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Violet Addiction by Kirsty Dallas ~ Release Day Review and Giveaway

violet addiction

Title: Violet Addiction

Author: Kirsty Dallas

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 1 2014


4 stars

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There was no bright light in my death, but perhaps that is because I wasn’t destined for the angelic beauty of heaven. No, my short lived life had been played out with so much sin and excess that there would no doubt be a special cage in hell with my name on it. In my death, I felt and saw nothing. No warmth, no cold, no light, no darkness, just nothing. When I woke, he was gone, the only piece of perfection in my ugly world. Part of me was grateful that he had finally found the good sense to leave. Another part of me was broken, irrevocably and agonizingly broken.

Lorie’s Review


“I’m just a girl who likes to sings”….

“And I’m just a guy who likes to play the piano.”

Cain and Violet have been best friends since the day Cain noticed Violet watching him play piano in that high school theater. Cain somehow convinced her to sing for him, and that was it. He grabbed her by the hand, walked her to class, and hasn’t let go since.

They say the sky is the limit, but you and me together, baby, maybe we’ll reach the fucking heavens.”

Ten years later, Cain is still holding on to Violet’s hand just as tight as ever. They travel and perform together – Cain on piano and Violet behind the microphone singing like an angel. They have supported one another through everything and would truly be lost without the other. Violet sees firsthand just how true that is. Cain knows Violet uses. He’s been there to pick her up when she falls too hard, no questions asked... until the one day when he’s not there. That day changes EVERYTHING.

“Life is too short to be lived in the grey area of passable and average. Life is meant to be lived with bright and vibrant colors, with words like extraordinary and passionate.”

Not seeing Cain when she opens her eyes from her latest fall sends shockwaves through Violet. She can’t believe it. Cain has never NOT been there. It’s Violet’s wake-up call. She’s determined to get the help she needs, and pick herself back up. She’s tired of living life only half fulfilled. Violet knows brushing herself off and moving on isn’t going to be easy, but she has a few strong and supportive people in her corner. With a little help, and a lot of effort Violet starts down a rocky path toward a new life. But will Cain be a part of it? He walked away, but will he come back?

Wow! This book is so emotional I had to read it in doses. Usually I will want to read a book straight through to find out what happens, but with this one I just couldn't. I was one big giant ball of tears! I needed a break from time to time to get myself together. I love books that make me cry - happy or sad - but this one is simply emotionally crushing!!! I love that a book can turn me inside out the way this one did.

It was easy to connect with both Violet and Cain. My heart broke for both of them. Watching Violet get hammered by her addiction was hard. But, seeing Cain and his inability to really help Violet was just as difficult. Watching an addict not wanting to be helped can be devastating. You walk a fine line between being supportive and enabling. And, if you push too far you run the risk of losing that person totally. Cain was afraid of pushing Violet too far, but in the end she’s the one that pushed Cain too far.

I love raw and intense which is how Violet Addiction started. We intimately experience Violet’s struggle with self-worth, her self-destructive actions, and her inability to recognize her problem. After Violet’s fall, I was expecting her to struggle much more with her “after” than we saw. I wanted to see her clawing her way back and struggling to stay sober. I thought she would be more tempted and really walk the tightrope of sobriety. I know Violet’s road back wasn’t an easy one, but I expected it to be more intense and wrought with more powerful emotions. I didn’t cry as much in the second half. I wanted it to be more heartbreaking. I know that probably sounds awful, but I really love books that are difficult to read and tear you apart.

I really did love this story. Kudos to you, Kirsty Dallas, for drawing out such big emotions in this one. Violet Addiction is a story about falling down and learning to stand back up. It’s a story about losing yourself in addiction and fighting your way out. Violet Addiction is a beautifully written heart wrenching story that will stay with me for a very long time to come.


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Author Bio

I grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. I traded the surf and my bikini for pajama's and a computer when I embarked on writing professionally in 2012. I write first and foremost for myself. I write characters and ideas that come from my heart, then take shape and evolve into entire landscapes in my mind.
I am fascinated with most creative outlets --- photography, art, music, you name it, I love it. I don't take life too seriously and I love to hear from fans and other like-minded, creative people. So drop me a line or come hang out on Facey or over at the Twitter-verse!

Connect with Kirsty:

Twitter: @kirstydallas



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