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Inhertitance (Dominion #1) by Lissa Kasey Book Blast with Excerpt & Giveaway

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Inhertitance (Dominion #1) by Lissa Kasey


Release Date ~ 3rd March 2015

Genre ~ Alternate Universe, Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Cover Artist ~ Simone Hendricks

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Seiran Rou's life is complicated—he's the only male in the world allowed to take magic classes in a female-dominant society, his vampire boyfriend, Gabe, is hinting that he wants more, and his mother is demanding a grandchild. But when a co-worker turns up dead on his doorstep, Seiran realizes his problems are only beginning.

With the police dogging his steps, a stalker-like bartender watching his every move, and a magic groupie following him around, Seiran is finding it hard to hide his power—a power that if revealed could get him killed. The Dominion, the ruling body of elemental magic, seems to have started a deadly game to control the rare magic he possesses.

Someone is pulling strings, murdering witches, and gathering power. When Seiran finds himself next on the hit list, he doesn’t know whether to run and hide or prove himself to be the powerful witch he is. If he stands up and fights, he’ll have to decide what is more important—hiding his power or protecting the ones he loves.

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Professor Wrig gestured to the stump. “Seiran, if you will demonstrate, please?”

Rose looked like she’d swallowed a lemon. “I can show them how it’s done, Professor,” she said.

“I’m sure you can, Miss Pewette. However, I already asked Mr. Rou.”

I took a deep breath and stepped up to the stump, wondering if I was allowed to actually focus with the earth this time. “Can I kneel?” I asked Wrig quietly.

“Whatever you feel is necessary.”

I knelt and waited for instructions.

Professor Wrig explained, “As Mr. Rou is showing you, he is putting himself in close contact with his element. He will be pulling power from the earth. Should he accidentally pull too much, he can give it back without causing damage to us or the surrounding area. He will take the time he needs to focus his power, and then he will place his hands to the stump. All witches with a measurable level will make something grow. A level one will produce moss or ivy. A level two will create flowers or even a small bud of a new tree. His level is set by what grows. Whenever you’re ready, Seiran.”

“Try not to kill any of us,” Rose sneered from behind me.

I sighed, closed my eyes, and left all their scattered whispering behind. It didn’t matter that Rose didn’t shut up or that Blond Hair looked at me like he was imagining what sex with me would be like. The earth and I knew each other well. I let it flow through me, like I was nothing more than a pebble in a lake to be shaped and guided by it. Each breath brought renewed life. I set my hands to the stump, remembering the last time, when I’d made wildflowers burst forth from the dead tree. This time I didn’t even look. The earth would grow what it wanted to with me as its conduit.

The power flowed through me in natural peaks and waves. The crowd gasped. The wood shifted and moved beneath my hands. I let the earth move as it wanted until the final wave subsided. Letting go, I opened my eyes and stared at a giant oak tree, leaves growing to a rich, vibrant green. No wildflowers this time. I smiled at the tree and patted its strong, new trunk, which split the old stump in half.

“Very good, Mr. Rou,” Professor Wrig told me. She offered me a hand up. I stood, dusted off my pants, and went to the back of the line. “Next,” she said.

And so began the testing.


Meet the Author

Lissa Kasey lives in St. Paul, MN, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, and collects Asian Ball Joint Dolls who look like her characters. She has three cats that enjoy waking her up an hour before her alarm every morning and sitting on her lap to help her write. She can often be found at Anime Conventions masquerading as random characters when she's not writing about boy romance.




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  1. I think with all that power at my disposal I would be a bit of a mischievous witch.... But good at heart ;)

  2. Good, it's too much trouble to be truly bad.

  3. I'd be a good witch, because I'm too lazy to be a bad one. :p

  4. I'd be a good witch.. the world has enough bad stuff, no need to add to it :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would love to be a witch but I think I would be a good witch

  6. I just don't see it in me to be a bad witch

  7. A little of both. I guess it'll depend on the mood I'm in

  8. Uwahh~ So excited to get this re-release. lol
    And.. hmm, I would try to be a good witch.. but sometimes things are always black and white.. so I guess my correct answer would be I would be a witch trying hard to be good. lol..

    1. **CORRECTION!!
      ...but sometimes things aren't---AREN'T-- always.. lol..

  9. I'd be a good witch, though I might be vengeful to those I feel have wronged me or my loved ones!


  10. We-e-e-ellll, I am a witch, you see. A Wiccan witch. Which makes me a good witch. I've been a witch for about forty years, and my husband and children are all witches, too. And geeks. We're all geeks, as well. My brand new grandson will be raised Wiccan, so he may someday be a witch, too. Which is fine with me. ;-)

    As for good or bad, the number one rule when you're Wiccan is that, so long as you harm none, do as you will. There are two important parts to that law. First, harm none, because our other rule is that everything you do comes back to you times three. It's called the Rule of Three, for simplicity's sake. Second, magic = will. It's your will that makes it work, your visualization, your connection to nature and deity that powers everything you do. And there's a lot of new-agey stuff that goes along with it, but that's it in a nutshell.

    So for a Wiccan, there is no choice between being a good witch or a bad witch. If you choose to do bad things, you have failed to be a Wiccan, and amassed a pretty impressive karmic debt along the way.

  11. Most of the time I would be a good witch but every once in a while I would be a little bit bad.

  12. I would be a good witch but if evil is after my family I would be evil to

  13. A bad one to get back at my enemies.

  14. A good Witch but I would be bad if I needed to be.

  15. I'd try to be good, but maybe the powers will corrupt.

  16. A good witch, but I may or may not use some of my magic for selfish reasons. ;)

  17. I would be a Grey witch. There are a few bullies from my tortured past that I'd love to get even with. Otherwise, I'd use my powers responsibly.

  18. I think if I were a witch I would go back and forth being good and bad.

  19. If I were a witch I would be a good witch and use my power for good.

  20. Just like everybody a good witch