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Seize Me From Darkness by Cari Silverwood ~ Blog Tour & Giveaway

seize me from darkness

Title: Seize Me From Darkness (Pierced Hearts, #4)

Author: Cari Silverwood

Genre: BDSM

Release Date:  September 23 2014


4.5 stars

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This book is part of a dark erotic fiction series and may disturb some readers.

In this dirty, bloody world we live in, the answers to prayers aren't always pretty angels.
Retaken by human traffickers, Jazmine's one hope is ex-cop, ex-mercenary, Pieter, a man with a glower that stops lesser men in their tracks.

She prays he can save her.

But this savior is far from perfect and his flaws may prove as devastating to Jazmine as the torture of her captors.

The fire of dominance never dies.


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Becs’ Review

Well, this is yet another deliciously dark Cari Silverwood mindfuck.and probably the darkest story to date of the Pierced Hearts series.  I’ve spent the last week in Cari’s twisted, perverted little world and I have to confess that I have loved every freaking second of it.  I know that there are a lot of dark erotica junkies out there and, trust me, this series is going to help satiate that burning hunger you all have.  You will love this – seriously deviant kink. very dubious consent, real asshole ‘heroes’ and it definitely pushes my boundaries.

I confess that, a week ago, I was just going to read this one book not having read the rest of the series.  I was assured that this one works perfectly well as a standalone and I have to agree that it does but the minute I picked up the book, I knew I was going to love it and I felt like I’d started watching a really great film having missed the first hour.  My curiosity really got the better of me and I was delighted to find I already had book one in the Make Me Anthology and off I went, never to be quite the same.  Ever again!

Seize Me From Darkness, picks up pretty much where book 3 left off.  Pieter, the south African guard has freed some girls from sex slavery before they could be caught because he has a thing for one of them, Jazmine but they were rapidly recaptured, shackled and shipped off to Papua New Guinea.  They’re thrown together but a Client has already put in an order for Jazmine and now Pieter has to torture her for show for this client otherwise they will do it themselves.  And far worse.

I shook her head with my fist. “I have to pretend to be hard on you. Trust me. I’m going to...” Not fuck, don’t say that to her youdomkop. “To make love to you. No matter what I say or do, remember, I care.”

I felt so sorry for Pieter – despite definitely not being a good man, the man has more than just skeletons in his closet, he is being forced and coerced into being the villain he so doesn’t want to be.  He’s forced to commit  extreme and perverted acts of violence on the woman he has come to care for to save her from a far worse fate.  But he’s also a sadist dom and can’t help but be aroused by what he is doing too,

If I got off on this, I’d be one step closer to the gutter.

He is forced to subject Jazmine to ever more sadistic torture and he disgusts himself by becoming so aroused by it.  It calls to his natural sadist, his basest desires even though it abhors him to hurt her and harm her on the command of their captors.  It’s a curious juxtaposition as Pieter both hates and loves what he has to do.  He knows it’s wrong but is it all something he wouldn’t have done himself to his own submissive masochistic slave if he had one?

And, just when I thought Cari Silverwood had finally served us up a truly noble hero in Pieter, he does after all risk life and limb for her, he unleashes his asshole tendencies in full force in the second half of the book which takes a decidedly different direction from the first.  I definitely didn’t expect the story to take this turn but, holy smokes, it’s HOT when it does as Pieter is given the opportunity to fully command Jazmine’s submission.

It’s easy to see Jazmine as the victim in this story and, for the most part she is, but she’s definitely no innocent.  Something she has done in the past has definitely contributed to the situation she now finds herself in and she will lie and cheat to try and keep that hidden.  She first appears as a lost kitten but she’s much more of a tigress as you get to know more about her.  Her submission will not be easily given.

This was just pure complicated brilliance. I know this is definitely nowhere near a traditional love story but there is love to be found here – it’s a dark, twisted and painful love but it is there.  Throughout their time in captivity, I just adored Pieter and how he used his considerable dom skills to calm and reassure Jazmine despite her instinctive terror at the violence and torture she has endured.

