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Fire and Rain (The Way Back #2) by Carter Quinn ~ Review, Guest Post and Giveaway


Fancy an evening at a night club? With Carter Quinn’s book Fire & Rain (The Way Back #2) we get to know Eric’s story. Now working in a night club he actually redeems himself in Mark’s eyes. Why? Then check out Mark’s review

Carter is with us and tells us where he gets his ideas and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.



The question writers get more often than any other is “Where do you get your ideas?” I’ve always thought it was an unanswerable question. Seriously, these things just pop into our heads. Sometimes they’re fully formed and ready for paper. More often they’re what I think of as vague balls of energy that require concentration and examination to give them shape.

The Way Back was the former. Fire & Rain was the latter. Going in, I only knew that Eric needed two things: to fall in love, and to reconcile with his brother Jason. Immediately the catalyst for Eric and Jason's resolution came to me, but Eric's love was as elusive for me as he was for him. Could he be Travis? Jeremiah? Trey? One of those horrific dates? No. None of them were right. Eric was getting irritated. I was getting frustrated. Then I heard Johnny smart off to Eric and suddenly everything slid into place. The fuzzy orb had shape and depth.

The crazy thing is I wasn’t even thinking about the story when Johnny’s voice echoed through my brain. I was taking a shower. Which is where I was when Avery first whispered to me. And when Henry figured out that Tom had disappeared. And when Trick told me what he’s going to do to Nate soon (talk about distracting!).

So I guess the answer to the unanswerable question is pretty damn simple: The shower.


Fire & Rain (The Way Back #2) by Carter Quinn


Title: Fire & Rain

Author: Carter Quinn

Publisher: Self-Published

Release: 27th January 2015

Genre: M/M (contemporary)


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Eric Walker has learned hard lessons from his past. He’s no longer the alcoholic husband hiding in the closet. He’s no longer the guy who tried to steal his brother’s boyfriend. He has two items on his agenda: fix his relationship with his brother, Jason, and find his own soul mate. But when it comes to relationships, Eric's track record looks more like a train wreck. He craves intimacy almost as much as he fears reverting to his old ways.
Johnny Osborne has watched Eric mature over the last year and a half and has fallen in love with him in the process. He's tried being patient, but it’s gotten him nowhere. No matter how many disastrous blind dates Johnny sets Eric up on, Eric seems determined to consider everyone but the man who’s been right in front of him all along.
Eric and Johnny aren't the only ones struggling with their emotions. After his apartment burns down, their coworker, Travis, can't choose between the guy he’s been crushing on for months and the guy he’s afraid to love. He seems determined to re-enact every blunder of Eric’s past. Will Travis learn from Eric's mistakes before the man who loves him walks away for good? Will Eric ever see that best friends make the best lovers?

Mark’s Review

This is Eric's story and starts after he left under a cloud in the last book (The Way Back) and picks up before the epilogue in the previous book. We learn the events that led him to come back and desperately smooth everything out between him and his brother Jason. I found this to be a great segue between the two books and rounds off the previous book perfectly. We get Eric's side of the story and just like in real life where every story has two sides here we are presented with a completely different Eric. We get to understand him more and the background of what his intentions were from the first book. In the first book we see him as primarily Riley's but also Jason's relationship nemesis but here we learn how he is really trying to make amends for all his mistakes in the past and why he is now a much better person for it. He is not the old Eric anymore that Riley and Jason once knew.

He is now working at a Night Club called MO's as the bar manager and loves his job. I thought this was a little funny as Eric being a recovering alcoholic working as a bar manager must have really been putting temptation in the way. But I guess if nothing else it will only steel your wool to make sure you don't get back on the wagon. His best friend, Johnny, is an ex drag queen and the entertainments manager who is constantly fixing Eric up on blind dates that always go disastrously wrong. I loved Johnny as a character, great sense of sassy humour, upbeat and always positive, but underneath a very caring and understanding person. Loved him! The disastrous dating antics of Eric also become a huge source of fun among the staff he manages, but all meant in good humour.

I must admit if I had Eric as a boss I would be delighted. He really cares and takes care of his staff and their needs. Although he came across for me at times as a bit of a father figure for the younger members but Eric is only very early thirties and his staff early twenties so from where I'm sitting early thirties is also young, believe me. Eric has had enough with shagging around and one-night-stands and is determined to find someone for a long lasting and meaningful relationship but this is proving to be a little more difficult than he thought. However, this time he is determined to wait until he finds The One. I could so understand this longing, one-night-stands are probably easy enough to come by but not satisfying in the long run. I feel everyone is looking for that one person to share their lives with and not just leave after breakfast the following morning. However, I got the feeling with Eric when you’re trying too hard then it’s never the way either. These things just happen and trying to hard meant that the attentions of another certain someone wasn't being picked up on. I just wanted to tell him to relax and stop trying to be so desperate in trying to find someone.

He is out one night and while he is partying with his colleagues disaster strikes where it is feared that one of his staff may have lost his life. This is what tips him over the edge with grief and makes him revalue his relationship with his brother Jason. Hence he visits Jason and Riley (prologue from the first book) as I said a brilliant joining of both books. I just loved the fact that he has now mended his bridges with Jason and Riley which in some way lets him now move on and look forward to the future.

He is still looking for The One though however the answer is really  staring him in the face all the time. In any relationship you have to be friends and lovers so if you already have a good friend then in this case the writing is on the wall really. However, the question is do you cross that line or not? Do you risk losing that friendship by it turning into more? I could so feel for all Eric and all the second guessing that goes on, but if there is second guessing going on on his behalf then it must be happening for Johnny too. I also found Eric's doubts about himself being able to be in a long last relationship due to his horrendous track record of relationships in the past. He needs someone like Johnny to except that he is a different person now than to what he was and sees him for who is today. I was willing him on all the way just to get over this, put the past behind him and look forward to the future. Well, with Johnny who couldn't feel secure. The man is just adorable!

Teaser FandR final

This book was quite a cathartic read for me after the first one. It purged me of all my prejudices I had for Riley in the first book and made me like him and appreciate him. Books where you see characters, grow, mature, moving on from horrible pasts even if of their own making get me wanting to support and encourage them too. By the end of the book I was so delighted to see Eric get the HEA that he has been looking for for so long. It was wonderful. A thoroughly entertaining read and one which for me is most definitely a character driven story. I really got invested into wanting Eric to achieve his ultimate goal of finding happiness.


About the Author

Carter Quinn was born and raised in a very small Western Kansas town where cattle vastly outnumber humans. He began spinning tales in fourth grade. After high school, he shelved his creativity in favor of a career. Now that he knows gay fiction doesn’t have to be depressing, he’s told Corporate America to kiss his books. Carter lives in the Denver area, near his beloved Colorado Avalanche.

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