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Twisted by Callie Hart ~ Release Day Review

twisted callie hart

Title: Twisted (Blood & Roses, #5)

Author: Callie Hart

Genre:  Dark Erotic Romance

Release Date: August 19 2014


4 stars

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How many times can a person fall down and still get back up? How many times can things go wrong before you just give up?
I’ve lost everything. My home, my job, my purpose in life—everything has been turned upside down. But while life hasn’t exactly turned out the way I would have liked it to, I wouldn’t change a thing. If things were different, I wouldn’t have Lacey. I wouldn’t have Michael.
But most importantly, I wouldn’t have him.
I’ve realized what I feel. He knew it before I did. Only one question remains:
Is he capable of feeling the same way?
Secrets are a prison, and I have been behind bars for years. Sloane Romera has been turning keys in all of my locks, throwing light on corners of my mind that I thought would forever be shrouded in darkness. Or at least I had hoped would be.
I have done so many wrongs in this life, and yet this woman has forgiven me. She’s done something I never thought possible—she has learned to understand me, and she hasn’t run. She’s amazed me. She’s saved me. She’s fallen in love with me.
If it’s within my power, I’m about to do the same for her.

Lorie’s Review

With the words BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER plastered across the front cover, I was scared before I opened the first page. What does that even mean???? Please don’t tell me that Zeth has to choose between Lacey and Sloane? I was nervous. Oh so nervous…… Coming into Twisted there was so much still to uncover. There’s lots happening, and lots going on this time around.

“You represent a lifetime of worry and potential pain, Zeth. You represent countless sleepless nights while I worry about you, where you are, whether you’re okay. If you’re hurt. You represent the repeated sheer terror of finding out you are actually hurt and the subsequent sheer terror that comes with trying to save you. You represent heartbreak and fear and loss.”

Just what the heck is in the Seattle water??? People are going flipping mad with their decision making skills. Have they all lost their damn minds? I couldn’t believe what was happening. I think Lacey has finally lost it. I’m still afraid Zeth is going to bolt at any minute. Michael isn’t racking up any points in my book. Alexis is still nowhere to be found. And Pippa……. Pippa! You f*cking bitch! I can’t believe it!!!! I never really warmed to you because you had a better than thou attitude about you, but now you have officially been elevated to full blown bitch in my book.

Argh. Seriously, how can two people have so much drama in their lives?!?!?!

This series has so many players that are intricately related. I'll be the first to admit that I get a bit confused. I read so much in between instalments that I forget some of the smaller details of certain players. Plus, sometimes I’m so wrapped up in Zeth that I’m not paying attention to other things as much as I should. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks to having such an engrossing and all-consuming badass hero.

With Twisted being the fifth book, we only have one more (yet untitled) installment left. The frame of the puzzle is finished along with some of the interior pieces, but there’s still a bunch that need to be put in place. Sometimes I feel like a few fell on the floor, and I just can’t find them. I don’t know… I still have so many unanswered questions and open doors that need closed. I hope there’s enough time to do it all.

● What’s the deal with the DEA agent and Alexis? Agent Lowell seems to have a major hard-on for her.

● Lacey still has yet to come clean to Zeth about being siblings. What’s going to happen there?

● Questions about Zeth’s past need answered. I don’t need everything laid out, but I feel kind of in the dark here.

● Michael makes me nervous so I need answers there!

● What’s going to happen with Zeth and Sloane? What kind of long-term relationship could they possible have? Zeth certainly isn’t the type to put on a suit and tie and sit behind a desk.

● And, the million dollar question, how did Alexis end up with Rebel in the first place??????

Overall, I wasn't overly captivated by this one. Interesting turn of events and revelations, but I wasn’t as enthralled this time around. The dynamic of Zeth and Sloane’s relationship changed at the end of Fallen, but that wasn't carried over like I hoped into this one. I’m hoping Zeth and Sloane go out with a bang in the final instalment!


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Author Bio

Callie Hart is a bagel eating, coffee drinking, romance addict. She can recite lines from the Notebook by heart. She lives on a ridiculously high floor in a way-too expensive building with her fiancé and their pet goldfish, Neptune. Twisted is the fifth instalment in her Blood and Roses series. The sixth and final instalment, as yet untitled, will be released very soon!

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