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Sweet Fire by Shannen and Sarah Brady

71-mJjeqLxL._SL1350_Title ~ Sweet Fire

Authors ~ Sarah & Shannen Brady

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 2nd January 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal/Fantasy Romance



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Between Homeland Security's Gifted Agenda and the bigotry of a fearful populace, having paranormal Gifts is a dangerous thing. Pyrokinetic Aaron Flores knows firsthand how difficult it can be to control his power. Still, he runs his bakery and never gives up on finding his Happily Ever After. When Aaron's cousin asks him to check on her former EMT partner, Aaron’s chance has finally arrived. He's determined not to let anything stop him from catching (and keeping) his man.
Ramón Del Rio spent three days at the tender mercies of HOMSEC agents when his former partner was taken. He wants nothing to do with a Gifted guy, but Aaron is nothing if not persistent. He's a pastry chef, after all, and the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach. The physical passion they share is the icing on the cake. Just when Ramón decides that having Gifts might not be a deal breaker, someone close to Aaron decides his fire needs to be put out—permanently. Ramón will have to face his fears to save them both.

Liza’s Review

Aaron is a sexy chef with an amazing gift - he's a pyrotechnic and has the ability to control fire. Ramon, is an EMT, tall sexy and totally uninterested in anyone who has a gift. He'd been burned before. But Aaron knew that Ramon was special and decided the best way to attract the big man's attention was through his stomach.

Seems the chef has a thing for men in tool belts. Too bad with the door open it was too cold to work shirtless. I bet he'd like that image even better.

Unfortunately someone is out to make Aaron's life a misery. He gets hang up calls, problems at his bakery and a lot more. But despite the problems he and Ramon seem to be working towards something really positive. I loved how Aaron could be so accepting of the bad things that were happening. You would expect with his gift, well I don't want to give any spoilers so you will have to read this for yourself to find out what I mean.

Assholes are everywhere, my friend. Let's go home.

This is a totally hot book, mystery aside. The two men are combustible together and the authors create some deliciously wonderful scenes. The blurb mentions sweet cakes, but my favorite was the tool belt. I could picture every moment in my head, and damn it I didn't need a cigarette at the end of the chapter. Perhaps Aaron said it best when he said

"I guarantee I'll never be looking at a construction site quite the same way again."

The two little girls were a delight, especially smart little Victoria. Ramon's sister was a wonderful person and Ramon's friends were funny in all the right places. The secondary characters brought color and depth to the book, and provided a wonderful mixture of fun and advice.

I would strongly recommend you read this book. Yes there were a couple of places that I almost cried, but that simple served to illuminate the love found in this book.

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