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His Imperfect Mate (Return of the Originals Book 3) by Aeryn Jaden ~ Review & Giveaway


Title ~ His Imperfect Mate (Return of the Originals Book 3)

Author ~ Aeryn Jaden

Publisher ~ Siren Publishing

Published ~ 30th January 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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All the Originals, beings that created all the supernaturals, have vanished a long time ago.
Or did they now? Killa is one of them and he doesn't feel dead at all. Though that could happen any day now. He is hunted by one of his brothers and has nowhere to go. Unless he happens to find some of his old friends… He finds more than he bargains for.
Keen had barely survived his family's torture and his spirit is almost broken. Finding his mate lying wounded in the bed next to him is a dream come true. Until it transforms into a nightmare. The small wolf has enough experience with those to last him several lifetimes.
Will Keen get his perfect ending or is his mate as imperfect as his life had been until now? Did he want Killa any other way than how he is? After all, they seem to be perfectly imperfect for each other.


Liza’s Review

Killa was a Drasher - an original, the first of his kind. He was also a hard man with a rotten attitude although he had a strong sense of honor. He had to save Mallick and so when the two men were under attack, he took the little man to the only place he knew they could be safe. Hurt beyond belief, not sure of the reception he would receive Now...he slept. Badass drasher that he was, he would never admit he just passed out cold on the ground.

Keen is a wolf shifter, the runt of the pack and in his eyes completely useless. His first run in with Killa was not a good one - well, actually it was in some respects but Killa doesn't realize that he is Keen's mate and hurt his feelings badly. And one thing Keen is used to is hurt feelings. I really felt for the little wolf and wanted to punch Killa in the face for at least the first half of the book.

But then, just when you think that Keen is always going to be a spineless wonder (even though it was totally understandable), he and Killa reach a sort-of understanding and that is when the book gets really funny. I stopped worrying about who everybody was, and what they meant to each other, because the scenes between Killa and Keen were magic.

[Keen to Killa]

"Pointing that in my direction and expecting immediate gratification is not my idea of productive."

This book is part of a series and although the author does say the book is standalone, she suggests reading the others ones first. I would agree with that. In the first third of the book we are introduced to a myriad of characters and although there is some back story provided showing a link between them all, it does get a bit confusing.

This book would have been a five star if it had included a genealogy tree or something to show who all the characters were and how they are related. It wasn't just the men who were in the book, there were references to others, and other storylines that didn't make sense to me, because I haven't read the others. But I am going to and I strongly suggest you do the same :)

Favorite Quote:

That innocence did him in.

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