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Release Day Review: An Omega's Heart (The Under Wolves #2) by Amber Kell


Title ~ An Omega's Heart (The Under Wolves #2)

Author ~ Amber Kell

Publisher ~ Totally Bound

Published ~ 22nd May 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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When everything is lost, the only thing left to fight for is love.
Conley Elnon has been abused most of his life. He agrees to help the War Council in uncovering a vampire mole in exchange for having the opportunity to find his family. When he meets his mate Jacob, he leaves him in order to track a mad bomber intent on taking out shifter camps.
Jacob refuses to let his mate escape. He’s waited too long to find his fated mate to let him leave before he’s had a chance to say little more than hello. When he finds his mate in the middle of vampire territory, Jacob has to use all his skills to help his mate figure out the truth between vampires and shifters and how they are responsible for what happened to Conley’s family.
Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Liza’s Review

Conley lives in a confusing world - well, a little confusing to the reader at first glance. This is book 2 in the series, and I haven't read book 1 so I am not sure if it would have made a difference if I had. Conley is on a job for the War Council - he's a shifter and the war is between shifters and vampires. Vampires had taken Conley's mother and younger brother (Van) and after his father had punched him and left him to die in a burning house, apparently Conley had decided the war had taken a personal turn, for him at least.

Conley is after a man called Denel, but Conley destroyed his cover by saving Kaden from someone else called Greg. Denel holds the key to where Conley's mother and brother might be held. In the middle of all his confusion, Conley meets a beta wolf, Jacob, who turns out to be his mate. Not what he was looking for. It didn't matter if the guy was built and gorgeous, Conley was busy. In the words of the author "He couldn't afford to be sidetracked".

The vampires in this book are not the pretty creatures seen in other books. In fact they sound like something out of a horror movie. I have always loved how Ms. Kell describes her characters and the vampires sound positively yuck. But then they are the bad guys in this story, so it's to be expected. Conley's just taken out a vampire when Jacob turns up - seems the man hadn't taken Conley's original rejection personally, which for Conley was a good thing. Jacob has some rather funny ideas about keeping Conley safe - this tickled me: “He'd walk behind Conley with a giant safety net for the rest of their lives if it would protect his reckless mate."

The two men do eventually get down to the claiming their mate side of things, but they go through a lot of hassle to get there. I'm not going to give away any more of the story line, but suffice to say it involves power crazy Alphas, more vampires and Conley's family.

I really wanted to love this book - I adore shifters. But I am guessing this book is not meant to be read as a standalone. I love Amber Kell's writing - her descriptions of characters in particular, and there were more than a few places where I laughed at the dialogue. Conley is very sassy for an Omega wolf. But for me, there was just something missing - the confusion of all the characters at the beginning - most of whom weren't explained by the end of the story, and the abrupt ending made me think that if this book had been twice as long, it would have been more than doubly good.

If you are a fan of gruesome vampires, more than a little violence, and sassy Omegas, then you will enjoy this book. As for me, I am going to hunt out book one of the series, because I seriously think I need to read that one first.

Favorite Quote: No biting or marking of their mate made Jacob's wolf a cranky creature.

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  1. I love Amber Kell, but I shy away from starting a series in the middle. The Under Wolves series book 1, A GAMMA'S CHOICE is a real stinker to find. here's an Amazon link if you're interested. Judy