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Shifter (Dark South #1) by Jace Payne


Title ~ Shifter (Dark South #1)

Author ~ Jace Payne

Publisher ~ Loose id

Published ~ 5th January 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Kayden Garrett’s ready to head home to Georgia, after four long years in Boston attending university. An unexpected fight with an abusive lover leaves him battered--and cursed into becoming a werewolf. Immediately after leaving the plane, he’s introduced to Paul, who makes his former flame dwindle in the dark. Their connection is instant and explosive. The two can’t explain the attraction to each other, but don’t waste time trying to figure it out.
Between struggling with being a werewolf and getting in with a local pack, Kayden has to acclimate to being with someone who treats him as an equal, instead of a possession. All their progress comes to a halt when a dark figure from Paul’s past resurfaces, threatening their newfound love, and their very existence.
Going home isn’t always easy, but for Kayden, the experience is a true test of his strength, his ability to adapt to the shifter world he’s been thrown into, his need to protect his family and friends, and his overwhelming desire to be loved.


Liza’s Review

Told in first person POV this book is about shifters who lose control, the darker side of the shifter trope. In the first chapter we meet Kayden, an ordinary every day human who is suddenly attacked by what he is told is a large dog. Fortunately his friend Annette is on hand to order the dog away and she tends to Kayden’s many injuries. After a few days the two of them head off to Georgia, Kayden’s home, to spend some quiet time with his parents.

It’s in Georgia that Kayden meets Paul and their attraction to each other is instant and as steamy as the weather. But there is a whole lot going on in Georgia that Kayden becomes aware of in a very short time. Werewolves are not the only beings that walk among us and most of them aren’t friendly. As Kayden and Paul get to know each other, Kayden learns that Paul has a dead wife and son, but they soon realize that the people Paul has been mourning for over two years are not dead.

This is an adventure story, filled with action sequences, violence of all types and plenty of rough, raw sex. There’s magic, and wolf shifters and even were-cats, not to mention zombies. In some ways the story line just kept pumping out new surprises, but the author made details in the story easy to follow and understand.

There were a couple of things I personally didn’t like in the story (although they may be something you enjoy.) For one thing Kayden’s parents spent an awful lot of their time in some sort of be-spelled sleep. I can see why the author did it – saves any embarrassing conversations over breakfast, but we are not told a lot about the parents at all, and yet all this action was going on in and around their house and they seemed totally oblivious. The second aspect was that there were a couple of scenes including group sex including the confirmed couple. This is just a personal meh for me, but the episodes were scorching hot, and if you like group sex then I’m sure you’ll approve.

Kayden doesn’t come across as a particularly strong character so his apparent alpha status was also hard to swallow. He does show his true colors by the end of the book, but for me it was just too little, too late. Paul had a strong consistency throughout everything, which Kayden needed, but as I mentioned earlier there were a few things in the story overall that could have been explained a little better. If you prefer the old school shifters, who were rugged, mean and downright dirty, then this well-written book will be perfect for you.

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