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Shaken Up by Nicole Forcine


Title ~ Shaken Up

Author ~ Nicole Forcine

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Due for Release ~ 25th February 2015

Genre ~ M/M Romance, BDSM.



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Tim Myers is the flamboyant and overly fastidious owner of the adult shop Little Earthquakes. In his spare time, he moonlights as a sub for his friend's BDSM classes, and while he'd love to find a Dom to cater to his domestic servitude kink, he's wary of exposing his body and his heart. When Jae Seong comes into Tim’s shop and asks him for help with a wax play demo, Tim is turned off by the idea. Jae is nothing if not persistent, though. He’s a skilled Dom and soon finds out why Tim is so protective of his body, his neck, and his heart. Over a series of play dates, the two grow close, and it dawns on Tim that he might be looking at a match made for collaring.

Liza’s Review

Timothy (Tim) is the owner of Little Earthquakes, a strangely named (or not, depending on how you think about it) adult sex shop. He's gay, has no problems talking to men and women alike about sex and is really proud of his little place. Then Jae walks in with scruffy Asian features [that] made him look like one of those Japanese corporate gangsters in the dirty gay comic books, but any initial attraction Tim might have felt sinks, the moment the man opens his mouth.

Jae has been given Tim's name because for a very few select group of people, Tim will sub for them. Tim doesn't like that sort of thing being public knowledge because it meant that any Dom who walked into his shop was going to assume he would fall to his knees and Tim is not that type of guy. Tim definitely wasn't looking for a permanent Master, he had been hurt badly before, and not in the good Dom/sub way. But Jae looked at Tim as though the boy was already his, and Tim was starting to cave.

He looked like a mewler.

I really liked the idea of Doms needing aftercare. Most books focus on subs needing all the care and Doms are the all-knowing, all powerful ones. But this book highlighted that Doms can get nervous and can make mistakes as well, which was a really great twist. I also liked that Jae was so caring of Tim, and that Tim was just as caring in return. The book wasn’t long enough for us to see much of how the two men interacted once they got together permanently, but there were enough hints in the last chapter to show how much of a difference Jae had made to Tim’s life.

Overall this book would be lovely and sweet for anyone who loves reading the M/M genre. Yes, it has BDSM elements, wax play and a slapping scene, but they are so well written that you are almost forced to recognize the trust and intimacy that those types of scenes portray. I don’t think anyone would be immune to the emotions that this author can create with a few well-crafted words, and I hope you will give this book a try.

Favorite Quote:

There's a box of death panties in the back. Please go make them not kill me.

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  1. This looks intriguing. Think I'll give it a go. :)

    1. I have read and love this one too... it's a sweet story ;)