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Review: Iron Angel (Elemental Reapers Book 1) S.A. Welsh

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Title ~ Iron Angel (Elemental Reapers #1)

Author ~ SA Welsh

Publisher ~ Extasy Books

Published ~ 22nd May 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Brett is a government scientist on the run because the people he works for want to use his research about realms and other worlds for their own gain. He escapes with the help of his uncle, only to find a man falling from the sky in a ball of flame and feathers after being shot down by the very people he himself is running from.
Iron is a warrior guardian to the rightful king of Angelum, but was forced to flee his home realm with his king after a coup for the throne. There is a bounty on his head and the last thing he needs is to be almost captured by the human military that want to cage and experiment on him.
Iron cannot resist the tempting human that saves him and, when they give in to the heat between them, they accidentally trigger the irrevocable mate bond. Both of them are running from something, but they may just discover that each of them is exactly what the other needs.

Liza’s Review

Brett was already running for his life when an angel drops at his feet. Badly injured, with a broken wing Iron remains unconscious as Brett tries to get him to safety and then tries to patch him up. A bit difficult when Brett had originally assumed Iron was first a bird who had landed on a person, or a hallucination brought on by his overheated radiator.

Iron was a warrior Angelus. He came from another realm. A realm that Brett understood because he was one of the scientists who had been given carte blanche to study alternative realms and crossover points. Unfortunately Brett's knowledge meant the government kept him a prisoner in his lab, but thanks to his Uncle Paul and some secret codes, he escaped.

There were some lovely scenes in this book - the wings, the no-need-for-lube aspect described as weird by both of them, the mind experiment and when Iron started worrying about all of the things that could happen to Brett just walking from one end of the cave to the other - totally classic and not something I had read about before.

Iron is not in the earth realm on his own and the rest of the metallic bunch were an interesting group. And there is so much humor in this book - dry, understated and absolutely hilarious. Like Platinum, the king, threatening the washing machine that stealing a sock was a death sentence. I’d love to know why Steel is so moody and Goldie was a delight. Uncle Paul is a man with secrets too and I hope we learn more about that in later books.

It's clear the main storyline is nowhere near over yet but it is a complete relationship story. Iron and Brett are happy but they still have a lot of work to do. I for one will be anxiously waiting for the next book.

Favorite Quote: [Iron] I'm sorry my bonded, my knees do not seem to understand that they need to hold me up."

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