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Loving Chase (Chase #5) by J.J. Scotts ~ Review, Excerpt & 5 eBook, 3 Winners Giveaway


Title ~ Loving Chase (Chase #5)

Author ~ J.J. Scotts

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance

Published ~ 13th October 2014



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The Chase series comes to an end.
Liam Collins has undoubtedly fallen in love with the man he was hired to impersonate. After finding out the horrifying story behind Chase’s scar, Liam thinks that he can understand Chase -- not only understand Chase, but truly love him for who he is.
But after a heartfelt confession and a passionate night, Chase keeps avoiding Liam. While Liam struggles to confront Chase, he’s suddenly invited to have dinner with Chase’s parents -- the elusive Mr. and Mrs. Preston. Liam is curious to find out more about Chase through his parents, but he’s about to come face to face with the true pain of Chase’s past.
Will Liam get his answers and prove to Chase that what they share really is love? Or will Chase’s walls remain?


Macky’s Review

Loving Chase

So, it's the final outing for Liam and Chase and their will they/won't they relationship; a state of affairs which has dominated this serial series right from the word go and kept us on the edge, wondering if Liam would ever be able to break through the prickly shell of his gorgeous, sexy, arrogant, more often than not dick of a boss Chase to finally capture his heart? A quest that hasn't always gone smoothly as we've watched them square off against each over four previous instalments which have not only placed Liam in some precarious situations, but have also had him facing up to some personal demons and sadness of his own that plagued him before he ever took the job to became the face of famous author Chase Preston, a man whose scars, we've learned, have not just been physically visible but deeply ingrained in him emotionally too. And as this last part starts, he's still being fickle with Liam, backing away from him once again after their last passionate encounter that included Liam's declaration of love, leaving our poor lovesick guy still unsure of where he stands with the man he's fallen head over heels with.

'If he didn't have any feelings for me, then what? I tried to analyze my feelings objectively. I'd be devastated, heartbroken and hurt. Christ, my lips were almost trembling just thinking about it. But I wouldn't allow myself to be a pathetic loser over it. I'd handle it. I had to. After all, you can't force someone to return your feelings can you? I had to prepare myself for anything to happen, but this uncertainty, just not knowing what was going on — what he was thinking —was killing me, damn it.'

We've definitely gone on quite a journey with these two guys and JJ has kept us wanting more by leaving us each time with those enticing cliff hanger endings which kept me personally invested in seeing this intriguing love/hate relationship reach its course...and at last it's here. The installment that finally clears everything up and gives us the answer to the question "Will Liam finally get his man?"

Because it's the last in the sequence, I'm not going to ramble on or reveal much more about the plot as I think if you've been in for the long haul it's unfair to take away the enjoyment of finding out how it all ends for yourself but I will say that there's some internalising from both men, threads are tied up, hot sex is had (air conditioning at the ready guys) and after finding out in the last book why Chase is as emotionally stunted as he is: the satisfaction of seeing certain people get the comeuppance they deserve!

It is a satisfying ending for these two, one that's been a while coming but in retrospect I did enjoy the earlier episodes a bit more. It was the push and pull that I really got grabbed by and I think in this one, because it's the finale, it was more about making sure that everything got wrapped up nicely. One of the problems with putting out shorts is that time and length restraints can make the tying up of threads feel a bit rushed and I felt that a little with this. There was a great love scene and it did leave me satisfied with the outcome of their journey but there were a couple of things involving Felix, Chase's brother; who we met earlier under some not so great circumstances, that came out of left field and honestly, I was a little bemused as they seemed out of place from my point of view but of course that's only my interpretation. I also missed that touch of antagonistic sexual tension which I've said all the way through, has always been one of the key ingredients and main focus of their relationship that kept me so engaged in their story. It was something I loved because I'm a real sexual tension fiend and they really rocked it at the start. In this they just felt distanced from each other until Chase finally woke up and saw what was in front of his face.

After saying all that though, I'm happily giving the serial an overall solid 4 star rating as I've really enjoyed the story and the anticipation of what was going to happen next. Cliff hanger type tales are not everyone's cup of tea but JJ Scotts has paced the release of all the episodes in this just right and never failed left to leave me wanting more every time so I guess as a serial it's worked well. I'd love to see Ms Scotts turn her hand to a full length novel now and give us something full of that yummy sexual tension that I think she's really good at creating between her love interests so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next. Goodbye Chase and Liam, It's been a pleasure!


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“I want to hold on to you so tightly, to control you, but I know that…I can’t.” I of all people knew how wrong that was. “I’ve had…some things happen to me that I want to tell you about…to explain why all this is hard for me.”

