Monday, January 05, 2015

M/M Romance ~ Readers Choice Awards 2014 Round 1 and Apple ipad mini Giveaway



Welcome to 2015 and the all new

Sinfully… Addicted to All Male Romance

Lets start the New Year with a BANG and celebrate in style. We have a new name and a totally fabulous giveaway all to coincide with our event of the year, our M/M Romance ~ Readers’ Choice Awards. We here at Sinfully have read, reviewed and brought you our favourite books and authors over 2014. Now it’s time for YOU to tell us YOUR favourites.

Was there a book, author, debut author, series, character couple, cover or read of 2014 that just totally WOWED you, made you want to stand on top of a mountain and shout “READ THIS BOOK”?

Well, now it’s your chance, your voice, your vote… VOTE NOW for your favourites of 2014!

Ohhh… and one more thing, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win an Apple iPad Mini.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get voting!!!!


Favourite Book Published in 2014

Favourite Author in 2014

Favourite D├ębut Author in 2014

Favourite Series with a Book Published in 2014

Favourite Character Couple in 2014

Favourite Book Cover of 2014

Favourite Read of 2014 NOT Published in 2014

Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 – List of Rounds

Round 1: – 5th Jan. – 9th Jan.

Nominate your choice of book to be entered in our reader’s awards.

Round 2: 12th Jan. - 16th. Jan.

The top twenty books go through to round 2. Here you vote for the top ten.

Round 3:  19th Jan. - 23rd. Jan.

The top ten from round 2 go through to round 3. Here you vote for the final ranking.

Announcement of the Winner’s – 25th January 2015

Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance Announces the winners of the vote.

Winner of the giveaway will also be announced.

RTGBaenTL_thumb[3]LET’S BEGIN! – Click on the Link Below



  1. This is so hard....800 new books read in 2014.

  2. I felt so guilt-ridden filling the survey out...I do nothing but read, yet I've fallen so far behind!


  3. I read so many books and it was hard to pick from so many great choices.

  4. The next round will be interesting when it's the top 20 from each category to choose from ;)