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Release Day Revew ~ Porter's Reaper (A Wizard's Touch #5) by Amber Kell

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Title ~ Porters Reaper (A Wizards Touch #5)

Author ~ Amber Kell

Publisher ~ Totally Bound Publishing

Published ~ 23rd January 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Book Five in the A Wizard's Touch series
Death is a minor inconvenience in the path to true love.
When the God of the Underworld sends Alstair back to the Academy to help pick out a new headmaster, he doesn’t mention he put Alstair in for the job. Angered but willing to keep his word, Alstair discovers the headmaster position comes with more knots of deception than a sailor’s rope.
Porter Exton had a crush on Alstair. He’d watched Alstair train Elijah through the window and had spent more than one night dreaming of the Reaper. However, dreams were set aside in order to discover the truth about his death and if the man who killed him is responsible for the other deaths at the school.
Two men with different backgrounds need to discover what they have in common if they hope to save themselves from plotting gods, egomaniacs and possible killers.

Liza’s Review

Death is a minor inconvenience in the path to true love.

Alstair Gorman is a Reaper - the first ever Reaper marked by Hades (God of the Underworld) and given his own scythe. When Alstair is sent to a meeting to determine the new headmaster of the Mayell Wizard Academy, Porter is assigned to accompany him.

Porter has a secret. He convinced Hades to let him go with Alstair, not only because he harbored a huge crush on the man, but also because he wanted to make sure the man who killed him paid for his crime. Alstair, doesn't have time to worry about that, because when he arrives at the academy he finds out that Hades has signed him up as one of the competitors - for the headmaster's position.

I've already read the other books in this series, and enjoyed them immensely. Amber Kell's imagery is so funny sometimes, and yet so spot on.

Alstair's cock jerked in his pants like a puppy on a lead and Porter held the leash.

As a Reaper, and a man with a hurtful past, Alstair didn't do relationships, and wasn't a gentle or caring man. But there was something about Porter that brought out the nice guy in the man and Ms. Kell describes that beautifully.

But one warm glance from Porter's eyes and Alstair wished he could gather all of the perfect words, tie them up in a shiny bow then present them to his lover.

The two men apparently had powers that complimented each other perfectly and for some reason Alstair becomes completely taken with Porter. That is not explained very well, but perhaps it was simply a matter of the Reaper having been on his own for so long, and Porter being such a sweet guy – well, I am still not sure. But the two men’s coming together was sweet and hot. There's explosions, deaths (of course) and a love story and although I thought the ending was a little rushed, like the other books in this series, it was a great read. An added bonus was we heard more about Dean, one of the triplets from the earlier books. His happiness was the icing on the cake of this story.

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