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The Interlude by Laila Blake & L. C. Spoering ~ New Review

the interlude

Title: The Interlude (After Life Lessons, #1.5)

Authors: Laila Blake & L.C. Spoering

Genre: Dystopian

Release Date: August 12 2014


4 stars

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At long last, Emily, Aaron and Song have found a home on the small farm in Kentucky where Annika took them in. Knowing nothing of the trials and journeys that lie ahead of them, they can allow themselves to heal - in mind and body - as they become farmers and gatherers, as they become a family.

After Life Lessons - The Interlude offers nine snapshots of their lives from the perspectives of the different characters. It paints their present and digs up their past, and leads the reader through two years of rest, until Aaron, Emily and Song are ready for their next adventure in After Life Lessons - Book Two.

After Life Lessons - The Interlude contains scenes of graphic adult content.

Lisa’s Review


4 “We can do anything.” Stars!




The Interlude by Laila Blake and L.C. Spoering is a novella in their After Life Lessons series that gives us nine short snapshots into the lives of the characters introduced to us in After Life Lessons: Book One. This is a dystopian series that dives into a new and different world ever since “the virus” appeared infecting humans and turning them into zombies. It’s a dog eat dog world now-a-days where only the strongest and most resilient survive. With zombies on the attack and ferociously hunting their prey the name of the game is staying out of their path and staying alive.

In this novella we get more of Aaron, Emily and Song as well as other characters such as Annika that we did not get to know as well in the first book. At the end of book one, Aaron, Emily and Song had found their safe-haven. They have been welcomed in by Annika at her farm in Kentucky. As the days slowly turn into months, they learn how to become farmers as well as gatherers, learning to survive in this new world. We are taken through a two year timespan where they have a reprieve from the zombies. We get to understand the characters a lot more as we are given more in-depth moments with them, particularly Emily and Aaron. Much like book one, the writing is stellar and each small snap-shot flows seamlessly into another. I was completely enthralled and loved reading the little snippets into the lives of these characters that I have become completely invested in.

Also like book one, this novella is a character driven on and this is very different than other zombie and dystopian books I have read in the past. I continue to find this refreshing. I love the fact that the main focus is often on the day to day experiences and we truly get to understand the characters. I won’t give anything away but one of the moments that truly captured my heart was near the end of this novella. Emily and Aaron experience something powerful and life-changing and it brought me to tears. Such great writing!

All in all, Interlude was a real treat to read. I am looking forward to seeing where this pair of authors takes us in book two. I am pretty sure Aaron, Emily and the rest of their clan are in for more surprises as they try to navigate a world where continuous threats are being hauled at them.


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After Life Lesson: Book One

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After Life Lessons: The Interlude

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  1. Thank you for this most lovely review, as always Lisa! You're a treasure!