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Everly After by Rebecca Paula ~ New Review

everly after

Title: Everly After

Author: Rebecca Paula

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: October 21 2014


4.5 stars 

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♥ Synopsis ♥

All truths burn bright and clear. I’m still waiting in the dark.

Everly Monteith has traded her life of glitter, parties, and self-destruction for waitressing at a Parisian café. She’s put the tragedy that sent her across the Atlantic in the past—until her toxic ex shows up and sends her reeling once more. Her fresh start begins slipping away until a smug British war correspondent crashes her party. But falling for Beckett means letting down her guard, something that might pull them both into the dark.

There are beautiful lies in this world, and it takes me being chased through a hallway at a rave to decide this girl is one of them. But even the most beautiful lies aren’t worth chasing.

Twenty-five-year-old Beckett Reid is forced into sabbatical after being kidnapped on assignment in Afghanistan. Back in Paris, he locks himself away to work on a novel, focused on saving his budding journalism career. But when he meets an enigmatic American heiress, his plans are quickly neglected. Everly is the perfect replacement for dangerous war zones, even if she does leave glitter on everything he owns. Reckless and wild, she runs through life making more mistakes than anyone he’s met, but Beckett is determined to fight for her, even if he must face the messy truth that he must fight for himself first.

♥ Lorie’s Review ♥


Everly After is a smart, heartbreaking character driven story about a broken girl and a broken boy who never wanted to like each other in the first place.

I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!!! I love it when a totally amazing book comes out of nowhere. To say I’m impressed in an understatement. I LOVED IT TO PIECES!!! I cannot believe this is a debut offering. Everly After hooked me from chapter one. The writing is wonderfully rich and intelligent. The story has a depth I was not expecting. This is a case of do not judge a book by its cover. I went into this thinking light and fluffy read. Not at all. This has so much substance and character.

“Some people believe in fate. Others, in chance.

I always like to believe in the possibility of chance. It seems more powerful. At least with chance, I can choose the risk. The consequences are easier to stomach when they go wrong.

But sometimes life can be a cruel bitch and throw fate in your face, and it’ll always have the upper hand. Because, a lot like life, fate is going to happen one way or another.”

Reckless heiress, Everly Monteith, has a preference for partying and self-destruction which have made her a favorite in the column gossips columns. She is one hot mess with a capital H, O, and T. Looking for a fresh start and running from a tragedy, Everly leaves behind her life of glitter for a waitressing job in a Parisian café.

Suffering enough heartache and disappointment to fill a small country, Everly has become a master at shutting out the world and barricading her heart. But that becomes next to impossible when the smug, sexy, charming and equally broken Brit, Beckett, finds his way inside. Beckett sees the Everly no one else does – not the tabloids, not her so-called friends, and certainly not her ex-boyfriend, Hudson. Beckett has figured out that Everly isn’t reckless as everyone assumes. She’s entirely trusting which is why she is such a mess.

“I have questions, she has the answers, and I want them all until I know the end of her.

I know she is a horrible idea for me, but I want her anyway because I’m selfish and she’s beautiful. If she’s a beautiful liar, then I’ll find her truths. That’s how I make my living. I can find them without getting in too deep. Without caving in to my want. Without ever kissing her.”



“I get lost in us, the possibility of us. I don’t realize he’s righted me. It’s hard to tell upside down and right side up and in between right now.

Beckett has his own set of issues to deal with, but for some reason he’s drawn to the odd and enigmatic Everly. He has this overwhelming need to fight for her. Hudson is her toxic past that clings to her with a death grip. Everly is torn between her past and finding what she’s always searched for – someone that actually cares for her and about her. Beckett could be her future if she can just close the door on her past. But, it's easy to fall back into what you know even if it’s toxic and destructive.

I had tears perched at the edge of my eyes for pretty much the entire book. And don't think for one minute they didn't spill over on a few occasions. This story is emotional, frustrating, and heartbreaking. Everly may be a broken mess, but the way she is written is phenomenal. Everly surprised me at every turn – she’s strong yet vulnerable.

