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Blog Tour: Closing the Loop by Jane Davitt with Guest Post & Giveaway

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We are delighted to welcome the lovely Jane Davitt to Sinfully today, she’s popped in to chat about her new book Closing the Loop which was released on the 25th May. You also have the chance to win a signed print copy of her book Lucky Strike by leaving a comment on this post.

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A Word from Jane Davitt

A recurrent theme in ‘Closing the Loop’ my story about a couple who meet on a gay cruise under less than ideal circumstances, is trust.

It’s mentioned first by an unlikely source; Lee’s soon-to-be-ex boyfriend Ryan. This is a man who epitomizes untrustworthy, but there’s something sublime about his reasoning when he suggests to a stunned Lee that they sleep around on the cruise but do it openly.

Lee found his voice. “Ryan, I’m not okay with this. You’ve been my boyfriend for nearly three years. We live together for God’s sake.”

Ryan dropped to his knees by Lee’s chair, the movement smooth, graceful. “And that’s why we can do this without worrying. We’re solid. We can take a time out and when we get off the boat, ship, whatever, it’ll be like it was before, except we’ll have some happy memories.” He flashed Lee a sparkling smile, freshly whitened teeth on display. “If I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting this, believe me, babe.”

“If you didn’t trust me?” Lee shoved his chair back and stood, leaving Ryan on his knees looking ridiculous. “You twisted piece of shit, how dare you make this into a fucking compliment?”

Ryan, as Lee and the reader soon discover, has already been unfaithful and Lee has no hesitation in ending their relationship. He’s learned a lesson in trust and discovered his judgment, when it came to Ryan at least was faulty.

It leaves him wary of a new relationship, understandably so. On board, even before Lee gets close to Cole, he’s suspicious:

After that, he lingered, eavesdropping without guilt. This wasn’t curiosity, but caution. There’d been something weird about Cole’s evident need to speak privately to Duke. And the emphasis on Duke’s willingness to be accommodating raised a flag or two. Couldn’t be sex. The crew members were off limits and Duke wasn’t necessarily gay. Drugs? Possible, but risky.

Then when Lee’s acted on his attraction, matters get to the point where everything points to Cole being another Ryan.

“Who the hell is he?”

Cole stepped back, making space between them. “I don’t owe you an explanation.”

“Yeah, actually you do.”

“If I asked you to trust Justin has nothing to do with us and I’d like to build on what we started last night—”

“I’d say I’d like that too but I don’t know you well enough to tell when you’re lying. And I’m not interested in a threesome.”

At this point, Lee’s justified in giving up and moving on – but he doesn’t. Instinct tells him that all evidence to the contrary, Cole’s worth trusting,

And when he and Cole take things in a kinkier direction than either of them is used to, trust comes into it again.

“Start. Stop. You don’t seem to know what you want.” Cole gripped the leash under the collar ring and brought their mouths the width of a pout apart. “Suppose we keep it simple. You want whatever I want. You want to please me. You want to be my good boy. Well?”

So fucking fragile, this moment. He could shatter it with a joke or a self-conscious laugh. But he trusted Cole to keep him safe inside this bubble. And he knew why he’d never played like this with Ryan. Ryan would’ve gone along if he was in the mood, then mocked him later, and told their friends about it. Made him look stupid.

Even after Lee discovers Cole’s secret, there’s another hurdle to face – separation.

He missed Cole. Trustworthy, kind, hotter than the sun Cole. His for a few short days. And he wondered if that Cole was an illusion.

Love is blind? Maybe. But trust involves seeing clearly. And that Lee can and does trust Cole given everything that transpires in the story says a lot about both men and the strength of their relationship.



Closing the Loop by Jane Davitt


Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 25th May 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Kink.


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A “closed loop” voyage occurs when a vessel departs from a port and returns to the same port upon completion of the voyage.
A week on a tropical gay cruise is just what Lee needs after a bad breakup and a Canadian winter. It’s a shame his ex is on board, but Lee is sharing a cabin with Cole, a hot lawyer who—as luck would have it—is actually from Lee’s city. So when Cole unexpectedly awakens Lee’s kinky side, Lee begins to dream that they can actually take their shipboard romance home with them.
But Cole is keeping secrets involving a troubled young man on board the ship. And Lee, after his recent brush with betrayal, finds it difficult to trust Cole when he says Justin isn’t a rival.
Then he learns the truth and is also drawn into the tragic story. His dream vacation is in danger of turning dark, but he’s determined to navigate Cole and himself to a safe harbor before their blisteringly hot romance is lost at sea.
Word count: 39,800; page count: 153


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Meet Jane Davitt

Jane Davitt is English, and has been living in Canada with her husband, two children, and two cats, since 1997. Writing and reading are her main occupations but if she ever had any spare time she might spend it gardening, walking, or doing cross stitch. She's recently taken up yoga and loves discovering her ability to bend.
Jane has been writing since 2002 and wishes she'd started earlier. She is a huge fan of SF, fantasy, erotica, and mystery novels and has a tendency to get addicted to TV shows that get cancelled all too soon.
She owns over 4,000 books, rarely gives any away, but is happy to loan them, and is of the firm opinion that there is no such thing as 'too many books'.




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