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Crossing The Line by M. D. Saperstein and Andria Large


Title ~ Crossing The Line

Authors ~ M. D. Saperstein and Andria Large

Publisher ~ Philly Coconuts

Published ~ 30th September 2014

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance



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Parker Hamilton - movie star! That's what the world knows about me. Oscar winner, prominent bloodline, playboy. But there is so much more to me. My friends are my real family, and they are what matters most. But I’d be lying if I said that I’m not concerned about my reputation. Everyone who lives in the spotlight is.
Listen, I can play any role - drama, comedy, romance. You name it. I can act my ass off, and I have the proof on a shelf in my office. But when my agent calls me into his office to offer me the role of a lifetime, I am hesitant. Not only would I have to act opposite Chance Steele, the most egotistical schmuck I know, but we would also have to pretend to be intimate. Really intimate. As in gay lovers.
Now, don’t get me wrong; I am as open-minded as they come. People can love whom they want, screw whom they want, even marry whom they want. But when you ask me to make out with a dude, pretend to roll around in a bed with him, well, that’s where I draw the line. Maybe.
Sometimes lines are blurry. And sometimes lines are just meant to be crossed.
Crossing the Line is book 3 of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Unmasking Charlotte left off. As with Hey There, Delilah and Unmasking Charlotte, it is a standalone - so don’t worry if you haven’t read them yet - with a HEA. That means no cliffhanger! Oh, and expect to see some of your favorite characters.
Contains graphic m/m scenes. Not intended for readers under 18.


Alan’s Review

"Crossing The Line" by M. D. Saperstein and Andria Large is a fun read. A gay romance about a budding relationship between two famous and wealthy movie stars, it's not just a coming-out story, but a "gay for you" story, as well.

Which means that there's a lot of Gay Romance formula in this book, a lot of themes explored in quite a few other books in this genre, including vicious anti-gay families and growing up in the Foster Care system (including the rape of one of the main characters as a teenager). I fear that, if I recapitulate all the standard memes that the authors borrowed to build this book, you might think that it's not worth reading.

If you did, you'd be wrong. Why? Because the breezy, witty, propulsive writing redeems the lack of original themes, and transforms all the expected angst and obstacles into a surprisingly fun read. "Crossing the line" is a good-sized book, but you'll never be aware of it as you race through its pages. Kudos to the authors for creating such vivid and likable characters as Parker Hamilton and Chance Steele.

The two Oscar-winning actors are hired to co-star in a blockbuster action-adventure movie (potentially the first in a series) about two detectives fighting crime on America's streets. The twist - the two detectives fall in love with each another. Throw into the mix a pair of notoriously heterosexual stars playing the two gay-for-you detectives, and you've got the authors' setup for a lot of clever bumbling on the way to a real-life romance between the two.

The book does well with secondary characters, too. It borrows several from the two earlier (heterosexual) books in this series and adds the filthy rich family from hell. As for angst, learning that you've suddenly "gone gay" after years as a practicing heterosexual plus the normal fears of coming out publicly in the Movie Business - even in the age of widespread same-sex marriage - delivers a romp with just enough minor angst and "moral" disapproval to grab any reader's attention.

The writing is excellent, throughout, the settings vibrant (and expensive), some of the scenes are funny enough to bring a smile to your lips, and the love these two men come to share (as unexpected as it was) reads both authentic and beautiful. You'll like these guys. They're richly-drawn and, let's face it, no one's looking for absolute realism in a Gay Romance novel.

If you're looking for a few hours spent with two gorgeous men, a love blossoming (out of seemingly nowhere), good villains to really tick you off, and a fabulous HEA, then I can't recommend anything much better than "Crossing The Line". If you're looking for meaningful "literature", this is not the book for you. But if your agenda includes a fun and sexy read, "Crossing The Line" is just the ticket.

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