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A Cheap Racket by Syd McGinley

a cheap Racket

Title ~ A Cheap Racket

Author ~ Syd McGinley

Publisher ~ Torquere Press

Published ~ 1st April 2015

Genre ~ MM Contemporary Romance



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Tim is a cute, wholesome, tennis playing "nephew" for well-off retirees, but he wants to retire as soon as he has a nest egg. His plans are shaken up when he learns a corrupt nursing home is abusing some of his clients' impoverished friends. Along with his friend, Cal, and his favorite "uncle," Tim hatches a plan to destroy The Pines. His papa bear suitor, Ari, is patiently waiting for Tim to quit and enthusiastically joins in with Tim's plans -- both smutty and altruistic!

Liza’s Review

Tim is a hooker, a good one, with a solid business head who is determined to get his teeth fixed and put some decent money away so he can enjoy the rest of his life. He understands that his body won't last forever so he is determined to get as much money out of it as he can. He has good friends - Cal who is his roommate and lives off a small trust fund, and Ari who is a bear in every sense of the word and who is happy to put the frighteners on clients that might get the wrong idea.

After doing a favor for Mr. M, Tim gets the man to put the word out that he was happy to visit retired gents in old folk’s homes, using the ruse of being a nephew. Mr. M gets his services for free and Tim has more work than he can handle. Cal, who had always been distrustful of Tim's work, got on really well with Mr. M (also known as Otis) and they decide to try and do something about the shocking conditions in the retirement home that Tim had first visited.

While Tim is quite a character, to me it was Ari that carried this book. He had loved Tim for years, and yet patiently waited, letting Tim make his money, but making the point that one day Tim would be his - exclusively. Yes, there's a BDSM vibe in there, but don't let it dissuade you from reading the book.

Syd McGinley is a new author for me, and while I was a little uncomfortable with the amount of sex Tim had, while in a sort-of relationship with Ari, it was all very believable. The book itself was lighthearted, even though it did deal with the real problem of elder abuse, and I was smiling by the end of it. My only problem was that Cal really did come across as being a bit of a dick, and I was still thinking that at the end of the story. I would have liked to hear him say something that would reconcile the fact that he was Tim's friend, but was actually quite horrible to him at times.

Favorite Quote:

[Tim] I knew there'd be drama! It's so much easier just to pay for a fuck.


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