Everly and Beckett are lost, and they both hide their hurt by blocking out any feeling and anyone. They truly are soul mates. They make the world right for the other and calm the craziness of the past that drags them down. I never once felt sorry for either one of them I just FELT for them. They are burdened with so much of their past that it haunts them almost paralyzing at times. It follows them everywhere. It’s next to impossible not to be drawn to these two wonderfully broken and brave characters.

Rebecca Paula nails the dual POV this is told in. The transitions are smooth with just the right amount of overlap. This is a very character driven story, and Rebecca does an exquisite job painting every subtle detail with perfection. The writing is amazing and strong. And, Rebecca’s writing style just adds something even more special to Everly and Beckett’s already wonderful story.

It’s really hard to believe this is a debut offering. Everly After really gripped me in a way I did not expect. WELL DONE REBECCA!!! Simply put, THIS IS A DAMN GOOD BOOK!!! I can’t wait to see what comes next from Rebecca Paula.

If this wasn't on your radar or you haven't heard of Everly After before now, I'm telling you that you NEED to get it on your list!


♥ Excerpt ♥

“You want to get out of here?” I’m not sure why I bother. She doesn’t trust me enough to even share her name.

Her shoulders shake in a small shiver, and her feet stop swinging. She breaks our staring match to gaze back out over the city.

Around us, life continues. Things move forward. But the two of us are suspended, waiting.

“I wonder what it would be like to fly,” she whispers.

She doesn’t say any more, doesn’t answer me. She just throws out a question like that and lets it sink into the darkness between us. Her hands grip the ledge, and she bends forward as if she might push off and test her question, like she believes for a minute she has wings.

She nods toward the street below. “What would your last thought be if you fell?”

Her face is a mask of peacefulness, but I know the truth. I’ve spent too many years reading people. Too many years deflecting other’s opinions of me and my circumstances—the boy with the sad story.

“There wouldn’t be time,” I say. “It’d be over before it even began.”

She faces me, the corner of her mouth tipped up in a smug smile. “It wouldn’t have just begun. There’s always more.” Her fingers run through her hair, tussling it until I smell her perfume—pears and vanilla. “Sure, I’ll go for a walk.”

I don’t want to leave with her anymore, but I don’t think I should leave her alone, either. Her question still rings in my mind, and the damnedest thing is I can’t think of an answer.

I pull out my phone to text Ollie that I’m bailing, but she grabs it away.

“What are you doing?”

My hand flexes as I push down my temper. “Texting a friend.”

As I soon as I explain, she shakes her head, a dry laugh pushing over her lips. “Of course.” She waves me off, then hands it back to me. “Sorry.”

Obviously she’s a bit skittish. And untrusting. I should head out without her, but when she looks at me again, I can’t. There’s too much about her I don’t know. She spins around, crouching on her haunches, nothing behind her except a yawning distance between this building and the next. And the street far below. I wait, stuffing my hands into my pockets, fighting back the urge to hand her down from the ledge. She’s not the type to want help. I’m not the type to offer. Usually.

When she swings her legs out to step down, her knees graze the brick. The knobby curve of one beads with blood, her skin scraped raw.

She’s quiet, staring at her knee as if she can will it from bleeding. I’m not sure why I do it or why I care, but I step forward and lift up the edge of my T-shirt and press it against her knee, soaking up the blood. She keeps her head tucked down and her hands at her side as I inch closer. My free hand settles by her hip, her hair brushes against my arm.

“What’s your name, pet?” My words are barely a whisper.

Her fingers hover above my hands on her knee. I keep my eyes anchored there as she slowly entwines them with mine. That spark people talk about when two people touch—apparently it’s not a heap of shite because it happens right at that moment and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know anything. Why I’m here with her. Why we’re not kissing. My name.


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♥ Author Bio ♥

rebecca paulaIt began with a boy who survived a plane crash in the wilderness.

I discovered my love of writing during a fifth grade writing assignment for Hatchet. After that, I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Always the hopeless romantic, I write late Victorian and Edwardian historical romances as well as contemporary New Adult romances.

I am a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), as well as the New Hampshire chapter (NHRWA) and the New England chapter (NECRWA). I contribute regularly to the Modern Belles of History blog, a site dedicated to writing, reading, and researching 20th century women’s historical fiction.

When I’m not writing, I’m most likely reading or daydreaming about my next travel adventure. I live in New Hampshire with my husband and our cat, Bella.

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