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Firebird by Pelaam : Review

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Title ~ Firebird

Author ~ Pelaam

Publisher ~ Totally Bound

Published ~ 30th April 2013

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance, Fantasy



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Cassian is the bait when his Monarch wants to trap a Firebird. Are Firebirds beasts, or will Cassian discover that real monsters exist closer to home?

Palace scribe Cassian is stunned when he’s called before his ruler, Great Monarch Maurus, to be the bait for trapping a Firebird—a dangerous predator and a beast of legend that lives high in the mountains of his country’s border. 

As he climbs a mountain, Cassian is injured, but a Firebird rescues him. Cassian discovers that Firebirds are not animals. Instead, he uncovers Arturri, an intelligent being from another world, living as a castaway. But Cassian is helpless to prevent Arturri’s capture by Maurus’ dangerous and evil head of security, Phrixus.

When the secret beneath the palace is revealed, Maurus is more monstrous than even Cassian ever imagined. Who can Cassian trust? Can he save not only Arturri, but also the other prisoners of Maurus?

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of attempted rape and sexual abuse.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

Liza’s Review

Cassian is a palace scribe, not by choice. Trying to keep his head down and just do his job, he is stunned when he is called before the ruler, King Maurus. Knowing that nothing good could come from such a meeting, Cassian goes, and learns that he is to be used as bait to trap an elusive firebird.

Arturri is one of the firebirds the King is trying to catch. He helps Cassian when the scribe is hurt, but Arturri knows the smaller man is lying about why he was in the mountains in the first place and that causes problems between them. Over the few days that Cassian has been allowed, the two men develop a bond, but when Cassian goes back, Arturri is captured.

This is an unusual world yet the author makes it so easy to follow. Some of the scenes were uncomfortable to read, but that is because Pelaam writes such vivid prose. Cassian and Arturri live in harsh times, where everyone is a prisoner of one form or another and the cruelty expressed by the guards was...nasty.

The children that Cassian finds are a delightful surprise. As I continued reading I was reminded of old time Cold War stories where men would run desperately for a neighboring border in the hopes of freedom. Freedom is something Arturri not only wants, but needs, otherwise he will die and Cassian is determined to get it for him.

This is not a pretty tale, or a sweet romance, but I got caught up in wanting so much for Cassian and Arturri to be safe. The flying scene in the epilogue was beautiful and the few love scenes between the two men were sensual and hot. Highly recommended.

Favorite Quote: [Arturri]

“I will do as you say, for your sake. You are my reason to live. With my mate at my side, I may survive the loss of my wings. I could never survive losing you."


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