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Hissed as a Newt (With a Kick #2) by Sue Brown ~ Release Day Review, Guest Post & Giveaway


Title ~ Hissed as a Newt (With a Kick #2)

Author ~ Sue Brown

Published ~ 29th September 2014

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance



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"All guys do emotional just in different ways. I eat ice-cream, you get drunk in the gutter…”
A drunk clown rolling around in the gutter is not what David Wright expects to find as he walks to With A Kick, his favourite ice-cream shop. David has had a lousy day. A literary agent has crushed his dreams and all he wants is the consolation of alcoholic ice-cream. He’s about to walk away when he realises the clown has been dumped by his boyfriend. On a whim, David takes the clown into With A Kick before he gets arrested. Underneath the smeared make-up, he meets Stan, who has just found his boyfriend and best friend getting more than friendly. Over ice-cream, David and Stan discuss their problems and discover maybe they can help each other.

Macky’s Review

Hissed as a Newt

It's Sue's turn to take us to With A Kick, the ice cream shop that sells the cold confectionary with an extra touch of 'Zing'...and the two people experiencing its delicious cool delights this time, are a budding crime writer and the down in the dumps, inebriated clown he rescues from the gutter outside his favourite shop, where he likes to ogle and daydream about Lee, the lovely guy behind the counter, who sadly never gives him a second look.

"Stan the clown. Stanislaw Sojka. Polish dad, Bethnal Green mum." Stan's knees buckled and he would have fallen if David hadn't been holding him.

"Well, Stan the clown. I'm David Wright. London dad and Surrey mum. Let's get you away from the puke and cleaned up." David guided him towards With A Kick

Both are feeling sorry for themselves; David because he's messed up a meeting with a prospective literary agent and Stan because he's walked in on his boyfriend schtupping his straight best friend and has been unceremoniously dumped!! Two situations that most definitely call for a plateful of Lee and Patrick's delish ice cream to drown their sorrows in, although Lee isn't sure that anything else with alcohol in it is the right thing for a clown who's just barfed outside his shop, so at first there's not a lot of love lost between him and Stan, who tends to show his feelings in his face and open his gob without putting his brain in gear first!

Under the clown make-up and outfit, Stanislaw scrubs up really well and David finds a gorgeous guy emerging but he's also a bit of a cheeky drama queen, and when David takes him under his wing by offering him a place to stay, he ends up taking a bit of a handful on! Not thinking a tasty young guy like Stan could ever find an ordinary guy like him tempting relationship material, he's surprised when Stan starts to flirt and even more when he tells David he thinks he's hot. Is it a short lived knee jerk reaction from someone who's just been cheated on and dumped? He's not sure, as things seem to be happening pretty quickly between them in terms of attraction, but this straight talking, mouthy clown is getting under his skin; and it seems he might just be getting under Stan's....

In a way the two of them end up saving each other and as that happens they also find the attraction they initially feel for each other growing into something that might just go beyond a friends with benefits living arrangement. With a lot of flirting and the help of some shop bought cookie dough ice cream, that they find a lot easier to eat off their bodies than in a bowl...lol...they discover there's definitely something beyond just possible mates going on between them.

Sweet, sexy and very low angst, Sue introduces an endearing partnership in Stan and David. The transition from acquaintances to lovers is pretty fast but then this is a shortie so it's not easy to draw that sort of relationship out in such a short time and at the end of the day they're a likeable pair, so you sort of just go with the flow on their blossoming romance. I enjoyed them as a couple but there were times when I thought Stan's personality overshadowed David a wee bit. For me his personality traits were what brought the fun feeling to the story, it was like David was the straight man in their relationship and for that reason Stan is the more memorable of the two for me, but at the same time bouncing off David made him stand out, so as a couple they do work and there's some nice banter between them.

"You can go off people, you know"

"Get on with it. You like me telling you what to do."

David opened his mouth to deny it but what was the point? He did sneakily like being ordered around.

"And ditch that shower gel. It dries your skin out."

There were limits of course. "I like that shower gel. It smells nice."

"Mine smells better and I don't end up looking like a crocodile."

"I'm going to regret this, aren't I?"

"Yeah probably." Stan beamed at him. "But you'll have a great time!"

What I love is that we're starting to see a bit more of what's going on at 'With A Kick' between Lee who works there and Patrick, the owner. They're just a business partnership at the moment but there's little teasers from Sue in this instalment about where their relationship may be heading, because there are undercurrents hinting at a certain someone in that friendship holding some unrequited feelings for a certain someone else! A background thread that I think is going to unravel slowly over the course of the series and may possibly be the final love story to finish it all off...and when we get that story, I'm thinking it's going to be a REAL goody! So... a month to wait now to see which flavour of adult ice cream links the next two love interests together. This time it was Hissed As A Newt...peach schnapps poured over vanilla sorbet. **Drool**

Ooooh mouth's watering now because this is turning out to be a tasty little series in more ways than one. Warning... Be prepared to hit the fridge in search of a large tub of Ben & Jerry's....Kindle in one hand...spoon in the other!


