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☆ COVER REVEAL ☆ A Good Family Man by Thianna Durston with Excerpt & Giveaway

Cover Reveal TD


A Good Family Man by Thianna Durston


Release Date: August 6, 2015

Series: Corbin’s Bend

Book: Season Three, Book 8
(This is the first M/M book of the series)

Publisher: Blushing Books

Cover Artist: Anthony Walsh

Pages: 150 pages

Categories: BDSM, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

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Jack Carmichael’s natural instinct is to take care of people. In his job as a U.S. Marshal, he has done that for 25 years. Unfortunately, being married to his job has left his love life in tatters. Now classified unfit for duty, he retires and comes home to Colorado to figure things out. Dominant and used to taking control like his brother Brent, he has never been interested in spanking. Until a cute Nurse Practitioner catches his attention.

Josh Martin feels lucky. He's not only accepted into Corbin's Bend, but he'll be working at the brand new Corbin's Bend Medical Clinic as its only Nurse Practitioner. At thirty-two, he figures this is his last-ditch attempt at finding a dominant partner who isn't abusive. He finds more than his share of dominant men in Corbin's Bend, not the least of which are the Carmichael brothers. Brent's dominance is both comforting and unnerving, Jack's turns him on.

Josh is unlike any submissive male Jack has encountered and when the younger man asks him out, he decides to give it a go. One day of fun turns into two, three...until Jack, with more failed relationships than he can count in his past and unsure he can be the head of house Josh needs, leaves, burying himself once again in work. Forced to see the error of his decision, he puts aside the worries that have plagued him for months and returns to Corbin’s Bend. To become the good family man he wants to be, he has to earn back Josh’s trust and truly take on a role he’s never considered before: head of a loving discipline household.



Hell, the man was good looking as it was, but with what he was wearing, he should be illegal. He looked like one of those sexy cowboy posters dressed in dark black jeans with a dark red button down shirt and a cowboy hat on. No, he couldn’t fault them, but he could show them who Jack was with.

Hopping out of his car and locking it, he quickly strode forward just as three women who looked to be headed toward Phil’s paused and stalked toward Jack. “I’m here!” he called to get his date’s notice. As Jack turned to look at him, a wonderfully feral smile that was also somehow warm crossed the man’s face and he straightened up and took a step toward him. Instantly all three women pouted, though none of them walked away yet.

Josh paused as Jack’s eyes travelled down his body, his feral smile increasing. A whooshing filled his ears as his heartbeat took off and at this moment, Josh hoped the man would devour him then and there. Fuck Phil’s. He had lube.



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