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An Unforgettable Bite (A Loving Nip Book 3) by Charlie Richards : Review

Title ~ An Unforgettable Bite

Author ~ Charlie Richards

Publisher ~ eXtasy Books

Published ~ 8th May 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Nathan Hanson is still working through the recent changes to his life. When he walks away from Diana, his long-time girlfriend, he comes out to his father, Owen. To his surprise, he learns that Owen is gay, too. Unfortunately, Diana doesn’t want to move on. When she continues to call him, Nathan changes his phone number. Next, she starts dropping by his work, so he gives her description to his work’s lot security, asking them to keep her out. Nathan even moves into an apartment on the far side of town, near to where his father now lives, but sometimes he still feels like he’s being watched.
When Nathan finally gets up the courage and accompanies a few friends to a gay bar, he just wants to have a little mindless fun to take his mind off his problems…and maybe, finally act on his desires for another man. There, he meets Lexington Paistro, who is handsome, sexy, and into Nathan. He’s also a vampire. Having learned of paranormals when his father bonded with one, it’s not the biting that Nathan fears. It’s the possessiveness. He’s still trying to extricate himself from a woman who thinks she owns him. Will Lexington behave the same way?

Liza’s Review

Nathan wasn’t comfortable being gay, even if he couldn’t deny that he was. He worked in a lumberyard, he’d had a girlfriend for five years, and was still to pop his gay cherry. But since he’d found out that vampires existed, thanks to his father of all people, Nathan had made a few changes in his life and going to a gay bar seemed like the next best step. But first he had to get past his ex, who apparently keeps trying to bump into him. Fortunately he has friends like Peter, who is absolutely adorable.

Obviously I’m the one polishing this man’s sexy nob.

Lex is tall, blond and drool-worthy. He also works for the Vampire Council. He’d watched his friends find their beloved, and despaired of ever finding his own. But when he catches sight of Nathan at the gay bar, he started to think his luck had changed. After spending years trying to respond to his female ex, to say that Lex was overwhelming to Nathan was an understatement.

This is what attraction is supposed to feel like…overwhelming and powerful. Being the big spoon is damned overrated.

Unfortunately of course Lex had a job to do, and he hadn’t told Nathan that he was a vampire. Nathan had already spent five years being controlled by his girlfriend and when he found out what Lex was he did freak out a bit. He knew vampires were controlling and possessive and he didn’t know if he could cope living like that.

The secondary characters in this book were great. I felt so sorry for Brock and Peter was too adorable for words. I caught a glimpse of Vince and his mate, and Sebastian and his, from previous books – don’t worry this book is fine as a standalone, but because I had read the other books it was nice to see the couples. Diana, the ex, was a problem of course – a complete psychopath who wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was hard to feel anything for her at all as she gives females a bad name.

The story ended a little abruptly – I would have liked to have read more and the underlying theme of someone capturing vampires and turning them into almost zombies is something I sure hope Ms. Richards addresses in future books. Overall this was a good, quick read. The sex was hot, the attraction instant and the future looked bright for Nathan and Lex. Hopefully I will catch more of them later.


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