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Shifting Cargo (Shifting Paradigm 3) by Tina Blenke

Shifting Cargo

Title ~ Shifting Cargo

Author ~ Tina Blenke

Publisher ~ eXtasy Books

Published ~ 7th April 2015

Genre ~ MM Paranormal romance



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Ramey’s world is shattered when his brother dies suddenly. He tries to go through the motions, day by agonizing day, doing the best that he can at his job, but it’s not enough. Months of depression escalates into alcohol use and drug abuse to numb the pain. For the past year, he’s been dreading meeting with his lawyer and accepting his brother’s death. The pain becomes too much to bear and Ramey is caught with cocaine at work and fired immediately.
When he hits rock bottom, he realizes that he’s disrespecting his brother’s memory and checks himself into rehab with the help of an unlikely friend.
Londyn’s life is perfect living as a wolf Shifter in the Pack Lands. He’s been working in the family business and happy living in his cabin in the woods. Londyn has high expectations for the perfect mate to make his life complete.
Can Ramey accept his destiny as a Shifter’s mate? And is his love for the wolf Shifter worth leaving behind the demons and the only world he’s ever known?

Liza’s Review

Ramey's life had been going fine until the death of his brother. Then, in the space of a year he had lost his home, his job and when his car dies on the side of the road it was almost as though it was the very last straw. Hobbling to The Desert Oasis he meets Londyn who proves to be a savior in more ways than one.

The book is a little hard to follow at the beginning as it is written in a series of flashbacks from present day, back to the year before, when Ramey's brother died. Although the author has clearly marked each chapter as to the time period, I found it a bit disjointing, although it was good that Ms. Blenke provided so much detail for why Ramey was in such a state when Londyn found him. Finding out he was Londyn's mate was the icing on a fruit cake of a day.

Just when Ramey didn't think the man's smile could get any brighter, the blond Shifter beamed, flashing white teeth, and those bright blue eyes twinkled. They honestly fucking twinkled with happiness. Ramey was truly fucked.

Yes, Londyn is a shifter, and it seems in this world humans know about them, but they are not usually liked very much. Londyn has spent most of his life living on pack lands, and doesn't know a lot about how humans live. But that really doesn't matter because Ramey is fast falling in love with Londyn's life and Londyn himself.

The story is very sweet and focuses mostly on the two men themselves, but a lot of the book was explanatory passages and I found that frustrating after a while. The men fall in love before they go to bed together, which was old fashioned, but nice. I would have also liked to have learned more about Londyn's point of view, but the book is written from Ramey's viewpoint only.

Favorite Quote:

I've been ready to meet you since I was taking training wheels off my bike.

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Connect with the Author

Tina is a retired Air Force brat and has lived in several states as well as a handful of countries. She has always had a soft spot for literature and is a voracious reader. When she isn’t writing, she can be found cuddled up with a good book. Though Tina adores a thrilling novel with sappy lovesick heroes, she is terrified of things that go bump in the night. This makes for quite a complicated relationship with zombies, something that she just can’t get enough of.


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