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Out in Time by Grey Cole ~ Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

Out in Time

Title ~ Out in Time

Author ~ Grey Cole

Publisher ~ Dizzy Girl Writing House, LLC

Published ~ 1st January 2015

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance



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A closeted football star. An out and proud photographer. And a road trip.
Wade Truman had grown accustomed to admiring Heath Taylor from afar. Now, years of denying himself and the irresistible Heath are wreaking havoc on Wade’s resolve. The odds are stacked against them … they’re graduating college soon. Wade just signed a multimillion dollar football deal—thrusting him even further into the spotlight. Not to mention, what would the gorgeously refined Heath want with a small town jock boy like himself anyway?
Heath grew up privileged, accepted, and out. And the two hells he swore he would never put himself through—crushing on a straight guy and being anyone’s dirty little secret—have presented themselves in one sweet talkin’, dream hauntin’ package. One weekend with Wade, and Heath’s sure the devil himself has come a-knockin’.
Warning: Contains Southern accents wielded like weapons of desire, a snarky, do-gooder Pennsylvanian, and two boys deserving of true love.


Macky’s Review

Wade Truman is a small town, college football star who's just signed a really lucrative deal to play American Football in the big leagues. He's gay but no one, except his much loved, wise southern granny knows that.All his life Wade has lived to play football, giving his all because —to be honest— even if he'd been straight, dating wouldn't have been on the cards as he was just too dedicated to the sport to particularly socialise outside of it; an excuse he's used effectively to stop people from questioning his sexual orientation, but now, after seeing one of his own football hero's out himself, it's made him look at his own situation as he's finally found someone worth coming out of the closet for...and that person is out and proud LGBTQA supporter and photographer Heath Taylor.

Taking stock of his life he's promised himself twelve months of staying under the 'gay radar' in the sport, hopefully making his mark enough to make the sporting world accept him for who, not what sexual orientation, he is; determined that despite the possible fall out, he's coming out at the end of that period, and then he'll take the consequences whatever they might be. If the sport he loves won't accept him then that's it, their loss, but he wants that full year playing in the NFL and if staying in the closet for a year is the way to get it, then that's the plan he's sticking to. The only blip on the horizon though, is he doesn't think Heath, who is open and easy with his sexuality, would ever consider being his dirty little secret if they became lovers during that time; he wouldn't even consider putting anyone in that position...Hell, he doesn't think Heath would be even interested in him as they're different in many ways, so he's content to stay as they are. Just happy to be around Heath as casual friends, because at least that way he gets to keep him in his life.

Of course unbeknown to Wade, Heath is just as equally enamored of the gorgeous, hunky player, but as far as he's concerned his buddy is straight and what's the use of crushing on somebody you know you can't have? So he tries to do the same by keeping his feelings under check as he also values keeping the endearing, slightly innocent southern guy as a friend. Then Wade gets the chance to interview newly outed football star Boyd Savage for the college sports newspaper, his hero, and who better to go with him to take the photo's for the article but photographer Heath, as apart from being the best guy for the job, i means that they get to be in each other's company for a whole weekend....a wonderful thought, but will close contact break down their barriers, and if it does, will it make the inevitable, in Wade's eyes, all the more harder to deal with when they have to go back to just being friends?

Grey Cole is a brand new writer to me, all I knew was she had previously written a m/f/m ménage and not being a lover of lady bits in my stories I confess I would probably never have discovered her as an author other than being offered the ARC to read via the blog so its lovely to find a new author. Out In Time is a novella featuring two very lovable characters who on a road trip of sorts, are forced to come face to face with the feelings they've been harboring and hiding from each other since they became friends about three years earlier, and I really loved how Wade and Heath's friendship developed into something deeper and more meaningful over the course of the weekend they're thrown together. It's sweet and sexy, more of a gentle journey in so much as Wade's character is sort of naive and that bleeds into the general feel. His likability lies in his guileless, genuine, clean living, Southern boy charm...he doesn't cuss or drink and he's polite and courteous, whereas Heath is engaging because of his open 'gayness', feistiness and struggle to hide his desire for the 'straight' footballer.

