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Two Roads by Lili St Germain ~ Release Day Review and Giveaway

two roads

Title: Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers,  # 6)

Author: Lili St Germaine

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Release date: September 30 2014



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The sixth book in the #1 iBooks bestselling Gypsy Brothers series.

Juliette and Jase may be out of Dornan's immediate reach, but as tensions rise, will they end up walking right into the enemy's trap?

Can Juliette forgive Jase for his devastating betrayal, or will it destroy everything they've been fighting for?

Lisa’s Review

5 “0_0” Stars

“Two Roads. Two choices. To let go? To give up?

No. I would never – will never- give up.

I take the road less traveled. I write my own fate.

I deliver my own justice.

I wreak my own special brand of revenge.

And I won’t stop, until they’re all dead, until it’s all done, until I wipe Dornan Ross from the face of this earth.”






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Once again I find myself at a complete and utter loss for words after reading another installment in Lili St. Germain’s Gypsy Brothers serial novella series. I was hoping for a reprieve from all the soul crushing this author seems to like to do when it came to Two Roads; but, sadly, Ms. Germain seems to like being a sadist and we get yet another book that annihilated me! I don’t think I have ever been scared to dive into a book. However, I literally shit bricks every time I have to power up the kindle and start a book in this series. Every. Time. This book was harsh. Not like the previous book. But, still harsh nonetheless. I am a freakin’ mess. I am not sure I will ever mentally recover. After this series is done this author is going to owe me some serious coin as I will have to invest in some therapy. It ain’t gonna come cheap Lili!!!!!

Two Roads in the sixth novella in this series. I am not going to give a brief synopsis as is my custom in reviews. I would truly be doing you, the reader, a great injustice. This series needs to be read in order and it deserves to be read without any spoilers or any preconceived notions. I will once again state that I started off this series a little unsure as I was having a hard time with the choices the heroine made in order to solidify her presence within the Gypsy Brothers MC. But, I have been brought over to the dark side. I am whole-heartedly invested in this fucked up and twisted tale.

“I’ve left one prison, the one Dornan constructed for me, only to be trapped in one of my own making. The one in my mind that goes over and over and over again.”

After experiencing book four in this series, I had no idea what to expect when it came to this book. After all, how much more can Julz and Jase go through before shooting themselves in the head and ending it all? What I got was a small, itty bitty, glimmer of hope bursting through the darkness. I thought to myself, “Could things finally be turning around?” I found myself actually looking forward to things from here on out.






I should have known.

Dornan Ross is not the only psychotic and sadistic motherfucker in town. You, Lili St. Germain, have no heart! Absolutely. None. How could you?????? Just when things are finally turning up for Julz and Jase, you just rip everything away. You give us, the reader, a little taste of sunshine and then BAM. You throw us back into the darkness and into the abysmal pit of despair.

How much more do you think we can take???????


hurt no more



Somewhere along the line this series has pushed Dornan to the forefront. I started off absolutely abhorring all the Ross brothers. I wanted to see them all die and get punished. With this being said, all the Ross boys somehow have melted into the background and all my rage is now directed at Dornan himself. He is a psychotic motherfucker that shows no mercy. A sadistic bastard with no moral compass to bring him back from the brink of madness. How I long to see Dornan experience an excruciatingly painful death. I will say that Ms. Germain is a genius. I have never loathed a character as much as I loathe Dornan. The emotions this author pulls from me are astounding. You experience each and every book. Dornan is a foreboding figure whose evil existence is present on every single page. He will not go away. Will not die. The fear that he will appear and win this war is always there. At least it is for me.

As much as I hate Dornan, nothing could take away the amount of hope and joy Jase brings to the table. He has been to hell and back, just like Julz but his love for her is so untarnished and pure. Damn! I seriously love him.

“You’re like a miracle! You survived death. I thought you were dead for six fucking years! Do you have any idea what that does to a person? Do you think anything you could ever do would stop me from loving you?”

See! How could you not love Jase with all your heart?

After reading Two Roads I have no idea what this author has in store for us when it comes to One Love, the final book in this series. What I want in the last installment is some happy. You hear me Germain!??! I want frilly unicorns with rainbows shooting out of their asses. And, I’m not talking puny little rainbows. I want big motherfucking rainbows with hearts and flowers. While you are at it you can throw in a few dancing leprechauns. You had better give us one big ass happy ending, Ms. Germain! What am I saying? We are going to be lucky if Julz and Jase survive right until the end. I have visions of Lili St. Germain laughing in her castle of evil and leaving us like this…..


you get nothing


Well, one can hope. Right? I am not going to hold my breath but I am hoping for a happy outcome. Nevertheless, I will be waiting anxiously for the final novella.



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Excerpt: Two Roads

He killed my father. I’m having his baby.

He killed my father. I’m having his baby.

Those two sentences are on repeat in my head, the agony of the rolling waves almost too much for me to bear.

And the agony of my nausea slams into me again with the violent rock of the waves that carry us to safer shores. I think. I hope.

But really, how safe am I? I’m suddenly questioning everything, stuck in a vortex of swirling paranoia and doubt. Is Jase on Dornan’s side? He killed my father. He didn’t even try to deny it.

I can’t believe it, I can’t accept it, and I just wish I could think straight for five fucking minutes. I wish I didn’t feel like this. I’ve left one prison, the one Dornan constructed for me, only to be trapped in one of my own making. The one in my mind that goes over and over and over again.

I’m curled as tight as I can get into a ball on a bed in the main cabin of the boat. We must be going pretty fast, or be in some crazy swell, because I swear if the boat tilted a little more, it’d capsize.

The door is closed. I made Elliot promise he wouldn’t let Jase come in here. I’m going to have to face him eventually, but I just can’t face him now. I don’t want to hear his excuses, if he even has any. He killed my father.

I’ve never been afraid of drowning before, but right now, I’m terrified. Drowning in this ship. Drowning in lies and in blood. Drowning in my own treacherous deceit. For so long, I’ve had only one goal – to destroy Dornan. I was too busy focusing on his suffering to notice or care about my own, and now, I feel so damned broken. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to feel normal again.

In fact, come to think of it, I don’t even know what normal is.

I jump as a warm hand touches my shoulder.

“Hey,” a low voice murmurs beside me.

I turn over to see Elliot lying beside me, his pose mirroring mine. I can see water lashing against the small round window that looks out to the cruel sea we travel within.

“You’re shaking,” Elliot says, frowning as he reaches out a hand to me. Without thinking, I shrink back, an automatic response after three months of Dornan’s psychotic hands being the only ones to reach for me. Elliot’s face crumples into something resembling sadness—despair—as he reaches out to me again, slower this time, and pushes my lank hair back from my face.

Am I even here? I’m not sure. This could all be a dream. An elaborate, drug-induced hallucination. The thought makes me reel. Am I out? Or am I still in the basement? Is Elliot in front of me, or is it Dornan?

I scramble away from Elliot, clambering off the bed and backing up to the far end of the tiny room. Behind me, waves pound violently into the thick glass porthole, the only thing separating us from the deadly currents beyond. The movement of the waves catches my attention and I turn, mesmerized, as I press a trembling palm up to the freezing cold glass.

Am I here? Am I alive?

A nudge in my stomach, nothing more than a flutter really, propels me back to sanity.

Yes. I am here. I am here, while Elliot hovers behind me, and Jase and Luis are somewhere beyond the door that keeps me safe in this room.

And I am carrying a baby inside me. A baby that should never have existed.

And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a terrible thing.



About the Author:



Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.

She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

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