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Nyx’s Pixie (A Dragon’s Treasure) by K.M. Mahoney


Title ~ Nyx’s Pixie (A Dragon’s Treasure)

Author ~ K.M. Mahoney

Publisher ~ Totally Bound Publishing

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Sometimes big things come in small packages.
Nyx has found a possible mate, but he’s pretty certain Fate made a mistake. Not only is his mate working in a brothel, which is playing merry hell with Nyx’s possessive side, he’s also a Pixie. Pol is small and delicate, and Nyx is certain he would break the poor man within a week. Nyx will just wait until the next candidate comes around. The fact that this is the first potential mate he’s come across in several hundred years is, of course, beside the point. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Nyx tries, he can’t keep away. When he finds himself on the verge of turning into a stalker, Nyx gives in to the inevitable and goes traipsing off to claim his Pixie.
When Nyx comes bursting into his life, Pol is thrilled to accept the dragon as his mate. No one would call Nyx charming, yet he still manages to sweep Pol off his feet—quite literally, at times. Once the first flush of lust wears off, though, Pol begins to worry that he’s made a mistake. The problem isn’t Nyx. Pol is well on his way to loving the reserved dragon. But Pol is harboring a dangerous secret. A secret with the potential to upset the balance of power in Faerie…

Liza’s Review

What a delightful story. The second one in KM Mahoney’s A Dragon’s Treasure series. In this book we not only get to meet the burly dragon shifter Nyx, and his new mate Pol, but also touch base with Cody and Kerit from book one. You don’t have to have read the first book to understand this one, but I always like to read all the books in a series if possible.

Nyx is a guard for the King and during one of his many trips as part of his duties he comes across Pol working in a brothel. He doesn’t like the idea, wasn’t even sure if he wanted a mate badly enough to have anything to do with a prostitute, but when he finally gets around to meeting Pol face to face, he finds out that Pol is still a virgin, has never been kissed and is working tables in the brothel, nothing more.

He wanted to woo the little man, not scare him. No, no, don't scare him, or he'll never agree to come home with you. And Nyx wanted that, more than anything. It would be a challenge. He would have to be charming. Damn, I hope I'm up to it.

So in typical dragon fashion he whisks his mate off to his home territory and sets him up in a nice little house with a garden. Pol needs the garden. He’s a pixie hybrid and that gives him a lot of power. He doesn’t want the power, he doesn’t want his position. He wants his dragon shifter. But there’s trouble throughout the land and Pol can’t keep his secret from his mate forever.

What was lovely about this story was the lighthearted humor between Nyx and Pol. They start out so nervous around each other, which is really cute if you think about a dragon shifter being nervous about anything. But as they get more comfortable with each other, you see their personality’s blossom and the match works for both men.

"If you say sorry again, I'm going to hit you. Stop apologizing and talk to me." Pol sighed. "Are all dragons this annoying?"

"I'm told so, yes."

The only reason I dropped half a star is because I could hit the author for stopping the story when she did. Poor Pol and Nyx hadn’t had nearly enough time together, and then…well, I am not giving the story away. Don’t worry, it doesn’t end on a cliff hanger, but I do want to know what happens next. There are so many hints about something coming, and it’s frustrating, because I am not a reader with a lot of patience. I would have liked about two more scenes in this book, and then I could have patiently waited for book 3. But if you are looking for something light, definitely sexy, and paranormal then you should read this book. There is enough intrigue to make it interesting, but my sole focus was on the dragons and their mates.

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