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A Word from Sue Brown

After a long day in London, my friend, Jason, took me to a shop which restored my equilibrium and helped to ease my aching feet. From what I remember the shop was decorated in a gothic fashion and served a little taste of heaven. Ice-cream and sorbet but definitely not for kiddies. A couple of those I was very happy. One more and I’d have been on the floor.

Sadly the shop is no longer there. I wandered round and round Covent Garden and was doomed to be disappointed. That didn’t stop me raving about it to Clare London and here we are, part of a series later, and with plans to make naughty ice-creams to taste. Okay, Mr. London gets to make them.

One of the issues has been the names of the ice-creams. Hissed as a Newt came from ‘pissed as a newt’ or very drunk. Apparently from the wobbling gait of a newt. Obviously I couldn’t use the ‘p’ word. So ‘hissed’ it was. I have no idea what my next book will be called. It depends on the recipe, but I do know who will be in it. You’ll meet him in Newt. He has some serious fence-mending to do.


A drunk clown rolling around in the gutter is not what David Wright expects to find as he walks to With A Kick, his favourite ice-cream shop. David has had a lousy day. A literary agent has crushed his dreams and all he wants is the consolation of alcoholic ice-cream. He’s about to walk away when he realises the clown has been dumped by his boyfriend. On a whim, David takes the clown into With A Kick before he gets arrested. Underneath the smeared make-up, he meets Stan, who has just discovered his boyfriend and best friend getting more than friendly. Over ice-cream, David and Stan discuss their problems and discover maybe they can help each other.



As he turned the corner into Covent Garden he noticed a small crowd had gathered, obstructing his path to alcoholic heaven. He huffed as he negotiated kids, parents and tourists with their cameras snapping incessantly. A large crowd was assembled in one corner and he expected to see a street performer in their midst, juggling or miming—or whatever other crap they called art. David was curious enough to walk over and take a look. It was indeed a street performer, a clown in fact, but the bloke wasn’t juggling or miming, he rolled around in the road, arms flailing as he mumbled to himself. David’s lip curled as he realised the clown was drunk; absolutely paralytic in fact. Lucky bugger!

“It’s a strange show, Vera,” an old man standing next to David commented to his wife.

She sniffed in agreement. “Nothing like our day, Bert. They were true artistes.”

The couple moved away, the woman still complaining.

The man in the road rolled over onto his side and vomited. A groan of disgust rippled through the crowd and they moved away en masse.

David was about to do the same when he caught the man’s words.

“I loved you, you fucking bastard. I loved you and you cheated on me.”

Bastard, not bitch. Huh.

Cursing his impulsive nature, David knelt by the man, careful to avoid the puke. “Are you all right?”

The man mumbled incoherently. His makeup was smeared, and David realised he’d been crying. At the moment he looked more like an Allison Schulnik painting than a clown.

“You really need to get out of the road, man.”

“Leave me in the gutter.”

Oh Jesus, a drama queen. “Listen mate, you can stay here if you want but you’re liable to be nicked. Why don’t you get up and come with me? I want to drown my sorrows. We can cry on each other’s shoulders.”

The clown opened one eye. It would have been a pretty, blue eye if it hadn’t been so bloodshot. “A drink?”

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

“Probably.” With David’s help the clown sat up then clutched his stomach. “Definitely. I’m going to puke again.”


A Twist and Two Balls (With a Kick #1) by Clare London

81XPDpLlONL._SL1500_Eduardo Mancini is going to be a star of the London stage and screen. Or that was the plan. His alter ego Eddy March hasn't got further than the chorus and a bit part in a TV series. His parents aren't supportive, his agent can’t place his particular skills, and he's finding it hard to hang onto his young dreams. Things go from bad to worse when he's late for an important audition, hasn't got enough to money to pay the taxi fare, and is chased across the streets of Soho by the irate driver.
Eddy reaches what he believes is sanctuary - With A Kick, a store where ice creams are blended with alcohol and imagination, and where his friends can help him. But Nuri the taxi driver is persistent in his steady pursuit, above and beyond the money he’s owed. Despite their very different characters and background, Eddy and Nuri’s relationship goes from a complete unknown to a wary balancing act. There are still mistakes to be made, and hurdles to clear. And both of them have to admit that their life so far hasn’t gone the way they planned.
But maybe being caught by Nuri was just what Eddy’s career needed – both for his job and his heart.




About Sue Brown

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn't following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot, and has become at ignoring the orders.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she's made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

Come over and talk to Sue at suebrown.stories@gmail.com.




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