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Queer Dirty Laundry by Jason Lloyd Blog Tour ~ With a Word from the Author, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Title ~ Queer Dirty Laundry

Author ~ Jason Lloyd

Publisher ~ Ginge Publishing

Published ~ 12th June 2014

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What would you do if everything changed in the blink of an eye? Life teaches us that everything happens for a reason. Every good or bad experience, every event, shapes us into the adults we become. We are our pasts and they shape our future.

In this nonfiction coming of age mini memoir, Kevin and Jason embark on an adventure to Philadelphia to visit friends and to get into their normal hijinks. Along their journey, they confide in each other the only way best friends can; through laughter, love and pain. They share stories of coming out, first time sexual experiences and dramatic events that changed their lives forever. This hilarious and heartfelt journey through the past can only strengthen their friendship in the present.

Your best friend knows all your little secrets. They know all your dirty laundry. Can you air it all out? How dirty is your laundry?

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A Word from Jason Lloyd


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Hi everyone! I would like to thank the people at Sinfully Sexy for allowing me to share this blog post with you today.

Certain incidents in our lives leave permanent scars in our memories. A dramatic event in someone’s life can change their outlook on everything and shape who they become. I wrote Queer Dirty Laundry for myself. This mini-memoir was a chance for me to share some dramatic events in my life that I rarely talked about with anyone.

This day was a day I will never forget. It’s a wound that has healed. But unfortunately, it left a lasting scar. I found strength in my helpless moment and because of it, I know I am a much stronger person.

Here is an exclusive excerpt from my new book Queer Dirty Laundry about one incident that changed my life forever.



The concrete was cold and damp. It felt familiar, as I lay there motionless. It reminded me of when I was in high school a couple years ago. When my peers would push me to the ground and scream “faggot” at me.

Flashbacks of being a helpless little boy flooded my mind and I was terrified. This time it was different though. He did not push me to the ground to torment me. I must have blacked out for a few minutes when my head hit the concrete. When I awoke, I was not exactly sure what was happening, but I felt fear. I felt a body on top of me.

His breath was warm on my neck and his grip on my body was firm enough to tell me he wanted to be in charge.

He whispered, “Be good and I won’t hurt you.”

I could feel my heart beating faster and just when I started making noise to form a word, I felt it. I felt the cold steel of a knife he had pressed against my stomach. I wept, I wept like that helpless little boy.

“Shh, be quiet,” he said as he covered my mouth with one hand. His hand smelt like ashes and was rough on my skin.

“I will stab you if you make noise. Be good, it will be over soon.” His voice was deep and raspy as if he had just smoked two packs of cigarettes.

He took his hand off my mouth and I whispered, “Please don’t hurt me. Let me go.”

I could not move! The weight of his body was on me. I could tell he was bigger than my five-foot, six-inch frame. I tried to move my arm, but he pushed it back hard against the concrete and pressed the knife to my belly.

“Don’t move!” he said forcefully. I obeyed as if he was my owner.

My head was aching from the fall and tears ran down my cheek. I was absolutely terrified. The alleyway was very dark I could barely see my attacker even though he was on top of me. Light shined at the end of the alleyway from the parking lot. It was my light at the end of my personal tunnel. That light led to my salvation.

His skin was dark, but I could not tell what ethnicity he was. He had a very scruffy face. His unkempt beard brushed up against my smooth cheek and it burned. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes, and body odor wafted up my nose and made me feel ill. The world was spinning and my head was pounding.

He started to undo the button on my jeans and pulled down my zipper.

“No!” I screamed. My voice panicked and breathy. I became more alert to what was happening to me.

He smacked me in the face and tugged on my underwear. I could feel the cold air kiss my skin. He tried to roll me on my stomach and when I refused, he pressed the tip of the knife against my cheek. My heart was racing. I knew he was going to rape me.

He told me to “be good and keep quiet.”

Every time I refused his wishes, he pressed the knife to my skin so I could feel the sharp edge. He started to undo his belt and pant button.

He tried a second time to roll me over and I became angry. I was not going to let him do this to me! I resisted!

“NO,” I screamed out. “Get the fuck off me!”

I kicked him as hard as I could in the crotch. He moaned in pain as he grabbed his crotch and dropped the knife. This was my chance to get away. I stood up, kicked the knife and it disappeared into the darkness of the alley. I turned towards the light of the parking lot and just when I was about to run he grabbed me from behind… 



About Jason Lloyd

Jason Lloyd author picJason Lloyd is the author of hilarious m/m romance featuring an array of interesting characters. Salty Aftertaste (Ginge Publishing, 2013) was his first creative non-fiction novel. It reached Smashwords Top Best Seller list in Gay & Lesbian Fiction and was the #5 best seller in the New Adult genre on All Romance eBooks (ARe).

His second book, Queer Dirty Laundry (Ginge Publishing, 2014), is a creative non-fiction novella and is based on his popular blog by the same name. In 2011, was nominated for The Best of Gay Philadelphia under Best Gay Website/Blog. Jason’s blog was also in the top ten numerous times on Best Male Blogs.

Jason is currently working on an m/m romance and mystery/suspense fictional novelette series called Filthy Fibbers. Filthy Fibbers is centered on five friends and the scandalous secrets they keep. The book takes place in a small Pennsylvania town called New Hope.

Jason grew up in a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. A majority of his writing takes place in Eastern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia. He currently resides in a small town in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

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Hey guys, what’s one happy or dramatic moment that has changed your life? Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win an ebook copy of Queer Dirty Laundry.

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