Even though it's about conflicted feelings, this is pretty low angst; more about the romance than the drama and overall it really was an enjoyable, easy read. One thing though, at the end I did  feel like I was left hanging slightly. I'd have loved an epilogue of sorts. Even though I've no doubt that they would make it as a couple, it left me pondering  a few things. I wanted to know what decision Wade’s character would have to make after his self imposed twelve months in the sporting world closet ...would he be accepted by his peers, or would he have to give up playing football for love? Would their relationship run smoothly if Heath agreed to stay a secret while Wade played out his year in Football?…There was promise of so much more with these two engaging guys and I felt invested enough in their growing relationship to want to stay with them that little bit longer. Wade and Heath are an endearing couple and I hope somewhere down the line Grey lets us know how they're working out.


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A word from Grey Cole

Hello Sinfully Followers!

Grey Cole here, and I’m thrilled to be on the blog today, as SS is my forever blog and go-to for learning about new M/M authors and new releases! I’m new to writing in the M/M and M/M/F sub-genres, but I’m certainly not new at reading gay themes and gay characters. I guess I should’ve realized back in high school that I was drawn to the unique and the unconventional when I delighted in the homoerotic poetry of Whitman and Shakespeare. But, it was a college reading of the short story “Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx that really sent me reeling and opened my eyes in a whole new way. Imagine my giddiness when it was finally brought to the big screen!

I’ve always gravitated toward stories that showed me something new, something…unexpected. And I’ve never been one to shy away from reading about tough subjects. Growing up in a sheltered, conservative family with my own issues to overcome, I sought out books that would show me how others had faced and triumphed over diversity and difficult situations—whether it was reading a unique perspective of a prostitute’s daughter during the aftermath of the Korean War or reading the sheer tenacity it took to survive a Holocaust Death Camp.

Whew, that got serious quick! I really do have a point to that meandering line of thought. So, like I said, I’ve always loved experiencing unique points of view, and I’ll read anything from survivor stories to erotic romance.

A good friend of mine knows this, so one day she says, “Have you read M/M before?” M/M? What’s that? “They’re like those gay fiction books you love but with lots of steamy heat!” Um, where do I start?!  And that, as they say, was that! I was hooked! The more I read, the more I dreamt of writing my own brand of gay romance. You see, I’m a sucker for a love story. A true blue, epic love story and have been publishing those kinds of books for years under my real name. But, what did I know about writing a love story featuring gay or bisexual leads? I’m a straight woman, for goodness’ sake!

Well, I decided to just…try. (Side note: Read and love Try by Ella Frank!) I swallowed my fear and sent my “experiment” to a few of my friends and colleagues to see if it had any merit. They loved it and encouraged me to go for it! That first “try” ended up being Any Way We Want: Volume 1 which features two bisexual men who fall in love during college. Later, they become involved in a ménage relationship with a woman. My favorite part of writing this story was the innocent, honest way in which these two friends fell for each other early on and their “coming out,” both sexually and emotionally.

Fun, I thought! Writing those scenes was honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had writing and the most rewarding. Then I thought…what if I could write a little series of novellas that focused on those defining, all-consuming moments of discovery, development, and, ultimately, acceptance and love? Thus, my “Slice-of-Love-Life” stories were born. The first is Out in Time, featuring a closeted football star, an out and proud photographer, and a road trip. My upcoming April release is entitled Out in the Dark, featuring a wounded, gentle bank teller, a rough-around-the edges tattoo artist, and a locked bank vault.

Thank you for taking the time to read my shortened tale of my journey into writing M/M! I’ll leave you with my two cents (two word reviews) on books I still can’t shake and have inspired me as a writer! While they all vary in degrees of heat, plot, or characterization, they are all phenomenally epic love stories. I hope some are new to you because I love nothing more than turning someone on to a great book!

Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane. Gut-wrenching and rewarding.

Fair Game by Josh Lanyon. Riveting and sharp.

Dangerously Happy by Varian Krylov. Mind-blowing and gripping.

Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan. Raw and all-encompassing.

Bear, Otter, and the Kid by TJ Klune. Hilarious and endearing.

Always by Kindle Alexander. Poignant and beautiful.

Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless. Adorable and one-of-a-kind.

Home Again by Cardeno C. Addictive and über-sweet.

I could go on and on, but I would really like Sinfully to invite me back again someday, so I’ll say goodbye for now and thank you so much for having me!

Love on, 




Meet Grey Cole

Grey Cole always dreamt of a book that featured hot male-on-male action that grew to encompass one lucky woman. Okay ... maybe Grey really dreamt of this scenario playing out in real life and then decided to purge all those dirty thoughts onto the page.





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