Cari Silverwood has a new fan in me – she’s another author that I’m going to be watching for in the future when I need that fix of dark erotica to ease that wicked desire in me that craves this genre.  She repeatedly threw out the big guns with her complicated disturbed and flawed characters.  No one is truly good or pure and everyone has a dark side just waiting to be unleashed.  I feel like I’ve definitely taken a journey with her with this series. I wonder, after the S&M style theme of book 1 if she really knew at the time just how dark she was going to take this or whether or not the whole series just evolved out of her imagination.  What a wicked place that must be and I can’t wait to see what she’s cooking up next and there is to be a book 5, Own Me Until Forever.  Can’t bloody wait!

This whole series has been completely consuming and I couldn’t put this down once I had started and, as always, I chastise myself for it but, I just have to accept that dark erotica really does work for me even though I know it probably shouldn’t.  I have a mantra that I repeat to myself when a book delves so dark I find myself deeply disturbed – it’s only fiction!


4.5 deliciously dark stars

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Corrupting the Innocent


Cari Silverwood

Are you an innocent or do you read dark erotic fiction? Because I have a strange hunch those two things don’t go together.

Dark erotic fiction seems to attract readers for all sorts of reasons. Its naughty, it’s shocking, it’s disturbing and often it will hit the taboo button. Why do you read it? Do you know? Do you even care?

I’ve got a bit of a fetish for figuring out the whys and hows of what I write.

Readers love to see the woman in dark books, who may often be forcibly ravished or kidnapped, become the one and only woman who can evoke some sort of caring or loving emotion from the man. When someone first said that to me, my first thought was, ohmigod, that’s no different to what many romance readers want from the average hero. I’ve heard exactly that reason given for why Fifty Shades of Gray became so popular. They loved seeing Christian get hung up on a one and only woman, and get his darkness healed – made ‘better.’ Not that I agree that BDSM needs to be exorcised from people. It’s consensual, it’s between adults, what’s not to love about people being open about sex?

That aside, it was the idea of a ‘fallen’ man being redeemed by the love for his perfect mate that readers supposedly fell for.

Is that your reason for reading these? Maybe you’re new to reading dark fiction and are still at the exploding brain stage where you sit back and go, why oh why am I reading these, after each book? The morality in dark erotic fiction is generally so far outside the normal range that it can really make you doubt yourself. But it is normal. A lot of people, mostly women, love these. It’s fiction, remember that. You can always put a book down. Basically, it’s a consensual way of role playing sexual fantasies in a safe way – similar to roleplaying rape with your partner because it turns you on. No one forces anyone to read.

As I’ve written more of these books I’ve figured out a little of why I like to write them. All the usual attractions of writing apply but with dark stories there is an extra thrill because you can go all out with the pivotal scenes. Both the hero and the heroine can be tormented with awful decisions as well as put through grueling scenes where there may be erotic tortures. These scenes are often mindfucks. The more of these what-the-fuck situations in a book the more interesting these dark reads become.

In a way, everyone involved can be corrupted and taken to that edge of the awesome abyss of darkness – reader, hero, heroine, even perhaps the author. Whether you’re still borderline innocent or thoroughly corrupted, I hope you enjoy these books for what they are – one of the ultimate genres of thrilling reads.


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About Cari Silverwood

Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of kinky darkness or sometimes of dark kinkiness, depending on her moods and the amount of time she's spent staring into the night. She has an ornery nature as well as a lethal curiosity that makes her want to upend plots and see what falls out when you shake them.

When others are writing bad men doing bad things, you may find her writing good men who accidentally on purpose fall into the abyss and come out with their morals twisted in knots.

This might be because she comes from the land down under, Australia, or it could be her excessive consumption of wine.

Freaking out readers is her first love and only runs second to freaking out the people living in her books. Her favorite hobby is convincing people she has a basement...though she really doesn’t. Promise. If it existed it would be a terrifying place where you would find all the dangerous things that you never knew you craved.

To escape you'd need to get the key you can see through the grate in your cell door. A key that’s hanging from the ceiling by string. The light above is flickering you can hear feet dragging along the corridor floor. Your door is locked.

Anyone know how to get blood stains out of concrete?

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