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The Salvation of Daniel by DH Sidebottom ~ Release Day Review

salvation of daniel

Title: The Salvation of Daniel (Blue Butterfly, #2)

Author: D H Sidebottom

Genre: Dark Erotica

Release Date: October 15 2014


4.5 stars


An Angel visited me three times in my life. I would like to say that I deserved each visit, but we all know, I didn’t; in fact far from it.
I didn’t even deserve to see the sun rise the day after I first saw Mae, an angel amongst the chaos of Satan who resided inside me. Her wide beautiful smile eclipsed everything else around me. I selfishly took that smile and I created a screaming hell with it. I took her dreams and I sculptured nightmares from them.
The first time I was given a piece of Mae’s soul, death took it away and through the years that followed, I was only ever granted it twice again.
The second was the day I met our daughter, the reflection of her mother. Annie was the angel formed from the sins of my own soul. Yet her light drown my dark, her smile broke my anger and her innocence massacred my past.
The third time… well that is what you are about to witness. The third, and final piece granted was the last card played, the closing hand dealt. The definitive roll of the dice and the conclusion to my story.
Would my angel grant me redemption against the sins I indulged, even in loving her? Was life and death the deliverance of resolution? And did my butterfly, soaring with the wings of an angel, award me forgiveness?
I’m sure many of you will interpret this story in your own way, each of you as in Mae’s death, experiencing either a happy ever after, or an ending without hope or escape. And I have no doubt that you will all see the end to my own story in many different ways. But whichever way you go for, I, myself, know that I was granted the ending I feel I deserve. I earned.
I am Daniel Shepherd, and this is the story of my Salvation

Lorie’s Review




Secrets. Lies. Deception. The sins of a father can be far reaching and extend generations.

When I first started this, I was a bit afraid of the meaning The Salvation of Daniel might take on – we all know how Mae met her salvation – but, this was really the perfect ending to the story of Daniel and Mae. Once again, DH Sidebottom spins a tale where divulging almost anything would give it away. Suffice it to say Daniel and Connie, Mae’s older sister, cross paths and the road their relationship takes is shocking and eye opening to say the least. I never imaged the manner in which Connie would come into Daniel's life. This was utterly revealing and nowhere near how I imagined the story to play out.

Connie and Mae both led very tortured lives but in a very different sense of the word. Very different from one another, but equally as heartbreaking nonetheless. This may have been about Daniel’s salvation, but it was just as much about Connie as it was Daniel. Daniel is searching for redemption, but Connie is searching for something much greater… revenge. She’s determined to make Daniel suffer for what happened to Mae at his hand. The road Connie and Daniel travel leads to tragic revelations and jaw dropping admissions. The story they share is emotional and heartbreaking.

“The details of the past become undecipherable at times, the pain from it bearing down constantly until the edges merge into what your future held and all of a sudden all that was to come had already passed.”

Given the circumstances, it’s easy to see why Connie and Daniel are natural enemies. Connie doesn’t trust Daniel and the feeling is reciprocated. Their mutual mistrust makes for some very tenuous and blood boiling moments. DH writes a monumentally frustrating character in Connie. Not frustrating in the annoying sense, but she is very good at poking the beast within Daniel and whipping him into a frenzy. She finds pleasure in rubbing salt in Daniel’s wound. She sees an opportunity to rile, and she takes it – and, she does it all with words! Daniel has certainly met his match in Connie – as much as they are different they are equally alike in their ability to control a person or situation. Connie knows how to push buttons and get under your skin with a calmness and smirk you just want to slap off her face. And the manner in which she "dismisses" someone is frustrating as hell. Connie is “that” person that can rile you up to the point you can’t hold it in and just want to punch her in the face. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE CONNIE!! Connie is one of my favorite heroines, just like Mae – strong, fearless, and admirable. She may seem cold, hard, or even unfeeling but that’s just a way of protecting herself. My heart broke for Connie just as much as it did for Daniel on this journey.

“Life truly was a cruel game. Death granted at the roll of a dice. But love; well that was what won the game… and sacrifice? That granted salvation.”

I absolutely without a doubt love DH's writing style. Her choice of words and descriptiveness is unparalleled. The manner in which she describes events and surroundings is creative and unique. It's not flat. Her descriptions are vivid and in living color. I feel spoiled when I read one of her books because it's so wonderful… like I can never get enough.

I love where the story ended. DH certainly knows how to strike the perfect balance to create a very fitting ending. You have to decide when enough is enough and the story can live on its own. Taking a story past that critical point can ruin the best of stories. And, the epilogue is the perfect bridge between the end and the future.

I cannot wait for Connie’s story. Connie’s story? Yes! We are getting hers, and after reading The Salvation of Daniel I’m sure you’ll be just as curious about Connie as I am.


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The Decimation of Mae

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The Salvation of Daniel

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Author Bio

Author of The Heart of Stone, Room 103 and Shadows of Sin series, and upcoming The Blue Butterfly series.

D H Sidebottom is a fulltime mum/author. She lives in Derbyshire, England with her children and two dogs. She is an avid reader and her tastes range from horror to erotic, but she loves to help new authors get into the ‘scene’. She loves rock music and tattooed guys, and has a weakness for coffee, wine and Belgium buns.

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