I looked at Liam expectantly, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting. Maybe shock, maybe a look of resignation that he had chosen a damaged person, both figuratively and literally. I rubbed my hands together to stop them from shaking in nervousness. I couldn’t even remember the last time I felt so damn tense.

“Just you saying that means a lot to me, Chase,” Liam said with a small smile.

With those words, I felt like I could breathe. 

Liam continued looking into my eyes intently, so typical of him. He always gave me space to either continue or not – never pushing too much, only when I needed it. It was one of the things that I loved so much about him. He was so kind, patient, and so willing to listen – so able to empathize with another person. I’d never be brave enough to wear my emotions on my sleeve like that.

This feeling was very different from what I’d experienced in the past. With Nick, I’d just wanted his attention – the affectionate attention I gave up expecting from my parents. With Liam, yes, I wanted that affectionate attention, but I also wanted more. I wanted him to feel like he needed me as much as I felt like I needed him, and I was afraid of giving in to my emotions and sharing them – making myself vulnerable. It was selfish, but I just didn’t want to get hurt…it’d undoubtedly hurt worse than when my father or Nick had hurt me.

I was forced to pull my eyes away from his to get my thoughts together. I looked down at my joined hands, and then at my lap, observing the individual threads that made up the fabric of my pants.

“It’s scary,” I finally admitted as I stared at the threads covering my legs. It was terrifying, but somehow, the simple act of admitting my fear helped quell my anxiety, giving me the strength to push forward.

I swallowed and licked my lips again. “Whenever I see you, whenever I touch you, my chest tightens.” Even now, I felt that way. “Whenever you’re not near, I worry about you like an idiot. And…” I paused to turn my head and look back up at him. “And whenever I look at you, really look at you, I feel like I’m drawn to more than the surface of you – like there’s something inside you that I want to see more of... Like there’s something inside me that I want you to see more of.”

Liam gently put his hand on my thigh, and through my pants I could feel the warmth of his skin. He didn’t say anything, but his silence didn’t feel awkward. On the contrary, I felt completely unburdened. I felt like I could take a cool breath of relief. It was such a good feeling… Why did I keep everything bottled up for so long?

Liam returned my gaze, listening to me patiently. The curve of those soft lips, the way his eyes wrinkled at the corners, the deep hazel color of those eyes looking intently into mine, the sandy hair that I just wanted to entwine my fingers in. I wanted to pull him closer and closer to me until I could smell him – taste him.

I laughed a little, looking back at my lap and feeling the heat radiating from the back of my neck. “I feel like I’m going crazy or something.” I fidgeted nervously with my fingers before looking up at him again. It felt so natural…so necessary. “I’m in love with you.” 

Liam grasped my hand, holding it tightly, and looked directly into my eyes as if reassuring himself that what I’d said was true. His eyes changed to a deeper shade and he leaned forward, his face angling towards mine, his lips coming closer, his eyes closing so that the long lashes brushed his cheeks. 

I sank into the kiss, pressing my lips against his, feeling his mouth open slightly, just enough to accept the tip of my tongue. And it felt different. All those times I’d written about these moments, I never truly understood the emotions. After admitting my love there was something different in this kiss, an agreement of something shared. There was intense passion, not the hurried passion I was used to. This felt beautiful, almost innocent.

We melded together with the kiss. My tongue slipped into his mouth, swirling and catching up with his, our mouths pressing harder as our passion got the better of us. Liam’s hands came up to my shoulders, and then he pushed himself into me, striving to make the kiss even deeper. I lifted my hand and weaved my fingers into his hair so that I, in turn, could pull him closer to me.

I could feel my body getting warmer as our tongues danced. It was like a race to see who could get the other turned on faster, and I was definitely losing. My pulse quickened, my breathing faster, and I slid my hand down to cup the side of Liam’s face, feeling the strong arch of his cheekbone under my fingers, the softness of his skin under my touch. Liam moved a hand to my neck, stroking the sensitive skin, and I groaned in pleasure, the hairs on my arms standing up at the teasing touch. 

I couldn’t control myself, and I hastily used my body to push Liam back into the cushions of the couch without breaking the kiss. His hands were now on my chest, and I ached to lay my whole body on top of him, to feel him as close to me as possible, to grind myself into him, and to have the full pleasure of being with him. Him. The man I so helplessly loved.


Series Reading Order


Book #1 ~ Being Chase

Book #2 ~ Following Chase

Book #3 ~ With Chase

Book #4 ~ Unraveling Chase

Book #5 ~ Loving Chase


Meet the Author


J.J. Scotts began writing fiction as a hobby during college. She loves writing romance stories and has taken an interest in writing m/m romance.

Other than writing and having a rather dull job, J.J. likes to go hiking and rock climbing. She lives happily with her loving husband, friendly dogs, and lazy cat in sunny California.

email her at:





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