... Shock horror!

One day, one of the teams most annoying players finds a pair of pink lace panties in Jack's pocket and after some crude (and for Jack; humiliating) ribbing about "which girl he's stolen them from"...yada yada...the embarrasing incident ends with Jack having to throw his favourite, sixty dollar skimpy scanties in the trash! Elijah watches all this go down, and after admonishing the "pain in the you know what" cocky young hockey player; retrieves the 'manties' from their final resting place; has a quick sniff (like you do! Lol), discovers the aroma *cough* makes certain parts of his anatomy twitch, puts two and two together and that night goes—panties in hand—to Jack's home, where Jack finds out that Eli has a bit of a manties fetish of his own...only he likes to SEE them on othe guys...and he ain't that straight!!!

I enjoyed this short from Posy Roberts. It's hot, cute and actually quite romantic, as what starts out as just a sex lead thong-a-thon between these two hot guys, turns out, over time, to be quite a sweet romance that ends with a pantytastic HEA.  I would have loved to have known a bit more about Jack as he had me pondering “why, how and what” at fifteen had him realising that he had a leaning towards the joys of mesh, lace and silk? But for the most part it's a sweet, sexy, softer kink, kind of read.

There’s quite a few manty changes throughout the story…at one time, as a gift from Eli, he even slips into a teeny tiny scrap of  leather with 'extra's'...big clue…we’re talking more Ann Summers than Victoria’s secrets here folks!! So, if you’re a lover of naughty but nice underwear, then Jack's the man to go to. To be honest I got quite jealous at some of the descriptions of his fancy manty panties and felt quite ashamed that most of his undie drawer put my Bridget Jones, everyday comfy’s to shame! And yes I do have a few skimpies of my own floating about somewhere…but that’s another story…

**Thinks** Damn! I must have a throw out and hit Marks & Spencer soon....

Part of 'The Secrets Collection', a set of four stories all connected by the theme of 'secrets'; Cheeky Hipsters and Jocks is a story you can happily pick up, when you have time to sit down for a relax, a cuppa, and a quick fun read.


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When all that was left were a couple of serving dishes, Elijah pressed his warm palms to Jack’s sides and squeezed his hipbones, stepping so close Jack felt the heat radiating off his chest. It made Jack’s breath catch, and he nearly dropped the gravy boat as it slipped from his grip. He somehow redirected it at the last minute so it sunk back into the water. He leaned against the countertop and grasped onto the sink ledge because he needed something to ground him or hold him up. Maybe both.

Elijah’s hot breath danced across Jack’s neck as he leaned in closer, whispering, “Are you wearing panties right now?”

Jack bit his lip as his body responded, nipples tightening again and dick rapidly filling. He tried to get lost in the monotony of his chore, grabbing the dishcloth and pretending to wipe down the counter but readily giving up the charade when Elijah pressed his lips to Jack’s neck.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked on an exhale that sounded far too eager.

Elijah rested his cheek against Jack’s head and whispered, “Imagining you in pink silk. Imagining that beautiful muscular ass straining the material.” Elijah squeezed Jack’s hips again before his thumbs took up small, circular caresses. “Imagining the sight of your cock behind the mesh of lace. Is that lace I feel under my fingertips right now?”

Jack chose to ignore the question and ask one of his own. “Are you even into men?” He wanted it to be true. He’d silently craved Elijah from the first moment he’d laid eyes on him.

“Not exclusively.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m… fluid.”


“Something like that. I like who I like.”

“And…. Me?”

“Fuck yeah. Are you…?”


“Mmm,” Elijah said as he slid his hands up Jack’s chest, over the fabric at first, but then diving into the loose, wide armholes of the tank top. He carefully thumbed over Jack’s nipples as if testing to see if Jack liked it or if he was too sensitive, and Jack couldn’t help arching his back in an attempt to get closer. The move forced his ass back too, where he felt the distinct shape and hardness of Elijah’s dick.

“Shit. You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” Jack asked.

“Yeah.” Elijah’s damp breaths cascaded across Jack’s overly sensitive skin. “It’s been hell trying not to stare at you these last few years.”

Jack let out a choked sound then asked, “Couch?”

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Connect with the Author

Posy Roberts writes about romantic male love. Whether her characters are family men, drag queens, or lonely men searching for connections, they all find a home in her stories.

Posy is married to a man who makes sure she doesn’t forget to eat or sleep; her daughter, a budding author and loyal Brony, helps her come up with character names. When Posy’s not writing, she enjoys crafting, hiking, and singing spontaneously about the mundane, just to make normal seem more interesting.


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The authors are giving away a $10 Amazon Voucher as part of the Secrets Collection blog tour. Please visit the rafflecopter to enter.


  1. Congratulations on your new release the book sounds like a lot of fun I'm adding it to my wish list.

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  2. Loved the first in this collection, can't wait to read this.

  3. Yum, this one sounds tailor-made for me! I wonder if it'll get into the whole "hockey garters = regular garters" issue. Hope so!!!


  4. Thanks for the lovely review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story!