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Run With The Moon (Book One Valen's Pack) By Bailey Bradford.

Run with the MoonTitle ~ Run with the Moon (Book One Valen’s Pack)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Totally Bound Publishing

Published ~ 5th February 2015

Genre ~ MM Paranormal Romance



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Two species that have always kept themselves separated are about to collide and create a new world.
Humanity almost managed to do itself in. Ravaged by wars and plagues, the human population on earth has been bordering on extinction, although pockets of people have been forging on over the past few hundred years. It’s a hard life, and one Aaron Olsen fears he doesn’t fit into. As a son of a village leader, there are pressures on him he can’t manage, and things he keeps hidden, desires he doesn’t know how to express that keep him up many nights as he worries over them.
Valen is an alpha, born with the crescent moon mark on his chest. It means he’ll have to leave the pack he was born and raised in. It is the way of the wolf, and the only way to prevent it is to fight his father. Valen has no intention of doing such a dishonorable thing. He leaves as he’s supposed to, only to find himself the victim of thievery. When he hunts down the party responsible for stealing his belongings, Valen finds himself attracted to the human Aaron Olsen.
Now, if they can only survive their own pride and insecurities, and an attack that threatens everything they love, they just might have a chance at happiness in Valen’s Pack.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM.

Liza’s Review

Set in the future, on an earth where most humans are dead through disease and war, shifters have survived. Valen is marked as an Alpha wolf and rather than challenge his father, when the time comes he leaves his pack. Valen hadn't wanted to leave, he had loved his home, but it was the way of his kind.

The taste of fresh water filled him with a strange melancholy. He knew it was the same stream that became a river on his father's lands...He closed his eyes and thought he could taste home.

Aaron is human. He's heard about shifters, but only horror stories. Being one of a limited number of humans, there are expectations placed on Aaron that unfortunately for him, don't jibe with his own feelings and desires. The fact that he had never acted on those desires was irrelevant. When he first meets Valen, after stealing the man's bag, his arousal shoots through the roof.

Aaron gasped as Valen slid back an inch. It wasn't much, just enough so that Valen's buttocks pressed against the bulge of Aaron's erection.

"I could be wrong, but I don't think he's hating you, Valen," Rivvie said from somewhere off to the right. "Then again, humans are weird, so what do I know?"

Aaron wants to deny the attraction, but it is really difficult. Humans have had it hard since the end of times and the way the author paints a picture of the struggles humans had to simply survive every day, reminded me of medieval times. He is well aware of the rules that his village has set for them all, and one of them includes no sex except for procreation. Valen threatens all that he has ever been brought up with.

Rivvie, Valen's brother, is an annoying, chirpy, nuisance. His babbling, especially early in the book set my teeth on edge and I could see how he could drive any Alpha to distraction. But he provides such a comic side kick to Valen's dourer manner, that his inclusion is a welcome addition to the book. I'd love to hear how he gets on with Matthew too. Other secondary characters like Aaron's parents and the Shaman are all fully fledged characters in their own right and create a balance in the story.

A deeper side of this story is the things people will do to survive. As in our modern day, some people work hard and live good lives, while others try to take from those that have succeeded. When life is one struggle for survival after another it is hard sometimes for people to retain their moral compass. This book explored those themes in a unique and entertaining way.

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Meet The Author~Bailey Bradford

A few things about me...
I am a married mom of four who spends most of the day writing, either on stories or at the blog. I love to write as much as I love to read. I am generally quiet and laid back, choosing to let things slide off me rather than stick and irritate me.
And it's really hard trying to think of descriptives for myself, so I'll just let y'all e-mail me or comment at the blog if there's something specific you'd like to know, and spare you from reading a boring bio:D


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